Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting for a change!!

Well.. a few days back I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine, who has been a silent reader of my blog from just about the day it was born. An observation from was that posts on my blog come in few and far in between, whereas earlier I could churn out a post at least once in two days (I can't right about the daily grind... find it too mundane and its not my style!!). Well, I stepped back and started observing a the changes, went through my posts, when they were posted, could I recollect anything from that phase. The thread that ran right through was "Change". Yup!! You heard that right.. change!!

For the past one year, I have been slogging off for certain changes to the otherwise monotonous life. At times the show gets too hectic for me (physically/mentally) to actually sit down and pen my thoughts. Believe me when I say, that there were zillions of thoughts that ran through my head during those days. They still do. The absence of a laptop has been acutely felt. To rely solely on work resources leave with the disadvantage of squeezing out time from work. And finally when you through, you just want to get out of that chair and walk out that door. So, when does Sam blog?? Well, there are some days when I do have the option to sit back and relax. Of late, such days have been coming around very rarely. A professional hazard?? I wouldn't know. Oh and in case anyone of you has the bright idea to suggest me about buying a laptop, lemme tell you, what with property purchase, monthly EMIs, application costs (for masters - am still paying of the credit cards for that!!) am almost broke!! So, a laptop cannot be bought unless my employer grants me at least a 25% pay hike or I change into a company which would offer me a salary closer to 7 figures a year. So that rests the case of a laptop.

Anywyz, we are digressing aren't we?? As this confused soul tries hard to climb the Maslow hierarchy, he realises that each passing day his mind is getting clouded with more and more of thoughts regarding the..... future!! Can you believe that??? Anyhow, that's how the score stands. Now that, I'm almost set. And the change seems to be on the anvil now, I do feel a bit elated. Finally, I would be able to put in papers and get off the show. When I look back I realise I lost interest in my current job a year back. Should have called quits then, but I dragged on. That was a mistake, one I'm not going to repeat again. It is likely, I'd be on and off blogging for a few more months till things settle down around me... till then ciao!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Make it large.... no! make it a Patiala!!

Make it large.... no! make it a Patiala!!
It's my life and I'm living it up!!

Alright, if you know me well enough you might've guessed that this is not about drinking but something beyond that. Honestly, the title has little or nothing to do with the contents of the post. I just needed a title and well while commenting on Scout's blog I coined up this phrase... and thus from now on this very minute, I claim copyright on that. Do remember to pay your royalties. Only GBP accepted!! Why, if you may ask, let me tell you I need those!! Loads of them. I really can't say I'm digressing but then, I think I've had enough of blabbering about the title. Honestly, does anyone care two hoots about it?? I'll bet you your entire account the answer is nobody!! (This way I gain ;) )

I have been reading up a bit today.. blogs I mean and mostly I saw people writing about relationships (don't go by the blogroll... I read four times the blogs you see there!!) and frankly, they were either breaking up, on the verge of it or just started. Well, that's nice. And then there was this story about a long-distance relationship. Going through all that stuff left me in a tizzy, I seriously had to chip in with my two cents on this. Frankly, you really gotta be in sync with the other person. And break-ups don't happen all of a sudden. There are signs, ways to pick up signals.. read them.. don;t be such a dunderhead!! being in love is ok.. in fact its great, but being stupid while at it is not. IMHO, if you are going to be that.... you are better off without love.. at least you won't suffer the heart-breaks and the associated after-maths. Fell in Love?? go ahead.. celebrate it!! It's a great thing!! Broke up?? Fair enough.... somethings are never meant to be. Don't get yourself low over it. It'll hurt for sometime. But then, you should be having friend around you to cushion your fall. And trust me with the right mix, you'll be living life with hope before the day is up!!

Anywyz, enough of relationships. Moving on to other stuff, I guess I'm finally going for my higher studies. But then, for that to happen this Gorkhaland nuisance has got to clear up, otherwise my transcripts would never reach the university and the offer would be withdrawn. As they say.. there are many a slip between the cup and the lip. Honestly, firstly the idiots at the my previous University take their own sweet time in releasing the extra transcripts I had asked. Had they stuck to the normal said routine of 2 weeks max, things would have been cool, I would have had the transcripts with me, with a copy on its way to my next University and I would have been applying for my visa by now. Instead, here I am waiting anxiously for the transcripts nad simply praying that the College gives me some extra rope. Bloody hell!!

