Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sugar Free (or is it less :D )

Is age a measure of the ability to fall in love? No, I am not talking of the general ability of love, I'm talking of the ability to love a woman or vice-versa. May-December love stories is something of a taboo thought/concept in our society. The west is just marginally better off. The usual eyebrows are still raised though they perhaps take in their stride much better than they take it here.

For example, consider a 64 yr old man, chef by profession and a 34 yr old woman, software engineer (ah!! someone from my tribe!! :)). They meet, walk around, go for coffee, lunches... (may be a few dinners), have their share of suggestive talks and finally decide to marry. Now is the real trouble. How to tell their parents??? Yes!! our male protagonist's mother is still alive (and kicking!!). Mum gleefully agrees. Now for the lady's father. He being a regular guy, naturally is left aghast after coming to know that his daughter wants to get married to a man, 30 yrs older to her. How odd?? Is it not?? Are you thinking the same as the Dad. Well......... What follows is a show where the couple try and convince the father. Finally he relents. And thus the couple happily get to walk into the sunset together.

This in short is the gist of the recently released flick "Chini Kum", starring Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Zohra Sehgal and Paresh Rawal. Every bit a good flick. I found Big B portraying 64 yr old Buddhadev Gupta in a very convincing. A grumbling old man who doesn't believe in the usual ways of flattery nor perhaps courtship. Sample this:
  1. What's the point of giving flowers, they dry up after a few hours.
  2. A necklace though worth 25 lacs, might appear to be to worth 25/- without the price tag (thanks to fakes) and obviously cannot be gifted with the price tag.
  3. A sunset/candlelight dinner may sound very romantic, but neither would one be to able to figure out the other person nor the dinner.
Infallible logic!!! :D

On the other hand is 34 year old Nina Verma essayed by the elegant Tabu, who is every bit the modern working woman with a mind of her own - smart, confident, proud of her own identity, independent.

They happen to come across each other over a "sweet Zaffrani Pulao" (of all things : ). That leads to coffee, several meetings, roaming the streets of London. Sounds interesting?? Well.... to know more check out the movie.

Worth mentioning:
  1. Sexy: a 8 year old girl, who is suffering from a terminal disease. The character is beautifully sketched and displays a maturity far beyond the years. The moments between Sexy and Buddha are worth memorising!!
  2. The delicate manner in which the May-December love story is treated and how certain bold concepts like sex and condoms have been dealt with aplomb.
  3. Great music..... Illyaraja has done a wonderful job here!! Kudos to him....

A must watch. Go ahead and invest your money on this.......... Don't hesitate!!

Gurantee Humari............. Kismat Tumhari.............. Chini Ki Kasam!! :D

Enjoy!! :)

P.S. - This post was due last Sunday, but due to certain disturbing circumstances had to delay it!! Thus such a late review!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Addicted to the Cue !!

Before I joined college, I had always seen on TV courtesy ESPN & STAR SPORTS, a game where there would be 2/4 people with long sticks trying to hit the balls on into a pocket. They used to play teh game on a board. With time I had come to realise that it was a game called Pool. Its variations had the US 8-ball, Euro 8-ball, 9-ball and its cousins were Snooker and Billiards. After gathering the information about these games, I was more than just keen to try my hands on them. But the question was where?? Back in those days (99-00), the cue games were pretty costly with and hour costing something like 120/- INR, be it snooker or pool. The rates have gone down marginally though over the years!! (Only for pool! Billiards is still a game to played at clubs!!). So imagine my joy, when after I joined college I found that the very same semester a snooker board has been bought for the students.

Thus started my sojourn into the world of cue sports. The lack of oopurtunities after passing out has cut down on my escapades with this sweetheart of mine, but then I never give up a chance to play, snooker being my favourite.

Snooker - The Game

Snooker is a game played on a rectangular, cushioned table. The table has four pockets in four corners and two along the middle of the long side cushions. There 7 different colours used for the balls, apart from the white coloured cue ball. Each of the ball has a point value associated with it.

