Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fried eggs..... Sunny side up!!

Nopes this has nothing to do with eggs. Neither would you taken through a discourse on how exalted and much respected my culinary skills have become (which by the way is still far from good, ahem!!). Time or should I say fate has been playing truant with me and has me gasping for breath every now and then. In light of my aspirations and other such stuff, I set upon all the actions with as much gusto but then it seems they've come to a stand still. I would say the entire show has started to well.... stagnate. Chuck it. And well other stuff are not going along too well. So I might say this is an attempt to cheer the self up... you may click on that small red cross the top right corner of your window now or carry on at you own peril.

Microsoft works!!

It was at the recently concluded Pune Bloggers Meet that Sandhya, a Microsoft evangelist, was talking about the Microsoft Live writer. Frankly, we were all surprised to know that it as FREE. (yup!! you got that right.. go grab a copy and tell me how it is!! :D). And then time for a Demo. It worked nice and fine or were there a few glitches. Whatever it was, suddenly I exclaimed "Microsoft works!!". It was more of a sarcasm really but well......

Delhi Blues........

There is this friend of mine who never fails to crack me up with her childish antics. Here's one of her latest (imagine baby talk, alright):

F: "I've got malaria!!"

Me: "Hmmm.... how do you know you never went to the doc??"

F: "No!! I've got typhoid!!"

Me: "huh???"

F: "No wait.... I think.. damn!! I dunno......."

Me: "Make up your mind and then I'll worry"

F: "You are absolutely hopeless"

And there I was dumbfounded as to what was that I did!!! Usual story.... chuck it!!

It really matters what you say... apart from the how!!

This one happened here at work. An entire team having a bite in the evening. Here is a snippet of conversation:

R: Dude, mujhe tere nicheka chahiye!! (referring to the burger he was having!!)

Dude: WHAT??? (Obviously thinking something else!!)

Silence.... and then the team bursts out laughing!!

It's so cold.

Another one from my pal. A cold Delhi morning. The auto speeding towards destination. She gives me a call.

F: "Sam, it's so cold here!!"

Me: "Didn't you take a shawl??"

F: "No, but I am wearing a coat."

Me: "Isn't it the same one, which never fails to keep the cold out."

F: "yeah...."

Me: "And then you complain about it being cold...."

Beer is to be taken chilled.

Well, there was this once I got myself a beer and had just about half of it. Lack of fridge allowed the beer to come around to room temperature. I forgot all about it. My dear flatmate N turns up with the bottle more than 24 hrs later and was like, "What would happened if I had this beer?? Can't let it go waste like this"... "Be my guest", I replied. He drank.... bottoms up... seconds later he was spewing it all out. Lesson: beer is to had chilled and in no other condition.

Once a non-veg.. always..

A few summers back, a friend of mine went the Maneka Gandhi way and denounced non-vegetarian food. Good.. nothing wrong with it, except if you love non-veg and your friends decide to go on a non-veg eating spree right after your decision.So one fine evening, with a plan to booze, we got all the stuff in our rooms along with loads of tandoori chicken and panner tikka for the veggie convert. With just the last piece of chicken lying around and most the guys too full to stuff anymore, our friend promptly jumps upon it. Though the action was deliberate to tempt him, we had not expected this result. He simply stared at us with mouthful of succulent chicken flesh, and finally mumbled: "Well you guys weren't having it, and the poor fellow seemed to be beckoning me to it.. I just decided to.. you know... relieve it... you know.... YOU DOGS!!!! STOP STARING!!!!"

Ah.. i dunno.. am smiling a little at those memories. Lesson learnt: Never try recounting tales.... I remember them fine but I narrate them in a pathetic manner. Period!!

Oh and those who have read this far. Thank you.... I know am out of your reach so my back is safe, but apologies for writing such a horrible post!!! :D

So long.. enjoy your eggs.. sunny side up!! :)



Phoenix said...

good one

Vandita said...

oh cmon sam, it made u smile na?...i made me smile too...:)
esp the burger thing LOL

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol! I enjoyed reading it... esp the "Once a non-veg.. always.."

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

lolz... sam... your memories made me smile too...

Ps said...

Not a bad post at all! Nicheka was too funny :-)

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

lolz....made me laugh as well as smile :) good job intellectual ;)

solo said...

lots funny!!
btw, you have been tagged!
n ur on my blogroll now!

Rashi said...

hehehe, nice nice :)

Solitaire said...

Not that horrible a post!

ad libber said...

I loved the non veg part, specially the guy's explanation. Despite what you say, a thoroughly amusing post.

Sam said...

@phoenix: thnx!! :)

@vands: being naughty?? ;)

@macadamia: oh u shud have been der... it really was a one in a million expression on hsi face!!

@bubbles: well am glad it did!! :)

Sam said...

@ps: hehe.. i knw!! but the poor girl was so embarassed!!

@mads: thnx :)

@solo: blogrolling was ok... tagged???? ok.. will chk out!!

Sam said...

@rashi: hey how r u??? after a long time!!

@solitaire: hmmm... means cud have been worse.. jst abt salvaged!!

@ad-libber: thank you!!1 :)

Pri said...

that non veggie convert thing really had me laughing...
i know that feeling by the way...
its tough to convert unless u in love with a vegitarian..then maybe :p

Keshi said...

yeyyy Sam is bak!

lol funny post too. Loved it.

Im so NOT a anyone in love with me, plz change ur eating habits. LOL!

btw I gave u the Youtube link to that song in my comment-reply to ya in my last post Sam :)


Sam said...

@pri: hmmm makes me wonder... did u try being a veggie??

@keshi: lol.. i knw am one too!! and am glad u liked it!!
oh, btw, the youtube link won't worl as streaming medias are blocked here.. :(