Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ah!! It's Weekend.........

It's been a real tough time at work. What with the appraisals going on and loads of work deadlines... sometimes i felt like dropping dead.... but then had to hang on.. and had someone to pep me up everyday!! So, the last two weeks been pretty much draining..... I mean, there I was down with flu.... the entire works you know.... had to skip my workout sessions... was so damn weak.. but still had to finish my task..... ah!! such a heartless client..... But then the perils of being the software industry.... you better sell you soul to the devil.. for then and only then would you get the energy to keep going on and on against the stupid clients to get their requirements and then being successful in putting it up on code..... Arrghhhhhhh!!!

So there I was battling it out..... lone ranger at that.... but then I persisted.... and finally the weekend arrived. Was in a mood to rest completely.. bed rest u know.... and then came to know about this guitar contest going on at Pune Central.. a nearby mall..... So there I was, along with 4 more friends... braving the rain, speeding down towards music....... we got there alright.... and got to hear some good music... the next day.... all plans were put to rest with a prolonged power cut and then an evening of salsa..... and Whoosh!! the weekend was gone!!

(Check this one out for the Salsa evening: Shall we dance)

A new week..... the same old routine... the silver lining was meeting up with a blogger friend Mann.... it was great.... and the down part was a personal crisis, which thankfully I was able to deal with fast enough..... A sleepy Sam was so much into goof ups.... Messed up two deadlines... now my project manager is an angel.. and let me off the hook...... and then showing some amazing speed... i made sure that the stuff which I had been banging my head over for the past few days got completed in a matter of hours... leaving me with plenty of hours to kill... and to which no one could object!!

Efficiency?? May be.... All that I care for now is a long weekend sleep!!

So Cheerio people.. see you next week!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shall We Dance??

Ah!! Now quite a break I took. Had got myself down with a bad bout of flu. But then, now am up and about. The last weak left me completely drained and weak. Flu and work. I had to get out there and chill out. Was wondering how to go about it. That's when a friend calls us up over to his place for lunch on Saturday. Wonderful.... Braving the rain, four audacious lads go over to 5Th laddie's place for some sumptuous lunch... he's quite a decent cook. In fact, am the only whose culinary skills are limited only to the omelet. But then, that's different story altogether. Over there, we were greeted by the smell freshly cooked chicken and pomfret. Sounds good?? Now add to this one of the best port wine that one gets to taste. It was quite old... so made it all the more worth while!! Too bad there was just about 3 litres of it!! Needed more :P

The evening saw us at Pune Central, chilling out to some awesome guitar plays thanks to a guitar contest over there. God!! how I wished I could play like them!! :( Anywyz, it was on our way back, that a friend of mine suggests about a Salsa festival the next day at Lush, a popular hangout spot. Fair enough. What about our partner?? That too was arranged in no time. So, next day duly at 7:00 pm sharp, yours truly along with his friend were present at Lush to greet their partners. Unfortunately the ladies were a "bit late". So, the purpose there was to teach people Salsa. The class was on and we sorta barged in. Before long I realised I was making a fool of myself..... ah!! the shame!! I cut short my losses and retreated to the side lines.

And there I stood for nearly an hour when I realised that the music was changing tempo...... and soon enough it was the regular disc music playing.... so, one had gasolina and temperature mix being played out in full blast. Full marks to the DJ for keeping the crowd on toes!! I got dragged onto the floor. Not being a spoil sport, I joined and basically decided to follow others..... but that was not to be for long, as sanity decided to elope with my senses... and I started out my way.... which took the girls by surprise, for that was unexpected. And then the surprise of the evening happened.... Sam executed salsa steps with his partner...... though that left her visibly pleased..... and believe me I was myself surprised at the ease with which I did it!! I later received a mean punch on my arm.... for earlier claiming that I cannot dance. (Why don't they ever understand that I'm too shy to be dancing just like that!!). Had to call it a day for the girls had a curfew of 11:00 pm. Too bad!!

Had a nice time.... enough to make me look forward to another such session. And frankly I was left all charged and geared for another week at work!!

Guess, not much of a post, but my feet are still moving!! :)

For information on Salsa do check out at Wikipedia and this site for history.

Till then Adios
Enjoy your Salsa!! :)

Time stops at Shamli

How many times in your life have decided to to do something based on an impulse?? Or have you ever just decided to go someplace at some whim or fancy of yours putting all your everyday chores on hold?? If not, have you at least reached the juncture where you do feel like doing that?? If so, then you are dreamer. Definitely a dreamer!! "Time stops at Shamli" is one such story by Ruskin Bond. But, then Ruskin Bond was always a writer who took his readers into a different world, through the eyes of Rusty, through the lanes and by lanes of Almore, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Nainital..... and other hill stations of that region. The way he wrote, was always capable of making you float like a cloud across those mountains on a crazy winter morning. His most controversial work till date has been "The Sensualist". More about that later.

