Friday, October 03, 2008


As I stare out of the window of the jet into the apparently cold and foggy city from above, I realised I’ve finally arrived. After lots of preparation and grinding I’ve arrived in the city I wanted to visit ever since I was a kid. Going through the immigration I realised I might be doing this a lot for the next few decades may be, for given the career I wanted globe-trotting could be a major part of the deal. A cab ride through the beautiful landscape of Heathrow brought me to Ealing where I would be putting up for the night before I get to move into the halls tomorrow morning. Eager to scope out the land I stepped out into the streets as soon as I could to check out the distance to the tube and the halls timing my walk all the way. I know being a first timer it might sound ridiculous as most would expect me to be in tourist mode for a couple of days, but I prefer getting down to business as soon as possible. Nice neighbourhood, pretty quiet!! The walk past the South Ealing cemetery is spooky towards the evening. And I would be taking that every day for the next one year. Getting creepy, eh??

Anyhow, time for some fish ‘n chips, a movie and then a good night’s rest. Hopefully my body would adjust to the UK time zone soon enough.



Phoenix said...

OMG u live near a cemetery... is that scary or what???

Sumit said...

not really!! trust me...