Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goin' Crazy

In all honesty... I think this is the umpteenth post I'm typing out!! The difference from the previous ones being this has no theme, like as of now I'm writing this one just cause I want to.... no other reason!! Nopes!!
I mean, I've tried writing something about life in general, not mine but one which looks at things a bit philosophically, a poem (fell flat.. honestly horrible!!), a short story... (couldn't understand the crap myself after a few minutes.... scrap it!!).
I tried to get some work done... again that bombed.. can't concentrate on anything.. tried gossipping with a few.. even that failed. I mean, is this what people meant by Torrid Tuesday or something like that??
So, there I am very much in a mood to bunk work (just like college.. :D), and saunter down to the nearest bookstore.. grab the latest Jhumpa Lahiri novel... sneak in at CCD, order a Cool Blue or a Kaapi Nirvana and simple while the noon away with the book. Too nice to be true on a working day... sheesh!!!
And the thing that is driving me crazy is the burns that I have in my mouth.... I mean, the doc said it would be an extraction. I was pretty cool about it. But then things had to go wrong.. and I ended up with burns (due to the dentist's drill). The result is such that, I want to eat, I need to eat (am hungry!! :( ) but then, I fear having something as basic as water as it hurts. But then, am managing.... just a tad bit hungry, that's all!! And then there was this party on Sunday amongst friends where we got together to celebrate the Bengali New Year. There was food, drinks, music... and all I could do was talk a little (even that's a pain!!), sing a lil... (damn!!), hardly eat anything.... and drink only Sprite.. coz that has least soda and thus would hurt the least!!

That makes me wonder, here I am who has no option but to restrict his intake despite having the position to get anything he desires, and I'm going crazy with hunger. How do those who do not have the privilege to decide whether they can eat or not tolerate this inhuman state of the body? As a kid, I was often told about the famine struck conditions of East Africa. I wonder how they deal with this? I wonder how people who don't have an option on what they do, deal with that helplessness? From where to they draw their strength to accept the fate that they have and still try and live a happy life out of it? I mean, that kid on the street who isn't sure about his two square meals is perhaps happier than I am. Or is it that the grass seems to be greener on the other side.
Happiness is relative. In that case, what is happiness?? How do you attain it?? It's all so confusing isn't it??
Allow me to take your leave, have a few medicines to take. Ciao!!!

PS: This just came in.. The Mumbai Bloggers Meet scheduled for the 20th has just been postponed to the 27th for lack of proper venue. Anyone who knows of a centrally located, easily accessible, indoor venue in Mumbai which can seat about a 100 bloggers at one go, please contact the Indiblogger team ASAP!!

Some humour:
Theory is when you know something, but it doesn't work.
Practice is when something works, but you don't know why it works.
Programmers combine Theory and Practice: Nothing works and they don't know why.


Anonymous said...

Darn, the meet got postponed. damit.

that apart this is one phase of ur life i cud relate to. i was precisely like this few days back. hwen nothing was going right, everything fall back, everything that cud go wrong did horribly go wrong, but then i hang around and things became better if not totally besht.

so just hang in dude. and where r bengali new year sweets ?

Sam said...

yup... by talking as less as possible.. :P
btw, bengali sweets?? fair enuf.. come arnd to pune.. i'll treat u to as many as u lyk...

Anonymous said...

10 kgs !!! chalega ?

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Awww...u ok now sammy boy...n btw SUBHO NABO BARSHO TO U ...sprite zindabad baki all bakwas ;) and the humor got me off my chair..coz my exams coming rite up :) happiness for me is ummm hmmm reading mr intellectual's posts ;) just hang on re things will b ok..and about the crazy thingie well v al r born crazy n die crazy..thts us..beings of an equaly crazy world hehe...and do take ur meds intime take care buds
@ enigma
poor ol sammy boy first let him get tht thingie ok..u come over to kolkata till then..bt 10kgs err err lemme try ;) most welcome hehe...n sam u too welcome but once u get tht thingie fixed ok .. ;)

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

lolz... i like this post because it has no theme... i like it that you just as things came to you... and i like it that you want to bunk work... sigh... i wish i could bunk exams... [:P] and yes, the grass always seems greener on the other side... so no illusions there... just hang in there sam...

love the humor section btw... its true for arts students as well... none of our answers work though the theory is there and the practice never helps...

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

p.s - "i like it that you wrote just as things came to you"***

Sam said...

@enigma: bindaas!! tussi aao to sahi!!

@mads: thnx mads.. am taking as much care as possible!!

@bubbles: thnx :)

Ps said...

This psot reminded me of the time I had typhoid and was admitted in the hosp.Couldnt eat any real food for months.
Hope u feel better soon.
Yes i heard abt the mumbai meet venue--I'm asking around too.

Pri said...

ahaa..the pursuit of happiness is a neverending task isnt it? :)
as for the burns, wch idiotic dentist did u go to?? :-/

thanks for informing us about the postponement...
am quite surprised there is a lack of proper venue in a place like mumbai :o

P.S: how about posting the attempts at poetry and the story too...probably we would make much more sense of it than you :p

Keshi said...

TC Sam! Sue ur dentist pls.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

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Anonymous said...


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Sam said...

@ps: gosh!! dat's quite sometime...
anywyz, i won't b able to make it on 27th though... working saturday!! :(

@pri: oye.. d dentist is good... the problem was the tooth was too deep and wedged between another tooth and the entire mandible nerve bunch... so, the poor fellow to break the tooth into pieces before taking it out.. and dats how the drill ended generating too much heat to cause the burns!!

Sam said...

@keshi: suing is sucha remote option here in india... if i cud i wud haev done so 8 yrs ago.. teh doc responsible for a botched up RCT which resulted in the rest of teh tooth getting infected and all!!

@mel: i'll surely look into this.

@chef: dats interesting!! wil chk up on u..

Pri said...

@ sam
why do u have to have such complicated teeth???? :-/

solo said...

poor u!
eat ice cream..i think tht helps!

Keshi said...

omg if this happened in Aus, it wud make u rich.


Satish Bolla said...

hahahaha, u went crazy now??? man, i feel crazy as soon as i reach office everyday. all the bets with ur mouth. get well soon.
post abt the mumbai bloggers meet soon

Sam said...

@pri: hehe.. dats wot the doc asked too!! :P

@solo: oh had loads of it... nad dis time no one cud say a word on dat.. ;)

@keshi: i knw... now stop rubbing it in!! :(

@satish: dunno abt teh bloggers meet!! no news on that count... lets c wot crops up!!

Vandita said...

i loved the humor bit... just how my life is ... perfect description!
dentist ke drills se burns?? oh lord how're u now sam... i can barely manage a tiny blister in my mouth and uve got burns!
get better real soon so u can eat whatever u want :)
take care...