Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Season's Greetings!!

It's been a frightfully long time that I have scribbled anything in this spot. Much has happened since my last update. Term has got over with the last few weeks having knocked the wind out of the soul. Things keep getting tough I tell you. Moving on, we were down at Bath a few weeks back in case I didn't tell you earlier and it was a splendid experience. A beautiful little town! You probably could walk it from one end to the other in probably an hour or so. The day was pretty cold and foggy which did add a certain charm to the entire trip. Nevertheless a wonderful trip. I shall share the pictures on this soon enough. And as the term flew to its end, Christmas came knocking on the door. With most residents leaving for their respective homes, we had an early Christmas party here at Clayponds, which very much set the tone for the days leading up to Christmas. It was a wonderful party with more than enough to eat and drink, and music to set the feet moving. A crazy night. What it spawned off were a series of parties across town being thrown by someone or the other. Going over to friends' for a sudden dinner invitation, trying out Chinese at Chinatown and checking out the stores on Regent Street and Oxford Street as they dished out marvellous sales. Though not much of an avid shopper the sales did left me wondering about what I could possibly buy. The Christmas lighting across town was beautiful.

At Leicester Square the Christmas festivities end up with some marvellous ride which thrill you to no end. And you could still be left wanting for more and more. Finally term for over, and after few days of lazing around with friends at Clayponds, one did realise the impending doom in the form of term exams in the middle of January next year. However, I also had a vacation coming up. A week on Jersey Islands, visiting my dad's uncle. In fact, that's where I am as I type this out. A very beautiful island I must say. With the beautiful houses and long winding roads, concealed entrances all over, breathtaking bays and amazing beaches, it surely is a beautiful island. Part of the Channel Islands, Jersey is one hour by flight from Gatwick and an hour by boat from the French coast. The influence of both the cultures could be seen right across the island, perhaps mixing together to form a delectable mix of its own, which you cannot help but relish. More so about Jersey after I return to London.

On a serious note, the end of year was marred by the Mumbai siege which laid bare many a facts for India and perhaps for the world to look into. It really does make one wonder about the entire purpose of such blasted acts which probably didn't benefit anyone unless someone is too mentally imbalanced and a sadist to derive pleasure off someone else's misery/helplessness and situations similar to that!! Sad turn of events in the Indian sub-continent. One can only wait and watch as the situation unfolds there with the political stage perhaps more charged than ever.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Time!!

Well... Well... Well...

It's been a mighty long time since the Mumbai seige. Though it seems life has returned to normal, but deep withing I guess the hurt and anger is just waiting to surge to the surface and consume the individual, setting alight an environment of mistrust, discord and disharmony. Not exactly what one had in mind I presume!!

Despite all this one has seen candle light vigils across the globe, some went for the "free hug camapaign" with the motto of propagating a message of peace and brotherhood. Wonderful gestures all of them!! That's right gestures!! The benefits of such gestures are intangible. You can never see them the instant they happen, they take time to manifest themselves. However, tangible benefits are required too and one really cannot shy away from the fact. There are ways to go about it. The first would be to use part of your salary to support someone who needs it but has no means to it,e.g. support a child's education. All you need to do is not buy that extra pair of shoe/dress/pants/shirt that month. A thousand a month (INR) is affordable and one could sponsor a child's education with that in India. Can spare more? Don't worry the NGOs can guide you to other avenues as well. But does the buck stop there? Surely not!!

Paying for a child's education is not the end of the cycle. It's the beginning! The next step would be get involved. Trust me, it can change your world, make you look at things from a different perspective altogether. Got some old clothes which can still be worn by someone? Donate them. There are many out there who could use them. A few years ago, my uncle and aunt celebrated the first birthday of their daughter with people from an old age home (they have been actively involved with it for years now). It was a proper party with songs, cakes and a feast. The smile on the faces of those people etched a memory that would be hard to erase till I breathe, and may spawn me into spurts of activities every now and then to give back. Sometimes, it is worth giving without receiving!! :)

Step up!! Unless you start giving back to the society you live in, you cannot spawn a better place to live in. Cities would be laid siege with people who are disgruntled and probably never got the kindness and love that you have taken for granted!! Even corporate houses realise that today, resulting in a concept known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

It's time you did something instead of waiting for something to happen!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Under Siege!!

Last evening I was very much in a frame of a mind to put a post and did get one ready till a news flash caught my eye. It was about a blast and attack at the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, India... that was 1700 hrs GMT. The happened at roughly 1600 hrs GMT. Nearly 24 hrs has elapsed the siege is still on.

Having laid siege to the Taj Hotel a famous landmark of Mumbai, the attacks have also engulfed popular hotels like Oberoi and Trident, the famous Leopold cafe, a residential building at Nariman Point, a hospital and a several other locations in the suburbs. In the midst of all this, several innocent lives were lost. Brave officers too have died as they fought the terrorists and tried to save the innocent trapped in this mayhem. Notable among them are Hemant Karkare, ATS Chief; Vijay Salsakar, encounter specialist, Mumbai Police; Ashok Kamte, DCP, Zone 1, Mumbai Police. Salutes to these braves and many others who are fighting it out against the rogues.

Refer to the map for an overview of the places attacked since last night. (Courtesy NDTV)

According to reports it seems the terrorists came in by sea on a ship which after offloading is off towards Karachi, Pakistan and is being currently chased by Indian Navy. With over 100 people dead and several still trapped inside various establishments, the Army and NSG are mounting a door to door combing operation to evacuate trapped people and encounter the terrorists.

This is a dark day indeed, with the attacks lasting for more than 24 hrs the immense planning undertaken by the terrorists can only be guessed. Such a prolonged attack has not been seen before in the history of terrorism and goes to show the level of preparation that the terrorist organisations undertake theses days!!

In the end a silent prayer to the soul of the departed innocents and braves!!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the pressure mounts...

Well... much water has flown under the bridge since the last post which was again not quite current in its recording of events. However, much as I might try capturing the past 5 weeks mayn't be possible but then the thinking hat is on to get matter up to speed as of today.

The Initial Rush - The Adrenaline

It was deja vu for me. I was again a student. Though the expectations were set for us and the cold air did hit me on the face when I stepped out, somehow I was yet to accept deep down that I am in London, at a Business School with one the best Universities in the world. I was again a student. The future was again uncertain.

Getting back to business the first week started off with classes in Accounts, Economics and Informatics. Off all these, Informatics was arguably my favourite. It probably had more to do with the fact that I knew a lot about what was being talked about and come across practical examples of them in my short career in the IT industry. Apart the lecturer surely made the class very very engaging, much to my delight. You listen, you question you learn. Just the right mix. With other subjects, it was more of apprehension about taking up a new subject and how would hte self fare in them starting from a grasp to the implementation. Much ado about nothing?? Or was this just the start of the show??

It was around then I get an invitation to attend a birthday bash for someone over the weekend. Splendid. And that's how I came to meet many a faces from the Indians In London. Well, this group deserves a special mention in my chronicles but now, is not the time. Som with IIL, I ewrapped up the week with a delicious meal at Khan's, an excellent restaurant on Westbourne Grove, Bayswater (Central Line)

The heat is one babay!! And so is Greenwich.

A new week brought in with it the splendid news of performing case studies in Informatics and Economics. This was a group activity, meaning you could afford to relax a little or may fret?? Well, I certainly am licky, as it meant I could relax, because thankfully my group has got people who are committed and believe in getting the work done. Oh, and we had Economics test on the 31st. A mundane time carried the mind along as the week drew to a close.

