Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hey that's mine!!!!!

Hmmm...... Well.... The reason for such a weird title would be explained in the next few lines so don't raise an eyebrow.
Copyright or creative rights to something which you've created painstakingly or through a moment of brilliance is of absolute necessity. Oft, we post on this world wide web, work or write up which are entirely our own. How would you feel if someone ripped it off you and passed it off as his/her own?? Totally miffed... umm... livid?? Well, I for one would be ready to rip that person's head off!!
Now, this is exactly the tragedy faced by a fellow blogger Cuckoo. Please read her latest post : Copyright ? Plagiarism ? What is that ?
One such plagiarised poem is this one: Bas Aur nahi.
Now, posted in May, in comes Mr. smarty pants Nishant Paul with this one: Bas Aur nahi.
Read compare and then let me know what you think.
This is simply outrageous!!!!!

Oh, btw, in response to Cuckoo's poem bas aur nahi... I had a reply too.. and now going through it again I realised, it really is good.. :D... so publishing it here for your read... do go through it...
filhaal rehne do un mulakato ab,
ke dil ke zakhm aaj bhi na bhare hai,
roz aankhen band to hoti hai ab,
par neend ke kadam unme nahi bhatakte hai,
parchhai se kyu na jaane darte hai ab,
khauff to shaayad ab zindagi se bhi hai......
kuch waqt ke saaye mein rehne do....
rehne do un mulaqato ko ab.... filhaal!!
The meetings.. let them be for now,
For the wounds of the heart are yet to heal....
The eyes do close e'ry night,
But sleep seldom does wander in there,
Even the shadows give a scare now,
When fear becomes of Life too...
Now let me heal in the shadows of time...
Please, let the meetings be... for time being!!!


Cuckoo said...

Hey Sam,

Thanks a lot for taking this up here on your blog and on commenting on his as well. I can see how much your blood boils (just like mine) when these topics come to surface. :)

We all really need to do something for this. As suggested by other bloggers... I will complain to Rediff. I don't know how or what action would be taken against him but then we can not leave him just like that.

My friend who intimated me about this violation has tried to contact all his friends conveying the message.

Thanks again, Sam.

BTW, I still remember your poetic comment on my blog. :-)

Note to your readers :- Any more suggestions from you are all welcome.

J said...

Ah yes, the confused one.. aka Voldermoth ;) Howdy do.

Pune.. hmm let's see.. Toons, Apache, Soho, Khiva, Silk Route, Seesha.

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

hey... we shd do smthing abt this... its nt fair 2 us as writers 2 hv our wrk jst stolen (basically) lk ds... btw - i chkd out nishant paul's link tat u set up n i think he's removd d post...

divya said...

lol coward that he is :P he removed the posts :D

Lena said...

actually i find this stupid. Once you have written something you feel satisfaction and happiness for good done work, for something you created yourself. But then what the person can feel if the work of art they posted is not their? What emotions can be there if you know that the poem/story/or whatever your readers appreciated is not written by you??? I personally I cant see the reasons why people do this??