Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the heck..................

Scene 1:
"Oi, Sam.......... you coming to the party??"
"Sorry mate, I ain't got a date."
"So what??"
"You nuts. You guys going with the girls, am the only stag.... would get bored to death."

Scene 2:
At some party Sam does turn up, at his friends' insistence. As he feared, soon the couples were lost in their own worlds and Sam was left to devise ways of fighting boredom!! And he decides, "Next time, I'm coming.... I'm coming with a girl here!!"

Scene 3:
Desperate Sam tries to hook himself up time and again and fails............ So much so, now he's fed up with it..... But his friends have taken up this "Quest" for him.......... Find Sam a girl!! He's got loads of female friends, but not one whom he can call his girl friend. Everyone jumps in to help him. Sam decides to quit.... relax... take it easy.... and till then enjoy!!

For how many guys out there, is this a story they identify with? How many of you subconciuosly thought of that gala party coming up next month or so, when you hooked up?? Be honest!! At least 50% of the guys think that way!! Now, here is the question: "What's the big deal about being in a relationship???" "What the heck.... if I wanna be single???"
Please answer me this simple question.
Am 23 and single.......... and this is something most are not able to digest. Just about everyone I come across, the moment they spend sometime with me, they are like "Why ain't you searching for a girl??" Arghhh!!!! Why is so necessary to find one NOW?? I mean, if its marriage that these people want me to think about next, then I got at least 4 more years...................... So, why should I start on this girl hunting business now. As a lady put it - "You search now, woo her, evaluate her, if a bad choice you have 4 years to rectify, and finally after you are 27 you get married!!" Hello?? Like, what is this?? I am to get in touch with a girl evaluate her and then decide whether I wanna marry her or something?? Is it supposed to be that cold-blooded??
Somehow, this whole show leaves me flabbergasted because the only thing I figure out is that everyone is yelling "Find a girl, settle down!!". Why do people fail to realise that its my life!! Let me take my own sweet time in doing what ever that needs to be done.
As far as girls go..... they ain't fruits to be plucked from the trees..... they need to be chosen with care........ and should you fall...... well fate has chosen for you... so go ahead and have a ball!! Till then, leave the single soul alone should he not ask for help!!
I dunno, whether anyone agrees with me put there or not, but somehow I feel this pressure of settling down and all that stuff....... I mean whether it be a girl friend aur a wifey, forces many a guys to be hasty and they end up choosing someone not so compatible with them, and the result in the long run is never good!!
At the end of the day for people like me: "Relationships?? What the heck, I'm cool being single... doncha bug me!! And i'll cross the bridge when I come to it!!"

Till then
Single Sam


KUNTAL said...

Hey... I seriously felt short of space here to give my comments... so see what I feel... do come down here...

Sam said...

sure thing buddy!!