And that's what I was looking foward too. Saturday meant a day trip to Greenwich. Greenwich has always meant Prime Meridian to us probably since primary school. It kicked off with a great boat ride on the Thames from Westminister pier to Greenwich Pier. That was a cool ride, as one travelled past some of London's landmarks like the London Bridge, The Globe, St. Paul's, Tate Modern, Canary Wharf to finally arrive at the pier off the Royal Maritime Musuem at Greenwich. After a trip to the Royal Observatory and some lunch we realised that we were awfully short of time and thus decided to let Greenwich be for some other day and headed off towards Ealing Broadway. (So, presumably a detailed post on Greenwich can be expected.)

But then, when its a group of youngsters nothing can be definite. While on the tube to Ealing Broadway, a sudden plan and decision saw us getting of at Oxford Street to get a feel of London shopping by evening/night. What followed was a few hours at Oxford Street (though we covered probably only a mile in that) during which some people did real shopping the rest happy to soak in the vibe. Exhausted and wanting for a good meal, the troop headed out to Khan's (I was happy to coax them into this. I had to have the keema naan again!!) And then, a ride back to bed and let the Sunday breeze by.

Here comes the BIG Daddy and a White Diwali

What a week!! There I was rushing about to gather stuff to study for the test and the test kept drawing itself closer to me, till I found myself in the examination hall. 20 minutes and I was done. That's all!! Meanwhile, I realised how out of groove I was as a student, for when it came down to the crunch I couldn't study with the same intensity as I could a few years ago. Was I growing old or was it lack of practise. I dunno... but I better pull up my socks.

Meanwhile Diwali (The festival of lights) went by, which was surprisingly white this year as it snowed in London in the month of October after 74 years the last time being in 1934.

Informatics rule the senses

Yes!! That's how the next two weeks breezed by as the Informatics case study report submission approached it's deadline. Along with it the subjects too drew to a close. Time for some new subjects and new schedule. And hopefully, I would be able to pull my socks this time on time!!

B-school is tough, but you would love the challenge!!

What have you done lately??

Hey there...
It's been an awfully long time since I wrote something substantial out here. Was wondering of late, about how I have spent a quarter of a century and realised something. It was a life, I didn't wanna talk about. Surprised?? Thinking?? Allow me to explain (seems to be my favorite phrase at times!! :D)

As I was saying, my life is something I would rather not talk about - to probably the future generations. Wondering why? Simple, because it has been predictable. It's a life everyone has. You study, you clear your exams, you move on to college, get that degree, move ahead... get a job, or may be study a lil more... meanwhile sneak in some regular fun... that's the well-trodden path!! Meanwhile, there would traces of love in your life... you fall for someone, sometimes its good, sometimes you can't wait to get out of it... and then you finally, fall hook, line and sinker.... may be it's eventful for some... but again, nothing out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of things. Nothing crazy, nothing exceptional... nothing worth more than a passing mention (another of the have lived!!) So, what is it about my life that I would really talk about as of today??

I don't know... am wondering!! May be I'll follow that up later....

Can you tell me what you would talk about??

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Welcome, B-School and the First week.

5th October, 2008 triggered off a significant week, one that any fresher at the Imperial would remember all life. It started with a welcome speech by Sir Roy Anderson, the Rector which was followed by high tea in the Senior Common Room of the Sherfield Building. The sheer number of freshers left one feeling overwhelmed. The enthusiasm amongst them at having started their term at Imperial was contagious to say the least. Having interacted with some batchmates, the old soul took the tube back to South Ealing.

Evening saw the warden at Clayponds address the entire group of post graduates. (Did I tell you Clayponds is for post-graduates and PhDs?). What followed was an evening of fun as barn dance event ruled the roost with most trying it out for the first time. The band from the Medics was truly amazing with the lead singer also doubling up as a master of ceremony for this event. Sadly, the evening had drawn to a close, with the expectations of term time tucked away in some corner for the time being.

Induction week:

At the Imperial College Business School, the first week was also the Induction week during which one went through the paces of all the facilities that were at the disposal of the students with some wonderful simulations being handed out which were to be undertaken as groups. The purpose was to serve as an Ice breaker and also a good team building exercise. One was also introduced to the faculty and the Career and Professional Development Services team who would be very instrumental in shaping the future of the students starting out to chalk their careers in a turbulent market in the next one year. Needless to say, their confidence was quite reassuring. Again, students at the ICBC were given a glimpse of the high standards expected of them as they were introduced to the rigorous schedule.

One also had the Union Clubs and Societies putting up their stalls at the campus to let the students know of the world of opportunities they had to participate in the activities they desired to. With more than 300 such clubs and societies, an Imperial student is bound to have a full social calendar.

While at it, a walk to the Imperial Sport Club, Ethos was to be made. Situated right across the street off Exhibition Road near the Tanaka Building, the Ethos boasts of the state-of-the-art facilities which were there for the taking for the students, something very few would let go.

As the week drew to a close, event at the Union after college hours started to keep one busy. Clayponds was not to be far behind with each evening having a special event for the students there. Sport night, Pub crawl, movie night were all part of the week that went by. The week finally culminated into an all night dancing at the Club Oceana, Kingston, while also showing the newbies of the town how to get about in London at night.

At 4:00 am on Sunday, as I jot this down, life at Imperial can leave you ready to sleep at the end of the day but love every moment of it and it definitely gives you a high. If morning shows the day, one seems to be in for a fun-filled year.

I call it a day/week as a game of football awaits me in the morning. Rock on!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Shift

I got to shift into the halls today - Clayponds it is at South Ealing. A quite place to be honest! Saw loads of students moving in with each carrying quite a few bags. A walk to the flat revealed the inner parts of the student village and somehow I started liking the place, not that I had much of an option. But it was good. On the way, I had this strange inkling that I would end up a view of the cemetery and sure enough I had a room overlooking the cemetery. The view though is priceless. For want of a good camera I cannot capture the same.

All set in my room, I set about unpacking and the first thing I did was get the laptop out and set it up with the internet. And then I was stuck!!! Presumably so, I might add. Finally hurried along and got the unpacking done and then took a shuttle to the Tesco at Oysterley Park. A couple of trips and I had almost all that I needed. Later in the evening was a welcoming party which I must I was glad I attended. I met quite a few people who till date were mere Ids on the net. Time at Clayponds is going to rock I’m sure!!

It’s time for a nap now!! Ciao....

Friday, October 03, 2008


As I stare out of the window of the jet into the apparently cold and foggy city from above, I realised I’ve finally arrived. After lots of preparation and grinding I’ve arrived in the city I wanted to visit ever since I was a kid. Going through the immigration I realised I might be doing this a lot for the next few decades may be, for given the career I wanted globe-trotting could be a major part of the deal. A cab ride through the beautiful landscape of Heathrow brought me to Ealing where I would be putting up for the night before I get to move into the halls tomorrow morning. Eager to scope out the land I stepped out into the streets as soon as I could to check out the distance to the tube and the halls timing my walk all the way. I know being a first timer it might sound ridiculous as most would expect me to be in tourist mode for a couple of days, but I prefer getting down to business as soon as possible. Nice neighbourhood, pretty quiet!! The walk past the South Ealing cemetery is spooky towards the evening. And I would be taking that every day for the next one year. Getting creepy, eh??