Red (18 nos) - 1
Yellow(1) - 2
Green(1) - 3
Brown(1) - 4
Blue(1) - 5
Pink(1) - 6
Black(1) - 7

A team wins by accumulating the maximum number of points by potting the balls with the help of the cue ball in a specified manner.

The Rules

The frame set up is shown in the picture on the right. The rule is to pot a red ball, then make a call on any of the other coloured ball, pot it and the cycle repeats, till the player fails to pot a the desired ball. The other team then gets a chance. Here one should remember apart from teh red ball the other coloured balls after being potted are replaced on the table. They won't get replaced if and only if they are being potted after al the 18 red balls have been cleared. The trick here is if one is supposed to go for a red ball or a coloured ball (as declared by him), he has to first hit the very same and pot the same ball too. No other colour can be hit first or potted. This calls for a foul with the minimum penalty being of 4 points and maximum being of 7 (should the ball in question be blue, pink or black!!). It is after this that the concept of "Play Again" comes into picture. After committing the foul if the cue ball ends up in an unplayable position or if the opponent chooses, then another shot is awarded to the fellow who committed the foul.
After all the red balls have been potted, the coloured balls are, in the order of the point value, potted. After the last ball is potted the scores are checked and the winner announced.

This beautiful game has captivated me for the past 6 years. Played it a lot during my college days back in Sikkim, India. Since then it has remained one of my secret passions. Though playing snooker is more of a luxury these days, I never give up a chance at trying my hands on Pool, which is more accessible. At least, I got a cue stick to hit the balls with :)

You might want to check out the following links for some more information:

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Little White Flower ~~~~ a remembrance

This piece dedicated to a dear friend of mine "Shreeja Nair" whose untimely demise(26th May, 2007) is being mourned by her family and friends. May her soul rest in peace.
and a gust of wind came
and blew her away.....
and left her fragrance lingering in the air....
her sweet charm which enchanted many,
is still felt in the passages of time
gone by but cherished still.
her sway in the breeze
would make you smile,
and i can see you smile,
as the remembrance sweeps your senses.....
cherish them all for she brought you joy,
she made you smile,
gave you a reason to be happy,
for a few moments.....
smile and celebrate life in her memory
for that was her motto....
the little white flower that she was....
the little naughty friend that she remains!!
I have disabled the comments for this one, I hope the reason would be well understood. The C-box is there should you feel compelled to say something.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Monster of Vengeance

As I stand here on the edge of this cliff,
I stare at the monster below,
rearing it's ugly head,threatening to engulf me in it's pit.
I turn around to walk away,
for I like the monster banished from my sight,
but i still hear its roars,it's angry!!
I fear it's emergence for it's the devil incarnate....
I fear it's anger for it can only be controlled by one....
I fear it's strength, for it had possessed me once....
I had fought to save my sanity....
had banished it to the depths of my mind...
locked it away, as it burned in the fire...
the fire unleashed by the angel in me....
I find the angel in anguish today...
It stands wounded like before...
And the monster wants to break free...
to avenge the angel's hurt....
just like it had done before....
in a time hard to be forgotten,
I had controlled it.....
how do I do so now??
For the angel is pain....
The tears keep burning its eyes....
And the wounds never stop bleeding.
This crossroad I hate
for I dunno what is to be done....
How do I heal my angel??
How do I control this monster of vengeance.......

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The emotional high drama!!

A recent visit to the movie hall had me staring into the large screen with Saif burning tyres on a race track somewhere in New York, buying stuff on installments, Rani going against her Dad for the man she loves and believes in ("oh so romantic" - did I hear that?? well, whatever!!), the pair settling down having kids, going through their highs and lows and......... a lot of emotional shots which are supposed to make you reach for the box of tissues. And the way they stretch it.......... phew!! This fellow has a phobia with speeding and overnight he comes along and gets to put up a racing team together and go on to win a race, all because of his kid's op. Nice, very nice... but isn't it a bit too far fetched???

Another movie, again a Saif starrer, had him and Preity bickering at each other because of an unplanned pregnancy. Ah!! The bickering was too much at times, and the way it ended what with a radio show helping everyone to look out for some RJ (dat wud b Preity) was again far fetched, but fed the emotion diet of the more than a few audiences.

