Thursday, June 12, 2008

A dream!!

I spun them off hope,
I weaved them with passion,
I designed what you call…
A dream!!
I spent sleepless nights at it,
I worked days on end for it,
I built what you call…
A dream!!
I had faith in God for it,
I had believed I’d live it,
I prayed for what you call…
A dream!!

Gust of wind blew it apart,
Storm brewed and tossed it away,
Scattered lay what you call…
A dream!!
Torn to shreds it lay,
With lost identity it lay,
It was what you call…
A dream!!
The chances of growth thwarted,
The avenue if hope closed,
Fate played with what you call…
A dream!!

And yet faith glimmers,
And so does hope,
To rebuild what you call…
A dream!!
Different Avenue it might walk,
Stronger fabric it might weave,
But rise it will, what you call…
A dream!!
Passion will rebuild it,
Hope will support it,
Perseverance will sustain it,
Belief will bring it to existence,
What you call…
A dream!!


UTP said...

thats pretty good actually...never stop dreaming or being afraid of dreaming....a dream is a start for anything beautiful in reality...

Macadamia The Nut said...

:(( I'm at the storm phase
It's difficult to see the faith glimmer... damn! I really need to remove my goggles
Lovely post.. and means a lot to me right now

Vandita said...

lovely string of meaningful words sam... and im sure ur dream will make its way back to existence :)

Sam said...


well said... the day you stop dreaming.. you stop living that's my opinion!!

Sam said...


u r alwys welcome!!
and take ur time.. teh faith will glimmer!!

Sam said...


thnx vands.. it means a lot to me!!

Keshi said...

i dun dream with expectations anymore. I just do my thing one DAY at a time.

Im loving life w.o. too many dreams..


Vandita said...

Mann aka Bubbles' new post
she asked me to drop the link to everyone on her blogroll

Sam said...

@keshi: that's an interesting way to dealing with situations!!

@vands: hey thnx.. have already checked that out!!

ranjana said...

a very beautiful poem .....good work

Aashi said...

nice job namesake.........pretty positive.but uv writtn far btr poems.

although i still luv the fact tht ur writings stil simple...

keep up....just hope ur poems r pennd @ the rate ur other posts r.. :)


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