Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A game of 8...

Tagged aeons ago by Pri and recently by Solitaire, I decided to go for it finally. The tag makes me list out 8 stuff based on different criterias... So here I go now... you can munch on you popcorns now!!!

8 things I am passionate about...
My guitar
My Blogs
Figuring out people for what they are

8 things I want to do before I die...

Own a Maybach
Tour the world, esp. Italy, France, Greece and Egypt
Be an
author of note
Be a rockstar
Be a chef par excellence
Achieve all the which I desire today
Help as many people as possible
Find a job which suits my abilities perfectly

8 things I say often...

What the hell!!
Get lost!!
Outta ur freakin' mind, are you??
What a ...... !!!
I hate it!!
That's the way I like it!!
Bloody hell!!

8 books I have read recently...
Unaccustomed Earth
The Last song of Dusk
Maximum City
Anything for you ma'am
That thing called love
Above Average
Kite Runner
The Witch of Portobello

8 songs I could listen to over and over again...
Neele neele ambar par
Wonderful Tonight
Kuch na kaho
Sili sili tapti raaton mein (dil kya kare)
Can't help falling in love
Musafir hoon yaaron
Hotel California
Winds of Change
November Rain
Don't cry
Civil War
Cats in the Cradle
Fade to Black
Nothing else matters
Sapnay (Ek pal) - Silk Route
Guncha koi - Mohit Chauhan
Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo
..... oops this is more than eight!! Well there are loads on my list!!!

8 things that attract me to my best friends...

Love for music
Understanding nature
Streaks of childishness
Their beauty
Their talents
Ability to help to me when I need it the most
Chatterboxes :)

8 people I think should do this tag...
The eigth person to comment!!!


Ashu said...

oh my unaccusotmed earth, superb book. i have just finished reading 1 story -- the title one, i m in love with JL s writings!!!!!

suppie supper!!!

Vinni said...

this is really doing the rounds now! nice one

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey sammy boy
i was plannin to tag lift this one thanks to u im officialy tagged for it yaye... :P
gud ones there... :) keep it going and one chatterbox for sure :D

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hahha.. cool tag :-)

Mez said...

Hmmmm okies eto

Solitaire said...

did u like this tag?

Pri said... u finally took up the tag eh?
nice song list u got there! :)

good work!

Vandita said...

i so liked seeing my name down there that i forgot abt everything i wanted to say :P
btw i looove ur song list :)
keep rockin sam :)

solo said...

i looove tage! new entry fo tlog!!! love ya! thankee!!

Macadamia The Nut said...

*Achieve all the which I desire today*

Lol! that's it. The other 7 is redundant ;)

Keshi said...

Sam u play the Guitar? WOW!


Sam said...

@ashu: i dunno... i didn't really appreciate the this book. there is a repetitive strain now in her stories.. the namesake was far better.. even intepreter of maladies (the short story) was better than these... i am dissappointed!!

@vinni: yeah i knw!! sometimes you gottta play along!!

@mads: and i shal for u to complete it!!

Sam said...

@raaji: thnx!! :)

@mez: thnx!! :)

@solitaire: i'm not sure on that.. but yes.. at certain points teh tag really made me think about a few things!!

Sam said...

@pri: thnx!!

@vands: did u realise that you are alos the eigth person on the list??

@solo: lol.. u r welcome!!

@mac: precisely so!! :)

@keshi: yup!! for quite sometime now... how do u think i impressed gini by staying 2000K away from her?? ;)