Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting for a change!!

Well.. a few days back I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine, who has been a silent reader of my blog from just about the day it was born. An observation from was that posts on my blog come in few and far in between, whereas earlier I could churn out a post at least once in two days (I can't right about the daily grind... find it too mundane and its not my style!!). Well, I stepped back and started observing a the changes, went through my posts, when they were posted, could I recollect anything from that phase. The thread that ran right through was "Change". Yup!! You heard that right.. change!!

For the past one year, I have been slogging off for certain changes to the otherwise monotonous life. At times the show gets too hectic for me (physically/mentally) to actually sit down and pen my thoughts. Believe me when I say, that there were zillions of thoughts that ran through my head during those days. They still do. The absence of a laptop has been acutely felt. To rely solely on work resources leave with the disadvantage of squeezing out time from work. And finally when you through, you just want to get out of that chair and walk out that door. So, when does Sam blog?? Well, there are some days when I do have the option to sit back and relax. Of late, such days have been coming around very rarely. A professional hazard?? I wouldn't know. Oh and in case anyone of you has the bright idea to suggest me about buying a laptop, lemme tell you, what with property purchase, monthly EMIs, application costs (for masters - am still paying of the credit cards for that!!) am almost broke!! So, a laptop cannot be bought unless my employer grants me at least a 25% pay hike or I change into a company which would offer me a salary closer to 7 figures a year. So that rests the case of a laptop.

Anywyz, we are digressing aren't we?? As this confused soul tries hard to climb the Maslow hierarchy, he realises that each passing day his mind is getting clouded with more and more of thoughts regarding the..... future!! Can you believe that??? Anyhow, that's how the score stands. Now that, I'm almost set. And the change seems to be on the anvil now, I do feel a bit elated. Finally, I would be able to put in papers and get off the show. When I look back I realise I lost interest in my current job a year back. Should have called quits then, but I dragged on. That was a mistake, one I'm not going to repeat again. It is likely, I'd be on and off blogging for a few more months till things settle down around me... till then ciao!!!


mariamma online said...

hi sam,
i created my accnt just now.ur blog was the first one that i found interesting...

Ashu said...

ahhh weird, why do ppl find blog as first thing to quit when they need change

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

change is a part of life.... its inevitable.. and as they say, its not always bad :-)

solo said...

change is ALWAYS happening.. and its brilliant.. i mean can u imagine yourself, in some cave carving out weird shapes?
how on earth wud we comment!? ;P

ad libber said...

@solo, we would hop from cave to cave and draw more carvings. We would also get some exercise.
Those pre historic bloggers had it too good.
you will come back to blogging. No one really is able to leave.
(this is not a prediction, more of a threat :P)

Sam said...


welcome to the club!! and am glad you found my interesting.. i do hope you keep coming back!! :)
cheers to you and your time at blogsville!!

Sam said...


hey i really don't have much of an option as i rely on the terminal at work... if i had one of my own.. i probably would have been putting up a post every other day!!

Sam said...


oh no!!
this one is not bad.. and dats why am waiting for it!! i want it..i need it!!

Sam said...


as libber said.. we could hop from cave to cave.. and maybe even travel countries.. just imagine!!
our footprints would remain all over the world... and centuries later we would get branded as the most prolific artists/bloggers of pre-historic era... alright make that milleniums!!
and lets not talk abt the exercise thingy!!! :P

Sam said...


am not going off!!! i'll be irregular.. dats all... with my posts that is!!!

Keshi said...

neat post Sam!'s happening even as we WAIT for it.

btw come n share ur thoughts in my current post. Wud love to know wut u think Sam. :)