Oh btw, if you happen to be watching a Sunny Deol flick you might have some chap with inhuman strength bashing up people just because they had teased his sister, and then proceed further to be a cleansing agent, ridding the city (for the time being, the country wide operation is on hold!!) of all the scum.......... And the numberof times you hear a teary "beta', "bhai", "behna" would leave you feel like gagging the the person who convinced you to watch this movie!!

Is dat all you ask??

Alrite then, let me take you into the drawing rooms of an average Indian household. Check out the show on television please. More often not it would one of the serials from Ekta Kapoor's stable or some distant cousin of the particular breed (language no bar here!!). All that you shall have is an overdose of emotional high drama. And worst of all, the ladies just gobble it up with amazing regularity and manage to keep track of the entire show. And again strangely enough the people rarely seem to get any older, though they may end up having their great grand-children!! Ummm................ Can we have that anti-aging formula please???

And so at the end of the day I'm left to wonder why does the Indian audience have to be fed on so much of emotion??? Why does there have to be a love story thrown in for just about every movie. Can't there be a movie simply about say "A Day in Mumbai"?? Or is it that the Indian audience still not ready (a generalisation please) to accept such movies??

Monday, May 21, 2007

The BIG quirky me!!

While it's easy to write about things happening in one's own life, it's actually a bit difficult, no.... a mammoth task to write about self. (Wonder how people come up with Autobiographies????). Now, I have been "tagged" to write down a few quirks about myself. I tried thinking about it.......... Didn't work out. Tried jotting them down, in an effort what if sub consciously something gets penned......... All that happened was Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................ hehe........... honestly!!
So I decided to get a bit serious and do a lil bit of introspection............... And guess what? I came to a conclusion!!I am too quirky!! yeah.............. i am a full of eccentricities, contradictions. So much so that penning down a few is way too much of a task. But, I'll try............. (Mann, I hate you for this.... and whoever started this chain!! :)

So, here goes:

  1. I am very LAZY........... I would prefer shouting at the top of my voice to get things done, but rather not move an inch.
  2. An extreme hogger, ironically I'm quite picky about it too. So, I won't hog on just about anything. It has to be of my taste too. (I luv puri and aloo ki sabzi)
  3. I can survive an an entire day on just a burger, a few bottles of thums up and a couple of Lays (I'm crazy about it, the blue and green one!!)
  4. I'm simply head over heels with chocolate mousse. I end up pronouncing a restaurant as good or bad based on their chocolate mousse.
  5. While I can have a lot of hard drinks (some call me a bottomless barrel!!), I personally prefer a glass of good red wine to while the evening away.
  6. Totally fida over mountains, I dream of a home there, with sprawling meadows in front of my home. (Just a dream, ok!!)
  7. My ideal relaxing scenario has me sitting in a dark room, with some soft instrumental stuff in the background, a glass of the red wine, huge glass windows which open out to a nice wooden balcony, the steps from the balcony take you to a garden, cross the lawn and you have date/palm/coconut tress swaying in the breeze, the sea in a playful mood, and the moon casting its soft light on everything that rests in this picture. Are you with me???
  8. I have a huge fetish for wrist watches.
  9. I loooooooove coffee mugs.
  10. My favourite fruit juice is Mango, though I don't eat mango!!
  11. I always dream of being a great writer or sportsman. And neither I guess is possible................ :(
  12. For my my friends are of supreme importance.
  13. Despite the jovial outlook I'm essentially a very serious person.
  14. Although I'm quite flirtatious (ppl say so!!), I actually believe in commitment.... and I guess a romantic too.
  15. A born day-dreamer. i can dream hours away just like that.
  16. Although a right handed batsman in cricket, am more destructive as a leftie :P
  17. There was a time I believed Madonna was a football player, and Maradona a singer!! (Now, don't throw that stuff at me.......... i was just a kid!!)
  18. "Aa chalke tujhe main leke chalu " remains one of my favs....... and was the first song that i cud sing (again was a kid!!)
  19. Although a "rocker", i personally love to listen to soft music most of the time.
  20. I dunno why, but i always get this comment that my english is accented.
  21. People (especially girls) find my voice to be very good (am sorry won't write the rest of the adjectives here ;)), and I always feel extremely uneasy when told the same. And they then repeat the comment on purpose n number of times when i least expect it.
  22. I'm a fulltime chatterbox though not form the word go.
  23. Am a thorough introvert can't talk to strangers at all!!
  24. Did I tell you, that my first step while climbing is always the right one??
  25. Alrite, this to everyone knows................ I freak out on music!! I mean, like I'm totally into it.
  26. My dream was to be the lead singer of a damn good band! Yet to realise that one......
  27. I love to fiddle with my guitar, whom I've often introduced as My girl friend to the least suspecting people.
  28. I get bugged very easily.
  29. I am very short tempered, and tend to punch the wall when angry!!
  30. Strangely enough people consider me to be an iceberg.
  31. Very few know how to get me angry and then cool me down in a matter of seconds!!
  32. Despite being a bong, I don't like fish and rice.
  33. Simply dislike coconut in main meals like dal or fish or whatsoever (Had a tough time at Goa!! :()
  34. Now am getting bugged writing this down................ So cut it short................ get to know me and u'll know my "quirks".

