Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Almost Single

After another mundane day at work, I really wanted to chill out and while my time away. So, I hopped across to the nearest Crossword and after ambling across its aisles for like hours, I decided on a few books (Yes, I'm a compulsive book-shopper and books are my therapy). One of these was "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala. I went through the back cover and it seemed promising. I flipped open to sneak into the plot and it was more to form an opinion about the author's ability and making sure it just wasn't any other book. I must say I wasn't dissappointed.

This is what the back cover read:

“Wickedly irreverent and laugh aloud funny, Almost Single is a delightful romp through the five star world of champagne brunches, gay soirees, and the dilemmas of hip, young girls on the look out for love and matrimony”

That and a realistic, in your face kind of introduction of the female protagonist, Aisha Bhatia, hooks me to the book.

The book takes you through the trials and tribulations a single, unmarried woman in her late twenties might go through. In between there is a sneak peek into the lives that others lead around Aisha: from her gay friend to her divorced friend, a love crazy but vengeful friend to the irritating boss. And then there were a more characters. Read to find out more as Aisha embarks on her journey to find a groom with her friends and comes across all sorts of people.

The best part about the novel is the ease with which the characters unfold and present themselves, neither would it make you feel alienated from them. On the contrary you might just know exactly what they are talking about. The laughter riot in the book can leave you chuckling for days on. Full marks to Advaita for portraying such real life characters with a distinct style and elan which would leave many readers pining for more. The way the novel ends is unpredictable, a touch unconventional, rebellious to the more tradition oriented and yet funny. Tingles you mind for comedy as well as romanticism.

Go read it!!

Published in July, 2007, I wonder what made me buy this book so late in the day!!
You can also read Advaita at her blog:


Anonymous said...

thats a good book, i hv read it

Keshi said...

interesting. I might really like this one. :)

tnxx Sam!


Solitaire said...

What are you seeking therapy for?
come tell me on Short and Sweet today!

Sam said...


thnx for shairng ur view!!


go grab a copy!! fast.. :)


therapy??? me???
wot for??

Pri said...

*yawn* i could just flip back the pages of my diary instead ;)

ok jokes apart, i think il'l catch up on this...

solo said...

i shall read it then.. u make it sound interesting.. bt if i dun like it, i demand u to refund the amount i spend on zee book!

Sam said...

@pri: really??? didn't know you were that old!!! :P

@solo: thou shalt buy ze book.. and thou shalt read it.. preach what thou learneth from ze book.. and if ye did not like it.. i shalt recommend thee to a pot of the sternest material!! :D

you will like it.. a bit girly though!!

Vandita said...

i know im gonna love it but i still havent picked it up... next time i win the tambola i know what to buy :P