Anyhow, time for some fish ‘n chips, a movie and then a good night’s rest. Hopefully my body would adjust to the UK time zone soon enough.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adieu Pune

I bid thee adieu... yes!! I bid thee adieu...
That's all I could think of as the train pulled out of the station at Pune. It was a funny feeling. I had spent some of the best years of my life in this city, in fact it is a city of firsts for me. And yet as I leave the city behind I feel a sense relief creeping within me. I guess I had been expecting to leave the city for far too long or may be there were circumstances which made it necessary for me to leave the city behind. But then, they are besides the point. What I really want to do is take a look at the city of Pune/Poona as I felt it, saw it.

My first day in this city took me to the office of my future employers. I still remember the first impression: A busy town with loads of dirt around and yet... It was the "and yet..." which made me accept this city as my future home, a city I grew to love as I discovered it's hidden qualities and traits. The city has got a funny mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. Delve into the history of the Marathas as you walk by the Shaniwarwada, the life that was as you are taken through the peths, the Oxford of the East as your feet trudge along the grounds of Pune University, the halls of Fergusson College, which has street named after it - FC Road. Yes, that is the popular way of identifying this youth hangout spot. Rarely is the road clear of the young bloood who dream of taking over the world, with just a aloo paratha (potato stuffed Indian bread) at Chaitanya. Drive into the area of Pimpri-Chinchwad and you are in the area of the richest municipallity in Asia (or so I've heard) where the Industrial belt is one of the most prosperous in India. A tour around the city reveals the IT and ITES belts at Hinjewadi, Senapati Bapat road, Kalyani Nagar, Magarpatta and Hadapsar.

From a small hilly, getaway town for the well to do Mumbaikars to the big destination of students for decades to the employment haven for the well-heeled people - Pune has come a long way in the past century or half. The quite laid back lifestyle of Pune has been replaced by a much more busier and hectic life where running along in the rat race is more important that anything else. But then, one still does stop by to enjoy life here. The Iraani cafes though dwindling down in number can still provide what I found to be the best breakfast in town. My favourite was Vohuman near Pune station. I personally feel that Iraani cafes should be marked as sites of heritage for once they die an important part of the city would die along with it. Pune has always been the cultural capital of Maharashtra and there are stories galore how the Iraani cafes served as the melting pot for the some of the best that the land has known. But then, like some, the rest may also succumb to commercial ploys and probably start functioning as restaurants apart from being what they really are.

For transient population of students and workers like me, Pune has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle. You get some of the best food that you would ever sample in the country at pretty average cost, try Koregaon park for that. Going ahead with the lifestyle, may be not too many hangouts, but the quality at most of them is quite good, my personal favourite being Toons on Mahatma Gandhi road. And that brings me to the fashion quotient of the city. With the delicate mix of the young and the old, Pune fashion can take you on for a ride. Looking for the best deals on western outfits, apart from the malls, M.G.Road is where most head out to because of the exquisite collection one might find there. Step a little north onto Laxmi road and ladies are in for a treat as rows of shops on both sides of the road scream for their attention. The flavor of this fashion station is traditional though one might find shops saying otherwise, the variety of clothing you would find here can leave you, well... breathless!

Three beautiful years floated by as I flirted with the spirit of the city and enjoyed every moment of it. I earned some of the sweetest and most loved memories through this city. A city whose streets would always remain special for me for more than one reason, I would like to come back... may be for good... may be for a visit... but as I sit in the cold weather of a city 8000 km away I dare say, I'm missing Pune. May be just a little but yes....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tequila Sunrise

This isn't being written at sunrise, but the seeds were sown at one. Running around with a zillion things to do and stuff to get in place before one embarks on a journey across continents, I felt drained. And yet, I had managed to stay up all night keeping myself busy with some work regarding the uni. As dawn broke, I went up to the roof and stared out into the eastern sky to see the sunrise, slowly spreading its orange light over the grey . As orange took over the sky from grey, only to be taken over by others, I was reminded of the song Tequila Sunrise by Eagles. Simple lyrics and talks of just another chappie falling for some lady. Made me wonder about the laddies I have seen fall over ladies much beyond them. Aware of the limitations these fellas were content to stare at the ladies rather than ever approach them. And, slowly things move on till the ladies become just another ship that went by.

Here's the lyrics:

it's another tequila sunrise
starin' slowly 'cross the sky, said goobye
he was just a hired hand
workin' on the dreams he planned to try
the days go by

ev'ry night when the sun goes down
just another lonely boy in town
and she's out runnin' 'round

she wasn't just another woman
and i couldn't keep from comin' on
it's been so long
oh, and it's a hollow feelin' when
it comes down to dealin' friends
it never ends

take another shot of courage
wonder why the right words never come
you just get numb
it's another tequila sunrise,this old world
still looks the same,
another frame, mm...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Slice of History

There are times when you visit a place you really get the feeling that if presented with a time travel machine, you would like to travel to back to an era at the same location and see how things were back then. On a recent trip to Mahabalipuram or Mammallapuram I had a similar thought. Standing on top of it's hillocks, and exploring its "known" secrets I couldn't help but think "what if".

Mahabalipuram hosts excellent specimens of early Pallava art around 680-720 AD. The Pallavas were the then rulers of the land and used Mahabalipuram as a port city. The sculptures consists of Monolithic carvings, Reliefs, Excavated carvings. The most notable of them all are the five rathas (chariots), said to be carved out of a single stone. The rathas are dedicated to the Pandavas and their wife Draupadi. The different styles of chariots allows one to understand the designs that the sculptures back then used. The excavated caves/mandapas (ones built into the stone) are present about a kilometre away. The temple of Govardhandhari and Ramanuja Mandapa shows the showcases craftsmanship and perhaps engineering expertise that people of that age exhibited. The Ganesh chariot, made square and carved of a single rock (monolithic carving) does leave you in awe as you would look closely at the details carved on it. The Bhima ratha is of a similar style. The other notable temple is the Shore temple. Being next to the sea, has caused a lot of it's details to be eroded with time, but the architectural splendour of the temple would still catch you breath. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it has Shiva in a reclining pose within one of its temple chambers.

Pallava Dynasty: A powerful dynasty in south India which ruled for more than 500 years with its capital at Kanchipuram. Read more at Pallava, Pallava Dynasty

Pandavas and Draupadi: Mythology has it that the Pandavas were borne to Kunti and Madri, wives of king Pandu, by gods due to a boon received by Kunti from sage Durvasa. Read more at Pandavas.

Mahabalipuram is connected by road to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and is 52 kms away. One can hire a car or take a bus from the city. The entire trip to Mahabalipuram would last a maximum of 2-3 hrs. Do ensure you have a guide with you when you visit the town, as without it the importance of the sculptures would never be evident to you. Sadly enough the ASI has done little on that account, with hardly any plaques around describing the importance of the structure.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bong Connection Blues...

Well, this was originaly written in Bengali during my recent vacation in Kolkata and was intended to be posted from the Bong Land but then procstination took over along with other tasks which gained priority and blogging per se took a back seat.. I mean complete back seat.