Now this is very jumbled up, so do try and make sense of it. And no, I am not going to set it in order of any kind............. Likh diya yahi bohot hai!!Btw, if my friends wanna add something they can put it down in the comments section!!

Now, dat you are reading this line, you probably have an idea about what I am.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Turning the heat on!!

Ah...... the weather!! What more can I say about the weather in Pune now? It was yesterday night I guess, i was reading a post by a friend of mine about how Pune used be in an era gone by (read: last century). As I recalled my journey from my modest flat to the plush air-conditioned workplace (a small advantage of working in an IT firm!!), I squirmed in my seat! I couldn't help but recollect the hot air blast that i have to encounter everyday while I'm on my way to work. However, after midnight a stroll at the terrace gave me a different story. The inhumane attack of the heat seemed to be a nightmare one saw the night before. It was so cool and calm!!

In Pune, nearly 40%, maybe more, of the population travel around in a two wheeler. Given the weather in town for the past one month or so, whenever it so happened that i had to got o work on a 2-wheeler, it felt as if I am getting burned as a blast of very hot air used to hit my face. After the "hot ride", how I wished I could peel off my skin, it felt so burnt!! Even if one is not on a bike and happens to commute by auto (which btw, is very killing if one is not aware of the fares!!) respite is a luxury which the weather would seldom bless you with. And they said Pune had a great weather??? This is year has been particularly hot!! Too hot........

Now while the day has been blistering hot, the night is being pretty cool! For the past week or so, I have been strolling around on the terrace or the road past midnight (I am a nocturnal creature :D), and believe me, when I tell you that not a trace of the heat would be found. It was so cool. At times, a sudden burst of breeze really made me shiver!! Surprised??

If I remember my elementary geography lessons right, then this behaviour of the weather was to be found only in the arid areas and desert land (Thar, Kalahari, Sahara etc.). In a quaint erstwhile hill side getaway like Pune??? Wow!! talk about global warming.

I believe the weather condition in Pune is a result of many things say increase in population, a great influx taking place every year as the commercial and education segment of the zone, attracts more and more candidates from across the country. Their demands and needs are all straining the city. The city is transforming itself into a major hub............

And we get burnt during daytime and chilled at night!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Runtime 2007

Well this is an annual get together organised by the firm where I work. The unique thing about this get together is family is invited. Loads of programs, awards and games, spread over two days at some location which keeps on changing every year!! This year Runtime was being held at Mumbai, the d-day being 5th and 6th May.

5th May - Pune -> Mumbai

The journey begins at about 0600 hrs. 4 buses start on different routes to pick up people and continue towards Mumbai. Yours truly happened to be the bus coordinator for one of them - No. 3. What started out as a fun journey soon turned into a dreadful one as the bus hit the expressway at a snail's pace and continued like that till the last minute!! Ah, the frustration!! Can't explain it!! 1200 hrs we finally hit Mumbai or rather Navi Mumbai (nearing vashi), where to our surprise the driver heads straight towards Airoli....... What is he thinking?? No way we can turn back!! And so in the humidity and oppressive heat of Mumbai 30 odd souls wait for the journey to get over.