Apart from that nothing much really.... except that I've realised never consider anything more important than your own self. You would end up giving undue powers to people to hurt in a manner you would never appreciate. And yeah, no matter what always keep around you friends who can support you the best when you need it. And be a support for them too!! :)

Alright now that I'm finished am off to make another Patiala peg.... would anyone care to join?? :D

PS: For the uninitiated, Patiala peg is larger than the regulation large peg and should measure about 90ml :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A dream!!

I spun them off hope,
I weaved them with passion,
I designed what you call…
A dream!!
I spent sleepless nights at it,
I worked days on end for it,
I built what you call…
A dream!!
I had faith in God for it,
I had believed I’d live it,
I prayed for what you call…
A dream!!

Gust of wind blew it apart,
Storm brewed and tossed it away,
Scattered lay what you call…
A dream!!
Torn to shreds it lay,
With lost identity it lay,
It was what you call…
A dream!!
The chances of growth thwarted,
The avenue if hope closed,
Fate played with what you call…
A dream!!

And yet faith glimmers,
And so does hope,
To rebuild what you call…
A dream!!
Different Avenue it might walk,
Stronger fabric it might weave,
But rise it will, what you call…
A dream!!
Passion will rebuild it,
Hope will support it,
Perseverance will sustain it,
Belief will bring it to existence,
What you call…
A dream!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back from the woods

My sincere apologies for disappearing without a warning of any kind whatsoever! As Solo rightly said, I desperately needed to show some signs of life. Anywyz, its been a pretty busy fortnight. Firstly I get this mail bang on Monday midnight that I’m to submit an academic reference for my higher studies within 14 days. (You got it right… I’m trying for higher studies… details, if and if only am going for sure!!). That would be the week before last. After nearly threatening my boss at point blank range by showing my career at stake, I got an entire week’s leave (last week). But then, if you are working you’ve got responsibilities, duties and you have to discharge them. So, poor Sam was slogging away like crazy to get things upto speed and leave things in a position where in his absence emergency should not be declared. Meanwhile, arrange for tickets. Now that was a shock!!
Normally, I make travel plans at least a month in advance, this helps one in getting flight tickets at a cheap rate (8000 INR is enough for a round trip). And in case the tickets do seem to be out of reach a bit you could always go for trains, which can be arranged conveniently. But then this time around I had about4 days to make arrangements. I had to fly to Kolkata, then travel all the way to Sikkim and back. And from there on another trip to distant city and finally be back in Pune by Monday noon. Got the flight tickets to Kolkata, but had to fly from Mumbai. That was Saturday. Sunday evening, I left for Siliguri from Kolkata in a sleeper bus (and I request to all, never travel in them!!) which were mighty uncomfortable and reached about 4 hours late throwing my plans out of gear!! 2 pm Monday, yours truly reached Sikkim and an hour later was at college. But to no avail. Have to come back the next day. Got the reco the next day and was off to Siliguri to catch a bus to Kolkata. Met a college friend and her would be fiancé, in Siliguri and was on my way to Kolkata. The bugger was again late…. This time it was 3 hours. Hmpf!!!! Tired and totally drained I slept and spent most of my time at home for the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, time was spent trying to arrange for travel and accommodation to the third destination. Was trying for train both ways but had to settle for a very expensive flight back to Pune, coz there were no train seats available. (Anybody going for Tatkal, please refrain from using the website as they simply refuse to connect when you need it the most!!). The trip to the third location a goof up about a few things and finally, on Monday morning I was back in Pune, tired with all that travel, sad for the goof ups and overall glad that I at least got around to doing what I had set out to do!!
And in short was the account of my absence from blogsville for such a prolonged period!! Now, I’m back from the woods and ready to take on some work!!