It was while sipping a cup of caffiene on a cloudy afternoon at Flurys on Park Street, I noticed the stark difference in the world I was sucked in and the one that was raced by to its tasks for the day. As the aroma of the coffee seeped in to cloud the mind I bit into the sandwich in front of me and glanced over at the obviously well-to-do group of people around me. The antecedents of everyone seemed to be very different. There was a group which was definitely on a business breakfast, a group of friends (I believe from St. Xaviers), a south-east Asian group happily tucking into a breakfast of toast and eggs. And then, stared out from the glass - the traffic was breezing by, people were walking in a hurry, a hawker stood there at the MusicWorld corner and was trying to make a living of selling his wares. I say, an excellent setting for the start of a good plot. Anywyz, before I digress I shall move ahead. What really struck me was nothing I saw surprised me, it was as if this is exactly how I expect Kolkata to be. Having spent a better part of my life outside Bengal and terming myself a nomad, despite the heat and humidity, the icky politics of the land and god knows what not, I keep returning to this city. I used to say, that's because my entire family is in Kolkata, now I beg to differ. As I prepare myself to embark on a journey to a far-off land, I slowly realised why I've been coming back to this city for better part of the last decade. I guess it was Dominique Lappierre (pardon me, if I'm mistaken) who said one may hate Kolkata or love Kolkata, but no matter what Kolkata grows on you... and soon has you a slave to her irresistible charms.

When I look back at the times I've spent here - bunking school, the metro rides, the long adda sessions at the Presidency college canteen, the Kobiraji at Dilkhusha (A non-veg preparation where a piece of fish, chicken or mutton if deep fried with a thick coating of egg adn bread crumbs, while Dilkhusha is popular amongst the college kids - just off College Street on MG Road, it is very close to the famous Coffee House.), roaming about at Esplanade and doing some impulsive shopping, gorging Kulfi at Ralli's, the fuchkas at just about every sundry spot that we could manage and then rating them, the road side stalls which would sell some of the most mouth watering snacks at ridiculously low prizes - I realise I shall never get these anywhere else. One might find bits and pieces of Kolkata in other cities as Bengalis in other parts of the world try and set up their own corner, but never Kolkata.

The stream of thoughts that started at Flurys probably won't end here and I doubt if I would ever be able to capture them perfectly with words, but somehow now I understand the underlying theme of Jhumpa Lahiri's stories, I understand what movies like Anuranan and Bong Connection talk in a subtle or overt manner.

I guess it's the Bong Connection Blues!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nomadic Experience!!

Again one of my meanderings so, you may hit that small red cross at the top right hand corner of the window or navigate to another page from here (The links are on the right hand side!!).

A recent chat with a friend left me wondering about long lasting roots. Most of the times in due course of travel, I have come across people who know each other for more than a decade, grown up together and shared a whole lot of memories. When I looked back at my life over the past 2 decades and more, I realised, somehow I never had privilege(?). For me it was always about shifting from one city to another, never really forming a long-lasting friendship and yet having some really wonderful friends. In fact, have had some very loyal ones. Lucky me?? I dunno. Have had the opposite sorts to - the back stabbers, but then that's a part of life. The point I'm trying to drive home is that after having a Nomadic experience all through your life would it really be possible to settle down at one place for a person? As life unfolds itself, we come to realise that we have far greater responsibilities on us than we had imagined or wanted (maybe!!). And that's when you realise you need to have a base, a place to return to everyday but then for how long would the person stick to that same routine. When I subject myself to observation, it turns out the moment a situation becomes a routine for me I no longer enjoy it and sooner or later I start getting restless for a change. Extremely restless!!!

The nomads of Sahara, roam about in the desert in search of food and water. Now, even if they have the option of settling down in the cities, most choose to roam the desert. The heart of a Nomad they say cannot settle down in a place. It needs to roam.. always. Does that apply to the modern day nomads like us?? If it does then in what sphere does it do so?? Is it limited to our physical surroundings?? Or does it extend to the people we know too?? Alright, may be the last one is not true. But then, maybe that's my take!! Who knows!!!

At times, I wonder on what I had missed out in this form of existence. May be a lot!! And what have I gained?? I guess, A lot!!! At least, I've learned to trust people despite all odds and yet manage to look out for myself, to gel in to the crows as if I was one of them, to easily distance myself despite the attachment and most importantly, to appreciate people and culture for their differences and believing even the darkest of clouds have a silver lining!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Almost Single

After another mundane day at work, I really wanted to chill out and while my time away. So, I hopped across to the nearest Crossword and after ambling across its aisles for like hours, I decided on a few books (Yes, I'm a compulsive book-shopper and books are my therapy). One of these was "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala. I went through the back cover and it seemed promising. I flipped open to sneak into the plot and it was more to form an opinion about the author's ability and making sure it just wasn't any other book. I must say I wasn't dissappointed.

This is what the back cover read:

“Wickedly irreverent and laugh aloud funny, Almost Single is a delightful romp through the five star world of champagne brunches, gay soirees, and the dilemmas of hip, young girls on the look out for love and matrimony”

That and a realistic, in your face kind of introduction of the female protagonist, Aisha Bhatia, hooks me to the book.

The book takes you through the trials and tribulations a single, unmarried woman in her late twenties might go through. In between there is a sneak peek into the lives that others lead around Aisha: from her gay friend to her divorced friend, a love crazy but vengeful friend to the irritating boss. And then there were a more characters. Read to find out more as Aisha embarks on her journey to find a groom with her friends and comes across all sorts of people.

The best part about the novel is the ease with which the characters unfold and present themselves, neither would it make you feel alienated from them. On the contrary you might just know exactly what they are talking about. The laughter riot in the book can leave you chuckling for days on. Full marks to Advaita for portraying such real life characters with a distinct style and elan which would leave many readers pining for more. The way the novel ends is unpredictable, a touch unconventional, rebellious to the more tradition oriented and yet funny. Tingles you mind for comedy as well as romanticism.

Go read it!!

Published in July, 2007, I wonder what made me buy this book so late in the day!!
You can also read Advaita at her blog:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting for a change!!

Well.. a few days back I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine, who has been a silent reader of my blog from just about the day it was born. An observation from was that posts on my blog come in few and far in between, whereas earlier I could churn out a post at least once in two days (I can't right about the daily grind... find it too mundane and its not my style!!). Well, I stepped back and started observing a the changes, went through my posts, when they were posted, could I recollect anything from that phase. The thread that ran right through was "Change". Yup!! You heard that right.. change!!

For the past one year, I have been slogging off for certain changes to the otherwise monotonous life. At times the show gets too hectic for me (physically/mentally) to actually sit down and pen my thoughts. Believe me when I say, that there were zillions of thoughts that ran through my head during those days. They still do. The absence of a laptop has been acutely felt. To rely solely on work resources leave with the disadvantage of squeezing out time from work. And finally when you through, you just want to get out of that chair and walk out that door. So, when does Sam blog?? Well, there are some days when I do have the option to sit back and relax. Of late, such days have been coming around very rarely. A professional hazard?? I wouldn't know. Oh and in case anyone of you has the bright idea to suggest me about buying a laptop, lemme tell you, what with property purchase, monthly EMIs, application costs (for masters - am still paying of the credit cards for that!!) am almost broke!! So, a laptop cannot be bought unless my employer grants me at least a 25% pay hike or I change into a company which would offer me a salary closer to 7 figures a year. So that rests the case of a laptop.

Anywyz, we are digressing aren't we?? As this confused soul tries hard to climb the Maslow hierarchy, he realises that each passing day his mind is getting clouded with more and more of thoughts regarding the..... future!! Can you believe that??? Anyhow, that's how the score stands. Now that, I'm almost set. And the change seems to be on the anvil now, I do feel a bit elated. Finally, I would be able to put in papers and get off the show. When I look back I realise I lost interest in my current job a year back. Should have called quits then, but I dragged on. That was a mistake, one I'm not going to repeat again. It is likely, I'd be on and off blogging for a few more months till things settle down around me... till then ciao!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make it large.... no! make it a Patiala!!