The destination - Naval Bagh, Madh Island, Mumbai

1400 hrs: Finally we are there. Naval Bagh.......... 8 hrs journey!! Phew!! boy were we tired?? We checked into Hotel Retreat, where incidentally only the families were to stay. So we stags and the "spinsters" get a room each to freshen up!! And move out to Naval Bagh!! Nothing much was left for us though.......... except the lunch. So, what with lunch done........ The dance troupe of Pune (fellow colleagues) moved out for their dress change and venue check (and stuff like that). Incidentally, the evening venue was different. This time it was Saina Resort, about 2-3 k ahead. And the rest of the gang simply lounged around!! Will never forget the smell of fish their....... remembered it from my childhood days...... ewwww!!!

Saina Resort - Aaja nachle!!

The evening promised to be nothing but full of dances. Interspersed with some award ceremonies :D. I'll skip the awards and head for the dance shows......... First on stage was the team from Mahape. They did some sort of a tribal dance sequence, couldn't make out much of it!! Next on stage was "Aamchya pune office cha dance troupe". Now this was a performance to watch out for. The girls troop in to the tunes of Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps". No comments on that ;). Next the boys with "Bebo" (heard that for the first time!!), and finally all of them on stage for Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie"........ And well.... not a single hip was lying then.... they all wanted to dance!! :) And finally The SEEPZ guys with a stupendous rendition of the title song of Omkara - which was primarily classical (close to the tandav nritya!!). And finally nach baliye begins!!
The couples were too good.......... We saw them grooving away to "Say Na", "Dil mein baji guitar", "pyar ki yeh kahaani sunoh" and a few medleys!! In short awesome chemistry, great moves............ the mood was set!! And then the DJ set in with some really groovy music........Wild dancing and a sumptuous dinner later, at about 2300 hrs, the singles club members set for their hotel at Powai.........

6th May - Some rest and sleep

0100 hrs: Finally checked into the room. What a sleepy journey....... and slow too!! Arghhh............ I was ready to kill the driver!! Anyways, took a nice bath..... caught up a few calls (kept them really short for a change!!) and crashed into a dreamless sleep. Its been a long day!! Have to wake up early for the buffet breakfast.
1100 hrs: I just open my eyes, and was shocked to find no one in the room!! "Huh!! What happened??" Checked my watch!! "Crap!! Missed breakfast!!" Couldn't help but recollect my hostel days when I would invariably miss the "good" breakfasts by oversleeping!! (More of that in some other post). Anyways, with my sleep having scurried away to god knows which remote corner, what with my hunger pangs setting in, I set about for a leisurely bath... and then some coffee and the morning paper!! Ah!! Princely state of affairs, don't you think?? hehe......Through with coffee and the newspaper, I decided to check out the hotel facilities and headed for the recreation room. And found an old sweetheart there - Snooker!! Soon enough found a partner in Sunil, and got on to a couple of games of snooker, which we had to drop in the end and rush for lunch............. we were too engrossed in it!!

Catching up

While doing all this, I happened to chance across a senior of mine from college. Was pleasantly surprised. They were putting up in the same hotel coz of some training of theirs. It really was good catching up with her!!

SRPF grounds

1800 hrs: Just reached there, the sun still blazing on our heads....... I had chosen to go for a jacket tie affair for the formal dress code show..... IN the end the tie remained tucked in my jacket, while the jacket only got a chance to grace me when the sun went down, the breeze was a bit cooler!! The awards were on.............. This time, C# - the official music band performed and regaled the audience with some really superb tracks. The finals of Nach Baliye followed......... keenly fought...... the deserving couple took away the prize. And then....... SILENCE on stage as teh crowd tucked in to delicious food laid out in front of them.
2030 hrs: "Yaaron dosti............" Someone started crooning on stage. Yes, folks........ KK just announced his entry!! Drop the food, its time for some real music........ From then till about 2200 hrs, he mesmerised the entire crowd with his melodious voice and even more enchanting songs!! It was bliss!!From there back to the hotel. Crash and sleep......... for we had an early start the next day for Pune!! Runtime 2007 had come to an end.