Shamli, is a small hill side station, which our male protagonist keeps passing on his trip to and fro to a certain place in the mountains from Delhi. Everytime, he sees this quiet and sleepy station, he wonders about what lies beyond the walls of the railway station. Will it be as quiet as the station or would be more sleepy. Every time the train stopped at Shamli, he was intrigued to find out. One such stop couldn't keep him seated in the train. He decided to stop by at Shamli. And see what's there to be seen. He went ahead to find the only lodge in town, owned by a rather old man. Rumour had it that his wife, who was extremely pretty, but years younger. This seemed to be the only bright speck for him to look forward in an otherwise dreary town. He felt like regretting his decision. The people who came in at the hotel lounge were all locals who had just dropped in for a friendly visit to the lodge owner. And then it began to rain, and it rained very hard. It seemed that nature had unleashed it's fury for a purpose that night....... what would that be??

To him the rain proved to be a deterrent as the lines ahead had been damaged and would take another day to repair. So he was stuck at Shamli now. Dejected, he took in the garden...... as he kept walking staring at the different hues of the grass that grew he noticed a lady standing there. It was Sushma. Unable to believe his eyes, he had to blink a couple of times just to be sure. Time seemed to stop. Sushma, was his only love till date, whom he had to let go when she got forced into marriage by her parents. But, what was she doing there. Seeing him there, Sushma was equally surprised. They did a lot of catching up, and he came to know, she was the lodge owner's gorgeous wife. he laughed to himself. The old love got rekindled as they were caught in the rain. The cold rain, set afire their love..... and to that which could have unified them for ever!! But that was never to be, as Sushma broke away from him and raced back to the lodge... with him calling out after her and asking her to join him the next day when he leaves Shamli.

The next day she never showed up. Heart-broken he made his way to the station. He found her waiting for him. She held his hands and then explained to him why despite her heart craving to go away from the god-forsaken place, she can't do so. She had a husband and a kid, and her responsibilities toward both and thus cannot just run away with him. It was not meant to be and they should carry on with their lives. And then the train snaked away................ With the time at Shamli tucked away into the corner of his mind..... stopped and frozen to be relived later!!

This is short was the essence of the entire story. The interpretation is mine all the way, and having read this story aeons ago, I believe there would be some inconsistencies with the actual story. But then, the story as such tells us that we should realise what is meant to be and what not. And when the time comes, no matter how tough the decision is, it has to be taken!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

But forever!!

Looking out into the open valley
I can see the clouds form across the sky
Fear grips my heart,
Pray, fear not!
It wouldn't be for me,
For little do i care about that,
As long as you are safe.
And now I see you gripped
In a multitude of adversities
I see you fighting
Far across the valley
Never once flinching
Never once failing
Strong as you are
I still feel compelled to rush to you,
Though I know it's your fight,
And should I be,
I have to be there in the end,
To take you back,
Where you belong,
And shield you from further blows....
I want to do that now....
And not for this moment....
But forever!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Introducing ~~ Sam's thoughts on work!!

Now those of you who know me for quite sometime now do know that I work in the IT industry. With this blog I wish to take into that world as seen through my eyes. Ummmm....... one might say that this is just another blogger trying to fill up some space... but then, that's not what I do.

So a little background information. My employers happen to be among the top 20 IT companies in India.I work at odd hours, thanks to no onsite support for us, so we end up chatting away with client just to get hold his problem. And literally end up slogging out a good many days. So where do we stand after that?? Nowhere in particular for I haven't yet started. So wait up as I update regularly on what I believe is the IT industry!! Cheerio.....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Looking Back........ at my inspiration!!

After having done with 50 posts some of my friends suggested I should write something about blogging as such. well so here I am to write about it...... though I will put it as blogging and me. I started on blogging around November, 2005. Yeah, that's when I started. Posted a few, which you would find posted right the very beginning of this one (this is my second blog). And then took a hiatus. For nearly a year, I stayed away from blogging..... but then the bug returned. I was itching to write.... Started out with a new blog this time (the one u r reading!!), for I had forgotten the credentials for the previous one. Anyways, I started.. posted a few... and again hibernated!! Finally, it was around February that I got active, and since then I have been writing..... and writing a lot more than I had ever imagined I would ever.

