Amidst all the rumblings, I suppose I forgot to tell you what the blog is all about. I must address the situation. Well, its a personal blog. Earlier it was just a personal blog which chronicled my thoughts and bouts of creativity (not worth much of a mention but still.... :)). I've had other frontiers as well, 'Live from the Cubicle' - which was an account of my experiences from work and 'London Chronicles' - which as the name suggests was meant to chronicle my time in London. However, with the passage of time I've realised it can be quite a pain to maintain 3 different blogs when all that they do is reflect one's thoughts and activities over a passage of time with not much of a particular theme and thus I merged them all into one - 'Thoughts of a Confused Mind'. I hope you have a nice time reading it, and perhaps relating to it too.


PS: The entries pertaining to the merged blogs can be tracked with the help of the labels. However, should you fail to do so, do not hesitate to give me a shout on the blog or not twitter. :)