Met up with old friends, guess earned a few friends......... enjoyed, freaked out....... Did it all....... In short was a good break!! A hectic but fun filled vacation!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Yeah!! That's what I feel like yelling from the top of my voice right now!! I mean, here I am in office at 7 in the evening, trying to get some work done, and all that I have managed to do is to read nothing but blogs.. do some orkutting!!
Had a great weekend..... loadsa travel, fun with friends, did some catching up old friends (was in Mumbai), met up with new people, enjoyed a live performance by KK (for the uninitiated KK is among the more popular singers of India!!) - all this at the expense of my employers. Returned on Monday afternoon to Pune..... crashed in straight at office..... had a productive evening!!
Guess I should have been in high spirits today... and really been firing on all cylinders.... but strangely enough it's just the opposite!! I mean, all that I wanna do today is sleep........ no matter what I try.... I am totally out of focus!! Wonder why its so??
Guess, I 'll call it a day, go back home and sleep of this pathetic frame of mind!!
Till then see ya....
Oh yes!! The other part of Ijaazat and an account of the weekend in Mumbai is due next so stay tuned...

Ijaazat (Permission) - an Incomplete Story (contd.)

My story takes place on hot summer evening. It was a holiday or a Sunday. I really can’t remember that. U know it was so long ago. Oh! By the way let me introduce myself. I’m Aditya Roy, 35, presently working in an MNC. Or should I say was. Because you see I gave in my resignation a week back and they haven’t got back to me to yet. So really, I don’t know my status – employed or unemployed. The only thing that I can say is that right now I am nestled in a cottage in the Himalayas, far away from the rush of a city and just close enough to civilization to satisfy my basic needs. In fact, if right now you are wondering as to what my present has to do with that fateful summer evening, the truth is - everything. You see it was on that evening that a major chapter of life finished. A part of me died. Though I never realized it until it was too late.

My wife’s name was Sulakshana. A pretty name and very Bengali. But then, I knew her since my college days. I was a student of English (Hons.) in a Calcutta college. She was a year junior to me, in the department of History. We met during the rehearsals of a college play for some inter-college fest. It was in the year 1997. We hit off immediately. Life was then full of vision, full of eagerness. And it all seemed possible because one of the most perfect ladies ever created by the God Almighty was with me. Our relation blossomed and finally we married, when I was 26. Life seemed to be very pleased with me then. I started getting plum projects for my firm. I performed beyond expectations; my success egged me on towards new challenges. I excelled. It was all too good last. I had everything in life that a man could want. I had a successful career, a wonderful social status, a beautiful and loving wife. Things were perfect or so it seemed to me then.

By this time 4 blissful years of marriage had already passed by. On that fateful evening I was reading a newspaper as was my habit. Then came a phone call for my wife. It was from someone I didn’t know. Maybe someone from the college days. I dismissed the matter from my mind. A few minutes later she announced that she had to go out. I agreed and was about to get ready to drop her off, when she told me that she would like to go on her own. I was surprised. This was a definite deviation from her predictable behavior. Usually when I was home I used to chauffeur her around, which I must say wasn’t very often. It was quite obvious that whatever the reason it must be due that call. “The Call”. She left in her car. Unable to bear the tension I decided to tail her. That was the first mistake I should have trusted her. I didn’t!! I still don’t know why? But I didn’t.
This is where I lost track.... Any ideas??

Ijaazat (Permission) -- An Incomplete Story!!

Yes, this is an incomplete story..... And till date I'm yet to figure out how to go ahead with this. SO all you people out there... I'm waiting for your suggestions!!
Agar tum ijazaat do to,
Phir tumhare sapno se tarashu,
Koi naya Taj Mahal;
Sile hotho se tumhare ,
Chura lu koi nayi gazal;
Nashile un nigaho se,
Chalka du phir madhoshi ka vo jaam;
Agar tum keh do to,
Phir se likhu pyaar ka,
Koi naya paigam;
Chand ko mei phir se bulao,
Aur savaru tumhe.
Agar tum hidayat do to,
Mei tumhe phirse vahi,
Geet sunau;
Mei phirse tumhe apna,
Pyaar jatau.
Agar tum ijazaat do to.

