Monday, October 20, 2008

The Welcome, B-School and the First week.

5th October, 2008 triggered off a significant week, one that any fresher at the Imperial would remember all life. It started with a welcome speech by Sir Roy Anderson, the Rector which was followed by high tea in the Senior Common Room of the Sherfield Building. The sheer number of freshers left one feeling overwhelmed. The enthusiasm amongst them at having started their term at Imperial was contagious to say the least. Having interacted with some batchmates, the old soul took the tube back to South Ealing.

Evening saw the warden at Clayponds address the entire group of post graduates. (Did I tell you Clayponds is for post-graduates and PhDs?). What followed was an evening of fun as barn dance event ruled the roost with most trying it out for the first time. The band from the Medics was truly amazing with the lead singer also doubling up as a master of ceremony for this event. Sadly, the evening had drawn to a close, with the expectations of term time tucked away in some corner for the time being.

Induction week:

At the Imperial College Business School, the first week was also the Induction week during which one went through the paces of all the facilities that were at the disposal of the students with some wonderful simulations being handed out which were to be undertaken as groups. The purpose was to serve as an Ice breaker and also a good team building exercise. One was also introduced to the faculty and the Career and Professional Development Services team who would be very instrumental in shaping the future of the students starting out to chalk their careers in a turbulent market in the next one year. Needless to say, their confidence was quite reassuring. Again, students at the ICBC were given a glimpse of the high standards expected of them as they were introduced to the rigorous schedule.

One also had the Union Clubs and Societies putting up their stalls at the campus to let the students know of the world of opportunities they had to participate in the activities they desired to. With more than 300 such clubs and societies, an Imperial student is bound to have a full social calendar.

While at it, a walk to the Imperial Sport Club, Ethos was to be made. Situated right across the street off Exhibition Road near the Tanaka Building, the Ethos boasts of the state-of-the-art facilities which were there for the taking for the students, something very few would let go.

As the week drew to a close, event at the Union after college hours started to keep one busy. Clayponds was not to be far behind with each evening having a special event for the students there. Sport night, Pub crawl, movie night were all part of the week that went by. The week finally culminated into an all night dancing at the Club Oceana, Kingston, while also showing the newbies of the town how to get about in London at night.

At 4:00 am on Sunday, as I jot this down, life at Imperial can leave you ready to sleep at the end of the day but love every moment of it and it definitely gives you a high. If morning shows the day, one seems to be in for a fun-filled year.

I call it a day/week as a game of football awaits me in the morning. Rock on!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Shift

I got to shift into the halls today - Clayponds it is at South Ealing. A quite place to be honest! Saw loads of students moving in with each carrying quite a few bags. A walk to the flat revealed the inner parts of the student village and somehow I started liking the place, not that I had much of an option. But it was good. On the way, I had this strange inkling that I would end up a view of the cemetery and sure enough I had a room overlooking the cemetery. The view though is priceless. For want of a good camera I cannot capture the same.

All set in my room, I set about unpacking and the first thing I did was get the laptop out and set it up with the internet. And then I was stuck!!! Presumably so, I might add. Finally hurried along and got the unpacking done and then took a shuttle to the Tesco at Oysterley Park. A couple of trips and I had almost all that I needed. Later in the evening was a welcoming party which I must I was glad I attended. I met quite a few people who till date were mere Ids on the net. Time at Clayponds is going to rock I’m sure!!

It’s time for a nap now!! Ciao....

Friday, October 03, 2008


As I stare out of the window of the jet into the apparently cold and foggy city from above, I realised I’ve finally arrived. After lots of preparation and grinding I’ve arrived in the city I wanted to visit ever since I was a kid. Going through the immigration I realised I might be doing this a lot for the next few decades may be, for given the career I wanted globe-trotting could be a major part of the deal. A cab ride through the beautiful landscape of Heathrow brought me to Ealing where I would be putting up for the night before I get to move into the halls tomorrow morning. Eager to scope out the land I stepped out into the streets as soon as I could to check out the distance to the tube and the halls timing my walk all the way. I know being a first timer it might sound ridiculous as most would expect me to be in tourist mode for a couple of days, but I prefer getting down to business as soon as possible. Nice neighbourhood, pretty quiet!! The walk past the South Ealing cemetery is spooky towards the evening. And I would be taking that every day for the next one year. Getting creepy, eh??

Anyhow, time for some fish ‘n chips, a movie and then a good night’s rest. Hopefully my body would adjust to the UK time zone soon enough.