Make it large.... no! make it a Patiala!!
It's my life and I'm living it up!!

Alright, if you know me well enough you might've guessed that this is not about drinking but something beyond that. Honestly, the title has little or nothing to do with the contents of the post. I just needed a title and well while commenting on Scout's blog I coined up this phrase... and thus from now on this very minute, I claim copyright on that. Do remember to pay your royalties. Only GBP accepted!! Why, if you may ask, let me tell you I need those!! Loads of them. I really can't say I'm digressing but then, I think I've had enough of blabbering about the title. Honestly, does anyone care two hoots about it?? I'll bet you your entire account the answer is nobody!! (This way I gain ;) )

I have been reading up a bit today.. blogs I mean and mostly I saw people writing about relationships (don't go by the blogroll... I read four times the blogs you see there!!) and frankly, they were either breaking up, on the verge of it or just started. Well, that's nice. And then there was this story about a long-distance relationship. Going through all that stuff left me in a tizzy, I seriously had to chip in with my two cents on this. Frankly, you really gotta be in sync with the other person. And break-ups don't happen all of a sudden. There are signs, ways to pick up signals.. read them.. don;t be such a dunderhead!! being in love is ok.. in fact its great, but being stupid while at it is not. IMHO, if you are going to be that.... you are better off without love.. at least you won't suffer the heart-breaks and the associated after-maths. Fell in Love?? go ahead.. celebrate it!! It's a great thing!! Broke up?? Fair enough.... somethings are never meant to be. Don't get yourself low over it. It'll hurt for sometime. But then, you should be having friend around you to cushion your fall. And trust me with the right mix, you'll be living life with hope before the day is up!!

Anywyz, enough of relationships. Moving on to other stuff, I guess I'm finally going for my higher studies. But then, for that to happen this Gorkhaland nuisance has got to clear up, otherwise my transcripts would never reach the university and the offer would be withdrawn. As they say.. there are many a slip between the cup and the lip. Honestly, firstly the idiots at the my previous University take their own sweet time in releasing the extra transcripts I had asked. Had they stuck to the normal said routine of 2 weeks max, things would have been cool, I would have had the transcripts with me, with a copy on its way to my next University and I would have been applying for my visa by now. Instead, here I am waiting anxiously for the transcripts nad simply praying that the College gives me some extra rope. Bloody hell!!

Apart from that nothing much really.... except that I've realised never consider anything more important than your own self. You would end up giving undue powers to people to hurt in a manner you would never appreciate. And yeah, no matter what always keep around you friends who can support you the best when you need it. And be a support for them too!! :)

Alright now that I'm finished am off to make another Patiala peg.... would anyone care to join?? :D

PS: For the uninitiated, Patiala peg is larger than the regulation large peg and should measure about 90ml :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A dream!!

I spun them off hope,
I weaved them with passion,
I designed what you call…
A dream!!
I spent sleepless nights at it,
I worked days on end for it,
I built what you call…
A dream!!
I had faith in God for it,
I had believed I’d live it,
I prayed for what you call…
A dream!!

Gust of wind blew it apart,
Storm brewed and tossed it away,
Scattered lay what you call…
A dream!!
Torn to shreds it lay,
With lost identity it lay,
It was what you call…
A dream!!
The chances of growth thwarted,
The avenue if hope closed,
Fate played with what you call…
A dream!!

And yet faith glimmers,
And so does hope,
To rebuild what you call…
A dream!!
Different Avenue it might walk,
Stronger fabric it might weave,
But rise it will, what you call…
A dream!!
Passion will rebuild it,
Hope will support it,
Perseverance will sustain it,
Belief will bring it to existence,
What you call…
A dream!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back from the woods

My sincere apologies for disappearing without a warning of any kind whatsoever! As Solo rightly said, I desperately needed to show some signs of life. Anywyz, its been a pretty busy fortnight. Firstly I get this mail bang on Monday midnight that I’m to submit an academic reference for my higher studies within 14 days. (You got it right… I’m trying for higher studies… details, if and if only am going for sure!!). That would be the week before last. After nearly threatening my boss at point blank range by showing my career at stake, I got an entire week’s leave (last week). But then, if you are working you’ve got responsibilities, duties and you have to discharge them. So, poor Sam was slogging away like crazy to get things upto speed and leave things in a position where in his absence emergency should not be declared. Meanwhile, arrange for tickets. Now that was a shock!!
Normally, I make travel plans at least a month in advance, this helps one in getting flight tickets at a cheap rate (8000 INR is enough for a round trip). And in case the tickets do seem to be out of reach a bit you could always go for trains, which can be arranged conveniently. But then this time around I had about4 days to make arrangements. I had to fly to Kolkata, then travel all the way to Sikkim and back. And from there on another trip to distant city and finally be back in Pune by Monday noon. Got the flight tickets to Kolkata, but had to fly from Mumbai. That was Saturday. Sunday evening, I left for Siliguri from Kolkata in a sleeper bus (and I request to all, never travel in them!!) which were mighty uncomfortable and reached about 4 hours late throwing my plans out of gear!! 2 pm Monday, yours truly reached Sikkim and an hour later was at college. But to no avail. Have to come back the next day. Got the reco the next day and was off to Siliguri to catch a bus to Kolkata. Met a college friend and her would be fiancé, in Siliguri and was on my way to Kolkata. The bugger was again late…. This time it was 3 hours. Hmpf!!!! Tired and totally drained I slept and spent most of my time at home for the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, time was spent trying to arrange for travel and accommodation to the third destination. Was trying for train both ways but had to settle for a very expensive flight back to Pune, coz there were no train seats available. (Anybody going for Tatkal, please refrain from using the website as they simply refuse to connect when you need it the most!!). The trip to the third location a goof up about a few things and finally, on Monday morning I was back in Pune, tired with all that travel, sad for the goof ups and overall glad that I at least got around to doing what I had set out to do!!
And in short was the account of my absence from blogsville for such a prolonged period!! Now, I’m back from the woods and ready to take on some work!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

A life to be called one's own??

Dear Diary,

I've been going through all the entries over here and really makes me wonder that despite our different nature we all are so very similar to our core. At each and every step in the past two and a half decade a little bit of our innocence has been taken away, a price to be paid for growing up... oh should you wonder, let me enlighten you do not have an option unless fate has decided to slam you cruelly.

But then at times the mind wanders into the domain and really feels that the ones who never really grew up, mentally retarded, the special ones..... as someone said long ago, God's own, are perhaps the happiest. They do not go through the feelings of helplessness, betrayal, dashed hopes, pain, sorrow..... or may be they do but then just how much of a shadow can a sliver of cloud cast on a sunny morning.

I digress.... or did I?? Rambling along as I was I guess i can never digress. In fact, may be this is the path I was supposed to take. Struggling, pushing, shoving my way through to reach my goal. I haven't the faintest bit of idea what my ultimate goal is. It's just that, I'm never satisfied with what I'm doing. In that case, what is it that I'm meant to do?? I don't think I have the faintest clue.

Honestly, what is it that I seek??
What is it that everyone who has scribbled in your heart seek??
A corner to call ones own??
A moment to cherish for the self??
The satisfaction of a job well done??
Someone to hold on to at the end of a tiring day??
A moment to scream out and vent all the frustration that is pent up inside the heart, mind, body and soul??
A life to be called one's own??
What is it??
I think I'll put the pen to rest now.... I need to sleep... my eyes are hurting!!!

Confused Sam!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The idiot box and ads!!


And there is Sreesanth running in…..