Hi there,
I wonder what made you read this far. Probably u found the text at the start of this page quite intriguing. Well I really can’t say much abt that coz I wrote that myself. But then this page and whatever is going to be written in the next few pages is going to be written by me. The setting of my story is a beautiful evening in the “City of Joy”. For the uninitiated I’m talking abt Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta. Our story revolves around two people who despite having once shared a deep love for each other have in the course of years forgotten how it really was to feel for, and pine for each others love. It reflects what a fast paced life, engrossed in a career can do to your relationships. It’s a story abt us, the new age individuals who have forgotten the meaning of being human. Well enough said abt the story. I can see u r getting impatient over there. Let’s read and find out how much do we identify ourselves with them? Where does that one evening take them? Is that evening going to come in our lives too? Read on…..
(to be continued....)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Back to Kindergarten!!

Hmmm....... thinking what this is all about??
It's about two 20+ guys, who were suddenly transported back to the days when they were kids. A time when they didn't have any worry in the world...... could laugh adn play as they felt like, could roll in the grass, could.......... Forget it!! Allow me to recall that moment for you.......

It was one fine evening, after out work hours that Sam and Neal had to rush off to a birthday party. Yeah!! One thrown during the week...... The two chaps, sped all the way from Gold Adlabs, Kalyani Nagar to Bavdhan Chowpatty, Chandni Chowk (those aware of Pune would know how far this spot is!!). Anyway, what with the party breaking up shortly after midnight (thanks to their professional commitments!!).... Sam and Neal decided to meet up a very good friend of theirs, whose residential area they would be passing by on their way back.........
0100 hrs, a sports bike zooms into the society.... The friend comes around (from her flat, if you haven't figured it out.).... and is then promptly sent back to fetch a bottle of water..........

Meanwhile, a glance at the kid's park, transports these two youngsters 20 yrs back in time...... A time warp enveloped them as they proceeded to the Slide, the Swing and then the See-Saw........ Poor friend....... when she comes back all that she sees is that two guys laughing away to glory and, if I may add, innocently as they went up and down on the see-saw.......... She was in half a mind to call the security to escort to mentally retarded youth to their rightful place....

Here comes the question. How many times do you actually indulge in such activities which take you back to days when you were really innocent??

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


ummm........wondering what Sam would be talking about now?? Let me enlighten you right now, before you surge ahead...... It's about the beautiful things in life, things that you cherish which can be gone in no time...... the reason can be anything!! Interested?? Well then.....carry on reading!!
To be honest, it's Kuntal's post Gone in Few Seconds that got me thinking about it!!
Let's dig further......... You are enjoying life right now, you have everything that you wanted..... a good career, a dream partner, a good social status.... life couldn't have blessed you more.....
You are driving along the highway...... You hear a crash.... A loud noise..... Realise something is hurtling at you in high speed.... and before you realise.... your world is dark..... A few moments..... And everything is gone!! You have to regain it again, should you be stable enough for that!!
You love someone..... i mean like totally into it..... And then something happens..... She gets hurt..... You talk..... but she says it's all over!! Gone......... a few moments, a conversation and something beautiful that you both cherished has been condemned to the pages of history!!
You love to play...... say lawn tennis..... you are playing it!! You take a running down-the-line forehand...... as you turn you fall........ you have twisted your knee......... A freak accident..... You recover but at a price..... you cannot play tennis again!! Gone........ a few freaky moments!! Your mind still plays whenever it sees the court and a set of people on it..... but the body cannot support the mind anymore!!
Life changes............. when things you love and cherish, are gone in a few freaky moments......
You can choose to be morose about for the rest of your life, or choose to fight it out..........
Live you life..... The world is dark, but can you not hear. smell and feel!! You can..... She called it off, can you not try and save it... may be for the last time......... You cannot play tennis, can you not inspire others take up this game with passion.....
You can.........
The power is yours............ Rise from the ashes..... Or get blown away by the wind!!
I choose to rise from the ashes, what about you???