Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Shift

I got to shift into the halls today - Clayponds it is at South Ealing. A quite place to be honest! Saw loads of students moving in with each carrying quite a few bags. A walk to the flat revealed the inner parts of the student village and somehow I started liking the place, not that I had much of an option. But it was good. On the way, I had this strange inkling that I would end up a view of the cemetery and sure enough I had a room overlooking the cemetery. The view though is priceless. For want of a good camera I cannot capture the same.

All set in my room, I set about unpacking and the first thing I did was get the laptop out and set it up with the internet. And then I was stuck!!! Presumably so, I might add. Finally hurried along and got the unpacking done and then took a shuttle to the Tesco at Oysterley Park. A couple of trips and I had almost all that I needed. Later in the evening was a welcoming party which I must I was glad I attended. I met quite a few people who till date were mere Ids on the net. Time at Clayponds is going to rock I’m sure!!

It’s time for a nap now!! Ciao....

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