What a delivery!! Simply rocked his…


$#%$#%$#^” (some soapy crap… didn’t bother to listen!!)


Ek uncha lamba kad…


Alright XXX, are you ready for the task??


And Khali….


Is this what happens when you switch on you TV everyday??
At times, which is about every 15-20 minutes, the idiot box bugs me like no one else. I mean, every time I switch on it’s either the IPL these days, or some crappy soap opera, or some reality show, or some talent show…. I mean... GAWD!! Is that there is?? And then is a particular insufferable news channel which continues showcasing the life and happenings of a wrestler named Khali… to an extent, I really am afraid to switch to that channel. The movie channels… well not always good but then comparatively palatable?? May be!! Let’s now include them in this rant now!!

Hmmm… now where was I?? Oh yeah!! For souls like me who are living far from their family, there’s only so much that you can chat on the phone and to top it all if you have no internet connection… no wait… no computer, the TV is the only respite that you might have to shrug away the few hours after you return from work till the time you turn in. So, handicapped with these situations, I plopped down on the bean bag, to surf through (really that all you can do... the fingers thus are quite strong!! :P). And then I get barraged with the usual stuff. In between all this I try to observe the ads and finally decided more often that not its perhaps the ads which are worth watching. Imagine a Ranbir Kapoor thinking on his feet and concocting a “Youngistan”, and then in a subsequent ad actually speaking out about “Youngistan” and what it really does imply, (instead of a license to fool a space crazy bro to get into the house of your girl.. dats outright stupid!!) and finally ending it with a smart alecky answer!! Well, the idea that I’m trying to drive home is may be these ads are for just 30 sec, but the entire work that goes in conceptualizing and creating is way too cool!!

Sample the Max New York Life Insurance ad: Wife walks in, couldn’t find husband (who by the way is happily snoring away on the terrace), and when finally sees him sprawled on the chair her mind flips for the worst. He does wake up much to her relief… but then the idea conveyed is so simple – Life is unpredictable, so take care of your near dear ones before time runs out on you!! Can you think of something better?? Of course, you can!! See, that’s the advantage of good ad-films – they connect to you.

Another beautiful ad that is being nowadays is the Frankfinn one. It really showcases what the young ladies today think, whether they really abhor customs or do they respect it and yet want to carve a niche for themselves.

And then there is the Airtel ad featuring actors Madhavan and Vidya Balan. The conversations of a loving couple during roaming and on STD can be stretched and made without a worry of the costs to be incurred. The concept of the ad really makes one sit up and look. And then there’s the one about a kid talking to her father as he helps her draw a picture. Lovely isn’t it?

The world of ad-films is really amazing!! I mean, if you got a product you better make a good ad-film to make people talk about it. That I believe is part of marketing and may be product management, but then that qualifies for a different post altogether. I wish I could tell you how they go about making one, but then that is not my field. Hopefully, I can tell you one day what goes into making an ad-film.

Till then, cheerio!!

Monday, May 05, 2008


How does it feel when you meet a friend from the days which you miss the most, after a long time?
How does it feel to take a trip down memory lane with someone who was there when you enjoyed life the most?
How does it feel to contemplate the future with someone who was there when you had dreamt of conquering the world?
How does it feel to meet a friend with whom you shared loads of stuff?
How does it feel to come across some with you spent 4 years of your life after a gap of 3 years?
How does it feel to know that in the rat race a friend of yours is lost forever…. Lost never to be found again?

I met Shiba after a gap of nearly 3 years. The last time was during our graduation days. With all my friends working in Delhi NCR, Bangalore or Kolkata and me being in Pune, I was kind of cut off, but then never totally. It was on Saturday evening that he calls up out of the blue and announces his arrival to Pune the next day. That sure made my day. The 4 years of college flashed by… the antics of different people… crazy jacks all of them!!! I met him yesterday evening and for the first time in 3 years I desperately wanted my college days back. Earlier it was a longing but now it’s a need. Strange isn’t it?? Thanks to him I got updated on so many things. Fortunately for all of us, the entire gang has managed a foothold in their chosen profession. Felt real good.

There was a long trip down memory lane. Guys, with weird traits… everyone had a signature there… everything!! Sharing four years of your life with some people simply forms an unbreakable bond. Life can throw at the farthest of distances and yet it is with those people that you may connect the best.

A couple of beers, soft music on the car stereo… and moments of reflection!!
And from there on the conversation drifted to the future and how one should really go about certain stuff (guys talk… chuck it!! :P)

We kept going back and forth in time…..
The times when used smuggle in alcohol to the hostel, the rotten food served on Tuesdays for dinner, the endless queue of biryani on Sundays, my roommate, Rajiv’s immense appetite (used to have close to 30 chapattis for dinner), nightlong music sessions, the way CD played his guitar… “Hey CD, c’mon man, play it properly!!” “Shut up… am playing… what else do you want??”, the we used to bug a junior Nilu to play the guitar.. he was our juke box.. we would think up the songs and he would’ve to play it then and there, Sas.. football crazy and well crazy about a few other things, Banta with his constant banter.. lol…, Tony, with his weird sleeping position and an apt foil Banta’s chatter… gave him a real run for his money…the list is endless!!

Let me recount an incident for you: There was this fella Souvik, a really simple bloke, someone you could easily take advantage of. So, now our dear friend was in crazy about dance. Being the devils that we were me and Sas convinced him that Tony was a damn good dancer and had won quite a few inter-school competitions. He did extract a treat out him for this. Tony was flabbergasted when he learnt about. Poor fellow he could never dance to save his life. Spurred by the new info on Tony, Souvik kept cornering him, until one day Tony, being the brat he was took Souvik to the café gave him bogus tips, had a sumptuous meal and made Souvik pay the bill!! And he has been avoiding Souvik ever since!! :D

Those were the days!! There are many such. Should I try to recollect them all… might end up writing another book about the engineering guys… and I hate being a repeat!! :)

A favourite song of mine to commemorate this occasion: Purano Shei Diner Kotha
Written by Rabindranath Tagore and set to the tunes of Auld Lang Syne, this song is somewhat a signature song for most Bengalis worldwide irrespective of their age.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A game of 8...

Tagged aeons ago by Pri and recently by Solitaire, I decided to go for it finally. The tag makes me list out 8 stuff based on different criterias... So here I go now... you can munch on you popcorns now!!!

8 things I am passionate about...
My guitar
My Blogs
Figuring out people for what they are

8 things I want to do before I die...

Own a Maybach
Tour the world, esp. Italy, France, Greece and Egypt
Be an
author of note
Be a rockstar
Be a chef par excellence
Achieve all the which I desire today
Help as many people as possible
Find a job which suits my abilities perfectly

8 things I say often...

What the hell!!
Get lost!!
Outta ur freakin' mind, are you??
What a ...... !!!
I hate it!!
That's the way I like it!!
Bloody hell!!

8 books I have read recently...
Unaccustomed Earth
The Last song of Dusk
Maximum City
Anything for you ma'am
That thing called love
Above Average
Kite Runner
The Witch of Portobello

8 songs I could listen to over and over again...
Neele neele ambar par
Wonderful Tonight
Kuch na kaho
Sili sili tapti raaton mein (dil kya kare)
Can't help falling in love
Musafir hoon yaaron
Hotel California
Winds of Change
November Rain
Don't cry
Civil War
Cats in the Cradle
Fade to Black
Nothing else matters
Sapnay (Ek pal) - Silk Route
Guncha koi - Mohit Chauhan
Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo
..... oops this is more than eight!! Well there are loads on my list!!!

