Wednesday, August 22, 2012


She has been wearing black for long!
The seasons have changed,
The hairs have grayed,
Dances denied,
Rules not defied,
Desires thwarted,
A trot, a hop, a skip,
Bring the colours out,
She has been wearing black too long!!

She wore colours once,
Ribbons and flowers adorned her,
Laughter ruled,
Carefree was existence,
Strong arms to break the fall,
Soft shoulders to rest on,
A tender touch to allay fears,
She was a daughter once,
She wore colours once!!

She graced the floor long ago,
With elegance she waltzed,
Hearts set racing,
Songs sung to serenade,
A shy smile,
A sly glance,
Holding hands, promises made,
Dazzling white and Vows exchanged,
She graced the floor long ago!!