Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Last Love Letter!!

Pulled from one of my last works in college days this one is inspired by one of my friends heartbroken state a few summers ago!!

There was a time when we used to spend a lot of time together. We used to share so many thoughts. So many unspoken words were said - questions asked, answers given. There was a time when we trusted each other blindly, with everything that we had. But, what went wrong between us? Was it something I said? or something I did? Or rather something I didn't say or do? Honestly, I don't know.
Yet today I need those answers, even as we stand far apart. I need those answers to write the last words of a chapter of my life. The chapter which i cherish and love above all other chapters till date..... the chapter which gave me both plasure and pain, took me to heaven and to hell..... the chapter which taught me to enjoy life like never before, appreciate every moment spent breathin, spent....... with you.
Will you meet me? may be for the last time ever, but will you??
Heartbroken Romeo

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank You Mom!!

Wrote this one many summers ago......


I never knew what brought me here,
Looks as if somebody had led me on….
The world was left far behind
With all it’s grace.
I was thinking did you bring me here,
Words fail me as I say “Thank You”.
To you mom, who gave me, what I wanted….
A world of my own….

As I walked down memory lane,
I see a toddler, his arms held high
To touch and feel the softness
And care, called mother.
The child had a smile
The grateful smile, that one embraces
When one sees an angel
Thank you mom, for telling me how to walk….

Care is what I learned from you,
Love is what I saw in you,
Grace is what you gave me,
Honesty is what you made me believe in.
As I stepped in teens,
Now I know how they are needed…
They make you feel wanted,
And they give you the joy of the world,
Thank you mom, for teaching me the truth of life….

So far so good
I made me way through all the times
‘Cause you were there
Ready to hold me when I stumble
Ready to pep me when I falter
It’s you, on whom I can rely
It’s you, whom I can respect.

Thank you, mother, you taught me
The truth of life…. to walk in life.
You taught me the finer skills….
I owe everything that’s fine in me…
To you.
Thank you mom, for whatever you did…
To me, for me… Thank you Mom!!


Had written this article after completing a year in my first and current job!! Hope it makes for a good read!!

“Aankhon mein sapne liye, ghar se hum chal to diye; Jaane ye raahe ab le jaayengi kaha…” - opening lines of the song “Tanha Dil” by Shaan

A little more than a year ago when I stepped out of my home and boarded the train to Mumbai from Kolkata, unknown to myself I was singing this song. A few days later as I stepped into the office of Mastek, as programmer trainee, I was again reminded of this song. That day, the 15th of September, 2005, I was taking my first steps into the corporate world. As I stepped into the training room, I saw 19 more faces all having a mix of apprehension, fear and joy written over their face. For a moment I was transported back to my first day at college the atmosphere was the same, only the stage was different. And the song seemed to be so true!!

This band of 20 youngsters, came be known as “Amigos” in due course of time. And true to their name, they are a group of Amigos. The first few days were spent in knowing each other, forming bonds unknowingly; knitting together a yarn of memories which we would yearn for later on. I still remember the first day when we had to introduce ourselves; it had to be in a group and each group with its own style. The next day, was when we had go through another round of introduction, but with a twist. We had to introduce someone else, and not ourselves!! That session saw, people coming up with really brilliant ideas defining the other person’s likes, dislikes, abilities, hobbies. Some names too were mispronounced. But we came to know each other well. Amidst a whole lot of jest and fun, we started our days of training. As a month flew by, our first evaluations turned up. The tension in the air can only be imagined. People working nights to provide finishing touches to their projects, while some where providing the weirdest data possible (e.g. “Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah!!”) in the hope that their applications worked. Finally the evaluations were done with, and the Amigos were ready to move in for fun at top gear. And thus continued a life akin to the one led a few months back.

Time, rolled by and one day the news of batch split up came along. Saddening though it was for us, we took it in our best spirits. Half of us were sent off to Mumbai and the rest to stay back in Pune. The training days though were not over yet, still two more months to go. The journey continued!! Gradually we were being exposed to the demands of the industry we were now a member of. The transition process was in place since the first day, but now it was more pronounced. As training drew to a close, we were now gripped with the fact of placement in a project. Still, the spirit remained. Months have gone by, all of us are now in their respective projects; the group lunches hardly take place now – some are at Pune, some at Mahape, and some at SEEPZ but at our heart we remain what we were all along – “Amigos”.

Those are the days I personally would love to relive again and again. Every day is still fresh in the mind, but I’m afraid cannot be put to words. They are memories to be cherished and to be browsed through whenever we want to feel the presence of the other 19. The journey has been a memorable one for Amigos, a journey that gifted us friends for life and memories to cherish forever.

Have I said everything? I’m afraid no. A lot still remains to be said, rather hardly has anything been mentioned here, but then let that be for someone’s autobiography, if ever one comes along. Till then…….



Friday, February 16, 2007

Friendaholic or Orkutaholic??

I dare say, a recent comment by a friend forced me to look up this matter: Friendaholic or Orkutaholic??

Well, quite a nice point to ponder over, given the number of hours I do spend on orkut, or as the popular terminology now says "Orkutting". Well, its like this in an average week, I spend over 30 hours on this social networking website. And I do interact with a whgole lot of my friends, certain communities where I find like minded people. But then, why so many hours?? Guess I am addicted to orkut. Couldn't help it..... Bordeom has its casualties!! So guess I can qualify to be an Orkutaholic!!

And now for the other part: Friendaholic.... Hmmm.......... Now that's an interesting point. You see, if I live up to my name, then obviously I would be one, but the point is am I one?? Let's analyze.
I manage to stay in contact with most of my f riends. On any given day I spend close to 3 hrs on the phone chatting up with my friends. They manage to catch me online too. All that I need to do is login and lie around quietly, they'll surely turn up!! Once the weekends start, I am rarely found at my humble abode. Always out on the streets with this crazy group of friends and end up travelling across Pune just like that. come to think of it, can't think of a day which I have spent without being in touch with a single friend.
Is that enough for me to qualify as a Friendaholic?? May be does!!

Enough, looking within.... Time for a break!!