8 things that attract me to my best friends...

Love for music
Understanding nature
Streaks of childishness
Their beauty
Their talents
Ability to help to me when I need it the most
Chatterboxes :)

8 people I think should do this tag...
The eigth person to comment!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Confused Existence

A few summers ago, when I was still a teenager... an age when people expect you to be terribly confused. Strangely, I never was!! I knew what I wanted, why I wanted, what were my backups and how to go about it too. I wasn't a confused chap at all. A little more than half a decade after school, I retract my statement - I am confused. I'm in my twenties and while I do have a decent career and other stuff in my life in proper place, I'm strangely restless. As per Maslow's hierarchy principle, I am approaching the top of the pyramid. Suddenly, I'm unsure of the future. The unpredictability in the entire situation is getting to my nerves. This forced my look around at other individuals who are in the same age bracket as that of me. And strangely enough, I realise I ain't alone. To a greater or lesser extent we all are going through the same psychological pressures. The unpredictability of the future on a professional and personal note is driving most up the wall.

The lessons learnt aren't too different either. You realise that people around you are selfish and mean, would do anything to forward their own gains. The close friends aren't really the great individuals you pictured them to be, rather they had an interest in being with you and that sure did/does more harm to you than good. Your job isn't what you had in mind when you started. You want something better, but don't know when or how you'd land there. May be you want a change but that means starting at the bottom of the ladder. Used to the comforts your current pay packet gifts you, this change certainly doesn't appeal to you. Suddenly, you feel lonely.... very lonely.

And when it comes to the matters of the heart... confusion reigns supreme!! If you observe, either of the scenes are being enacted around you: a broken heart, waiting to come across that special one, in love with two at a time and lost on that, uncertainty over the future of a relationship. Am I wrong?? And then comes along the new twist, you want to settle down. Commitment rules topmost on your mind then, each and every action of yours is directed the very same direction. Loans, money, a future together, getting a good life... all this rules your mind.

They said twenties are the best times of our lives and you'd tend to say otherwise. I'd say, its the twenties which make an adult out of a child.This post may seem confused to you, but the fact is I too am going through most the situations mentioned above... and that is gnawing me up. A trifle too much!!
PS: In case, if one wants to read up on Maslow and his principle check out the following sites: "Motivation Theories: Individual Needs" and "A Theory of Human Motivation". You can read up on Abraham Maslow over here: "ABRAHAM MASLOW
Dr. C. George Boeree
Apart from that, you can google. You'll find loads on him and his theories. For students of psychology and management, his principle should be the easiest to state off hand.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Law of the Garbage Truck

This came in the morning mail and I just decided that I would share it....

How often do you let other people's nonsense change your mood?

Do you let a bad driver, rude waiter, curt boss, or an insensitive employee ruin your day? However, the mark of a successful person is how quickly one can get back their focus on what's important. David J. Pollay explains his story in this way....

Sixteen years ago I learned this lesson. I learned it in the back of a New York City
taxi cab. Here's what happened. I hopped in a taxi, and we took off for Grand Central Station. We were driving in the right lane when, all of a sudden, a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his breaks, skidded, and missed the other car's back end by just inches!

The driver of the other car, the guy who almost caused a big accident, whipped his head around and he started yelling bad words at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean...he was friendly. So, I said, "Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!"

And this is when my taxi driver told me what I now call, "The Law of the Garbage Truck."

"Many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it. And if you let them, they'll dump it on you. When someone wants to dump on you, don't take it personally..You just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. You'll be happy you did."

I started thinking, how often do I let Garbage Trucks run right over me? And how often do I take their garbage and spread it to other people: at work, at home, on the streets? It was that day I said, "I'm not going to do it anymore."

Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. Love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don't. Believe that everything happens for a reason. Never let the garbage truck run over you....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goin' Crazy

In all honesty... I think this is the umpteenth post I'm typing out!! The difference from the previous ones being this has no theme, like as of now I'm writing this one just cause I want to.... no other reason!! Nopes!!
I mean, I've tried writing something about life in general, not mine but one which looks at things a bit philosophically, a poem (fell flat.. honestly horrible!!), a short story... (couldn't understand the crap myself after a few minutes.... scrap it!!).
I tried to get some work done... again that bombed.. can't concentrate on anything.. tried gossipping with a few.. even that failed. I mean, is this what people meant by Torrid Tuesday or something like that??
So, there I am very much in a mood to bunk work (just like college.. :D), and saunter down to the nearest bookstore.. grab the latest Jhumpa Lahiri novel... sneak in at CCD, order a Cool Blue or a Kaapi Nirvana and simple while the noon away with the book. Too nice to be true on a working day... sheesh!!!
And the thing that is driving me crazy is the burns that I have in my mouth.... I mean, the doc said it would be an extraction. I was pretty cool about it. But then things had to go wrong.. and I ended up with burns (due to the dentist's drill). The result is such that, I want to eat, I need to eat (am hungry!! :( ) but then, I fear having something as basic as water as it hurts. But then, am managing.... just a tad bit hungry, that's all!! And then there was this party on Sunday amongst friends where we got together to celebrate the Bengali New Year. There was food, drinks, music... and all I could do was talk a little (even that's a pain!!), sing a lil... (damn!!), hardly eat anything.... and drink only Sprite.. coz that has least soda and thus would hurt the least!!

That makes me wonder, here I am who has no option but to restrict his intake despite having the position to get anything he desires, and I'm going crazy with hunger. How do those who do not have the privilege to decide whether they can eat or not tolerate this inhuman state of the body? As a kid, I was often told about the famine struck conditions of East Africa. I wonder how they deal with this? I wonder how people who don't have an option on what they do, deal with that helplessness? From where to they draw their strength to accept the fate that they have and still try and live a happy life out of it? I mean, that kid on the street who isn't sure about his two square meals is perhaps happier than I am. Or is it that the grass seems to be greener on the other side.
Happiness is relative. In that case, what is happiness?? How do you attain it?? It's all so confusing isn't it??
Allow me to take your leave, have a few medicines to take. Ciao!!!

PS: This just came in.. The Mumbai Bloggers Meet scheduled for the 20th has just been postponed to the 27th for lack of proper venue. Anyone who knows of a centrally located, easily accessible, indoor venue in Mumbai which can seat about a 100 bloggers at one go, please contact the Indiblogger team ASAP!!

Some humour:
Theory is when you know something, but it doesn't work.
Practice is when something works, but you don't know why it works.
Programmers combine Theory and Practice: Nothing works and they don't know why.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Nothing much to post about to be honest but then the bug at times bites real hard and despite the want of ideas even before you realise your fingers are flying away on the ketboard and well.. you are writing a post. So lemme see what have I been upto really.... I've been trying to ease upa little.. it seems i'm strung real high and get irritated at the drop of a hat; Been tryingt o write a story... and before I was through with that I end up with another idea..a dnw ell now I' have two stories developing in a parallel track... i just they don't merge to create a catastrophic work of fiction!! Phew!! apart from that.. well mum is in town.. which means I'm being real good boy nowadays. And well... am having a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth... coz the brat is bugging the otgher functional ones and can cause serious damage to them. So, that means after tonight I'll be off solid food for about 48 hours. Darn painful thought I tell you.... and there I have a friend who calls up shrieks, "You are having a dental abortion?? Cool!! When is it going to be?? Do ensure you eat to hearts content before you go for that!!". And there I was trying to keep a straight face and not grimace back. Though it wouldn't have mattered much, 'coz she was over the phone but then...