Came to know quite a few people though blogging... interesting ones all of them. The blogs actually gave an insight into the thought process of different individuals which is by it's own right a very beautiful gain. Earned a few friends... influenced a few to start blogging and still looking forward to enlarge the tribe..... The attempts are on, I promise you..... but then........... Anyways, a question which I still seek and answer to, is what made me come back to the world of blogs... and that too with a vengeance??
I sought an answer to this from some of my closest friends, who have seen me write and think about something I want to write. And I have received some very smart reasons:
1. "You were always a writer, just needed a platform to write, that's all" .... yup!! that's right just as Saurav and Sachin always needed a Eden Gardens and a Wankhede to play cricket. As if my diary was not an incentive enough, which incidentally was always to me by my father to do some goo piece of writing or rather develop the habit of it. I on my part, conveniently used it as a source to whack somebody or use it up as a backup source of a rough notes collection or stuff to that effect.
2. "You have hit a zone buddy!! keep going while the steam lasts......." ....... oh you ********!!! instead of puling me up and bolstering confidence, all that you do is look into my eye and tell it's a temporary phase??? I shall write.......... The question remains, about what???
3. "You are in love with some girl, who loves literature!!" ............... The smartest of all suggestions. has all the flavors needed for a widespread scandal. While it is common knowledge that I have fallen for girls head over heels in the past (ouch!! the falls still hurt....) and love hop scotch with my feelings a lot.. tossing it around a little, and looking around for some chick who's gullible enough..... I found this idea quite plausible.... except am I so mad??? And when did this happen??
Now here is how my sister summed it up: "You see bro, this lady is definitely someone you know very well. I 'm not saying you know her for quite sometime now, but say at the max a few months, that would explain this drastic change. She knows you pretty well, and actually loves to read your works. You obviously have received a lot of praise from the fairer sex to bolster your ego. To say that.... " - now observe, here is where she manages to lay it on thick - "... you are bad or average is an understatement, you are good. And someone's crazy about you... so you keep writing!! Simple...." Ah......... my bloated ego.... my fluttering heart.. was I on seventh heaven???
Is someone really my inspiration?? Who can that fair lady be?? Darn!! Such a tough task!! I'd rather stay silent and let the sleeping dogs lie...... lest the tempest unfold with it's mighty fury and ruin whatever is beautiful around me now......... For the time being let me identify her as "The Lady within me". Till then let this supposedly "directionless" flow of thoughts continue and weave a magic on everyone who rest their eyes on it's physical existence, brought about yours truly!!
Happy reading
Confused Sam

Monday, June 04, 2007

She's still waiting..........

She's waiting.............
She's waiting with bated breath for the phone to ring. It hasn't till now. It's been quite sometime since he walked out through that door. He'd promised he'd call. She vividly remembers that day.

Theirs was a love marriage. Married against the wish of their parents, it wasn't an easy decision. But then, they were deeply in love. And so they took the plunge. His parents said, " You can't marry a girl older to you". Her parents said, "You can't marry a guy younger to you and just starting a career". But they kept on at it.......

The first few months were bliss for them. The excitement of living together and starting a new life had engulfed them. While the days were spent in hard work and trying to make ends meet, the nights were equally relaxing. Everything seemed perfect. Then one day she sensed something wrong with her. It's been just four months since they got married. Having taken precautions she found it hard to believe what the symptoms told her. She went to the doctor. Everything about her body confirmed her fears.... She was pregnant!! She had to inform him. But how?? They had not planned for it..... not now. During the long walk back home, her fear turned into joy, as the thrill of a life forming inside her embraced her. With a spring in her step she reached home. He was waiting.

Not particularly known for his subtlety, he questioned her about the purpose of her visit to the doctor. Not expecting such a welcome, she was taken aback. Stammering her way through, she told him. As disbelief spread across his face, she hoped he'd be happy about the news.... eventually. But then, fate had something else in store for her. He went ballistic, raved and ranted about how the baby could not be brought up given their hands to mouth existence. He went on to explain how it was all her fault and how he was not in a mental frame to be a father. And then he kept on. His words seemed to be like hot irons against her body. Everything seemed to blur. She realised she was crying.A silent flow of tears, as he carried on oblivious to the hurt she was going through, her feelings, her joys and her despair.

And then he said, he needed more time. Time to think it over. She was perplexed. And then he walked out through the door, promising he'd call. Little did she know that he was going never to look back. As she sat there at the window staring out into the cloudy sky, she recalled those moments. A silent tear trickled down her cheeks. She was staring out, but her ears strained for the phone to ring. And then someone tugged her saree, and broke her dreaminess. A smiling face looked deep into her eyes. She wiped her tears, and smiled at her bundle of joy. She cradled her child in her arms and again stared out into the world outside waiting......

It's been two years since that summer and shes still waiting.................................

PS: I find this song from Les Miserables to be quite apt for this theme, though I happened to hear it 2 years after I wrote the above story.

I'll Remember!!

I know you are going to walk out of that door,
I know you'll never turn back,
I know what we shared can never be relived,
I know what we said can't be said again.
But I'll remember it all..........
I'll remember your smile,
I'll remember you dancing eyes, when you laughed,
I'll remember the tremors in your voice, when I breathed close to you,
I'll remember the pace of your heart, when I felt you for the first time,
I'll remember everything about you....
Your laughter, you tears,
Your anger,your calm,
Your joy,your sorrow,
I'll also remember your parting gift,
I'll remember your last smile...........
Your Last Kiss!!