Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the pressure mounts...

Well... much water has flown under the bridge since the last post which was again not quite current in its recording of events. However, much as I might try capturing the past 5 weeks mayn't be possible but then the thinking hat is on to get matter up to speed as of today.

The Initial Rush - The Adrenaline

It was deja vu for me. I was again a student. Though the expectations were set for us and the cold air did hit me on the face when I stepped out, somehow I was yet to accept deep down that I am in London, at a Business School with one the best Universities in the world. I was again a student. The future was again uncertain.

Getting back to business the first week started off with classes in Accounts, Economics and Informatics. Off all these, Informatics was arguably my favourite. It probably had more to do with the fact that I knew a lot about what was being talked about and come across practical examples of them in my short career in the IT industry. Apart the lecturer surely made the class very very engaging, much to my delight. You listen, you question you learn. Just the right mix. With other subjects, it was more of apprehension about taking up a new subject and how would hte self fare in them starting from a grasp to the implementation. Much ado about nothing?? Or was this just the start of the show??

It was around then I get an invitation to attend a birthday bash for someone over the weekend. Splendid. And that's how I came to meet many a faces from the Indians In London. Well, this group deserves a special mention in my chronicles but now, is not the time. Som with IIL, I ewrapped up the week with a delicious meal at Khan's, an excellent restaurant on Westbourne Grove, Bayswater (Central Line)

The heat is one babay!! And so is Greenwich.

A new week brought in with it the splendid news of performing case studies in Informatics and Economics. This was a group activity, meaning you could afford to relax a little or may fret?? Well, I certainly am licky, as it meant I could relax, because thankfully my group has got people who are committed and believe in getting the work done. Oh, and we had Economics test on the 31st. A mundane time carried the mind along as the week drew to a close.

And that's what I was looking foward too. Saturday meant a day trip to Greenwich. Greenwich has always meant Prime Meridian to us probably since primary school. It kicked off with a great boat ride on the Thames from Westminister pier to Greenwich Pier. That was a cool ride, as one travelled past some of London's landmarks like the London Bridge, The Globe, St. Paul's, Tate Modern, Canary Wharf to finally arrive at the pier off the Royal Maritime Musuem at Greenwich. After a trip to the Royal Observatory and some lunch we realised that we were awfully short of time and thus decided to let Greenwich be for some other day and headed off towards Ealing Broadway. (So, presumably a detailed post on Greenwich can be expected.)

But then, when its a group of youngsters nothing can be definite. While on the tube to Ealing Broadway, a sudden plan and decision saw us getting of at Oxford Street to get a feel of London shopping by evening/night. What followed was a few hours at Oxford Street (though we covered probably only a mile in that) during which some people did real shopping the rest happy to soak in the vibe. Exhausted and wanting for a good meal, the troop headed out to Khan's (I was happy to coax them into this. I had to have the keema naan again!!) And then, a ride back to bed and let the Sunday breeze by.

Here comes the BIG Daddy and a White Diwali

What a week!! There I was rushing about to gather stuff to study for the test and the test kept drawing itself closer to me, till I found myself in the examination hall. 20 minutes and I was done. That's all!! Meanwhile, I realised how out of groove I was as a student, for when it came down to the crunch I couldn't study with the same intensity as I could a few years ago. Was I growing old or was it lack of practise. I dunno... but I better pull up my socks.

Meanwhile Diwali (The festival of lights) went by, which was surprisingly white this year as it snowed in London in the month of October after 74 years the last time being in 1934.

Informatics rule the senses

Yes!! That's how the next two weeks breezed by as the Informatics case study report submission approached it's deadline. Along with it the subjects too drew to a close. Time for some new subjects and new schedule. And hopefully, I would be able to pull my socks this time on time!!

B-school is tough, but you would love the challenge!!


Phoenix said...

wow white diwali... sounds beautiful.. why dont you put up some pics sam da... ami tomay link korlam ok???

ad libber said...

I do not mean to sound selfish or anything, but you have Economics, and you will obviously hate it since the subject is detestable. But please dont crib over it :( I have sort of made it my forte.

BTW, never got around to say it, congratulations :)

Keshi said...

Diwali with snow? WOW! :)

Enjoy ur study program too!


shooting star said...

hey sam!!
great to know ur having such an interesting time there!!!
will keep coming back here for more updates...
have a wonderful year ahead!!

Sumit said...

@phoenix: sure shot!! but diwali'r shomoy i didn't have a camera, so no pics... am sorry!!

@ad libber: i wud say i mite have made good of dat subject save for that terrible woman who teaches us.. arghh!! i hate her...

@keshi: oh well.. am doing well with the studies, don't worry abt dat!! :P

@shooting star: thnx SS.. will update this space shortly :)

Keshi said...

hey Sam HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya! :)