Apart from all this I have been wondering at the amount of time we all spend at work. I mean, most of us end up doing so at the cost of our personal lives. In the professional world we are replaceable, but not in our personal lives. We go to work come back home and still think about something or the other pertaining to work. At times, I get the feeling that we've sold our soul to a devil called profession, which is engulfing all our senses leaving us as nothing but money earning machines. I mean, what on earth are we getting from working our asses off??? A sick body, a fatigues mind??? Philosophically speaking it's not really worth it. And yet, in world that we live in "You need money honey!!". perfect catch 22 situation if ever there was one!! I feel like breaking away from this routine ridden, mundane life of mine and doing the things that I like the most and yet they all cost something... there are no free lunches after all. So, to pursue the things I like, I have to work so that I can really chuck everything and simply sit back adn relax one fine day. But, will I be energetic enough for that then???

At times I feel we are lost. We are ignoring our heart's calling in doing what the "world" supposedly deems fit, defines as success. In a quest to build a beautiful and secure future are we not missing out on a splendid today?? Are we not lost???

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

20 things about ME!!!

Got tagged by Solo for this one and since I didn't have a thing to do.. well why not.... so here goes... 20 things about me!!!! :)

RACE.... a good, fast-paced thriller

Maximum City by Suketu Mehta. Like the way he talks about Mumbai.

hmmm......... this is a tough one. I've played loads but can't say anyone of them is my favourite. My favourite sports are lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis and snooker. That's it!!

I don't read mags.

New books, Davidoff Cool Water, BVLGARI Blue n the scent of a woman :P
Did I forget the smell of freshly baked cakes, tandoori chicken or for that matter kebabs and all??

The sound of music... whatever be the source.... a voice, an instrument, a soundbox.
The rev of a powerful bike or car.
Someone's voice when she decides to baby talk!! :D

Not being able to do what you think should be done.
Feeling helpless. Not in control of situation.. losing or fear of losing someone you love.

darn!!! its morning...... what time is it???

Nothing in particular..... Crispy Chicken at KFC, McAloo Tikki at McD, Jumbo Chicken Burger at Burger King, Chicken Farcha at Lucky's KoregaonPark Pune, Egg Bhurji at Pune Station. Too many... can't single out any single one!!

I'm not letting you into this. It's a secret!!

start my own restaurant and then may be a hotel, and develop it into a chain. And yeah, travel frequently to places where my heart belongs like Delhi, Kolkata and Sikkim.

Safety is more important than speed. So, 100kmph is the max I'd clock past midnight on an empty street in the city.

No!!! But, there is one who does watch me from where she sits every night!! A gift in case you were wondering!!

Pleanty of oppurtunities ;)

Errr.... don't remember!! :P

Coffee, Thums Up, Budweiser, Old Monk, Blue Curacao based drinks, Vodka with Lime cordial, Wine (Chilled white and room temp or cool red)

I'd alow myself to travel back and know in & out every city I've stepped into.

What's that????

No thanks!! I'm quite happy with Black.

Kolkata, Patna, Mumbai, Jaipur, Sikkim, Pune.

Soccer, Snooker, Pool, Any racquet game.

A lively writer. For more comments I'd have to know her a little more and thus require more time.

The floor!!

Yup!!! Am too good..... may be a with a few cosmetic changes but otherwise the same.

Night owl.... what's morning???

errrr........ what's this about???

My bed, bean bag, a cool floor, a bath tub!!

Errr... none really!!

Butterscotch, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and the Gelatos (don't remember the names except for Mecroche(Ti Amo)!!)

Honestly, I haven't the faintest clue!!!

That's it done.... and the ones I tag are:
I suppose that should suffice!! :)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fried eggs..... Sunny side up!!

Nopes this has nothing to do with eggs. Neither would you taken through a discourse on how exalted and much respected my culinary skills have become (which by the way is still far from good, ahem!!). Time or should I say fate has been playing truant with me and has me gasping for breath every now and then. In light of my aspirations and other such stuff, I set upon all the actions with as much gusto but then it seems they've come to a stand still. I would say the entire show has started to well.... stagnate. Chuck it. And well other stuff are not going along too well. So I might say this is an attempt to cheer the self up... you may click on that small red cross the top right corner of your window now or carry on at you own peril.

Microsoft works!!

It was at the recently concluded Pune Bloggers Meet that Sandhya, a Microsoft evangelist, was talking about the Microsoft Live writer. Frankly, we were all surprised to know that it as FREE. (yup!! you got that right.. go grab a copy and tell me how it is!! :D). And then time for a Demo. It worked nice and fine or were there a few glitches. Whatever it was, suddenly I exclaimed "Microsoft works!!". It was more of a sarcasm really but well......

Delhi Blues........

There is this friend of mine who never fails to crack me up with her childish antics. Here's one of her latest (imagine baby talk, alright):

F: "I've got malaria!!"

Me: "Hmmm.... how do you know you never went to the doc??"

F: "No!! I've got typhoid!!"

Me: "huh???"

F: "No wait.... I think.. damn!! I dunno......."

Me: "Make up your mind and then I'll worry"

F: "You are absolutely hopeless"

And there I was dumbfounded as to what was that I did!!! Usual story.... chuck it!!

It really matters what you say... apart from the how!!

This one happened here at work. An entire team having a bite in the evening. Here is a snippet of conversation:

R: Dude, mujhe tere nicheka chahiye!! (referring to the burger he was having!!)

Dude: WHAT??? (Obviously thinking something else!!)

Silence.... and then the team bursts out laughing!!

It's so cold.

Another one from my pal. A cold Delhi morning. The auto speeding towards destination. She gives me a call.

F: "Sam, it's so cold here!!"

Me: "Didn't you take a shawl??"

F: "No, but I am wearing a coat."

Me: "Isn't it the same one, which never fails to keep the cold out."

F: "yeah...."

Me: "And then you complain about it being cold...."

Beer is to be taken chilled.

Well, there was this once I got myself a beer and had just about half of it. Lack of fridge allowed the beer to come around to room temperature. I forgot all about it. My dear flatmate N turns up with the bottle more than 24 hrs later and was like, "What would happened if I had this beer?? Can't let it go waste like this"... "Be my guest", I replied. He drank.... bottoms up... seconds later he was spewing it all out. Lesson: beer is to had chilled and in no other condition.

Once a non-veg.. always..

A few summers back, a friend of mine went the Maneka Gandhi way and denounced non-vegetarian food. Good.. nothing wrong with it, except if you love non-veg and your friends decide to go on a non-veg eating spree right after your decision.So one fine evening, with a plan to booze, we got all the stuff in our rooms along with loads of tandoori chicken and panner tikka for the veggie convert. With just the last piece of chicken lying around and most the guys too full to stuff anymore, our friend promptly jumps upon it. Though the action was deliberate to tempt him, we had not expected this result. He simply stared at us with mouthful of succulent chicken flesh, and finally mumbled: "Well you guys weren't having it, and the poor fellow seemed to be beckoning me to it.. I just decided to.. you know... relieve it... you know.... YOU DOGS!!!! STOP STARING!!!!"

Ah.. i dunno.. am smiling a little at those memories. Lesson learnt: Never try recounting tales.... I remember them fine but I narrate them in a pathetic manner. Period!!

Oh and those who have read this far. Thank you.... I know am out of your reach so my back is safe, but apologies for writing such a horrible post!!! :D

So long.. enjoy your eggs.. sunny side up!! :)