Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas at work.....

Ah well.. now for the past few days there has been quite some planning going on, what with Christmas approaching and people going on a long extended weekend. So, there we were a bunch of enthusiasts who simply needed an excuse to sing along... got together to put up a few carols.

After much efforts, V. came up with three: "Angels", "Jingle Bells rock" and "Feliz Navidad". And thus started the efforts of the troupe to get the carols together, most of them hearing it for the first time. Work, deadlines and other personal stuff kept cropping up. Yet amidst all that we managed to pull together our act!! Finally, we performed with Santa Claus distributing gifts. All in all a fine time... nah!! a good time!! A few pics to share with you all!! :)



Madhavi said...

Ho ho MERRY XMAS I would to hear the lug ;)
Lods of wishes n merriness al d way buds...cheerio :)

divya said...

lol christmas dadu aa gaya mere liye gifts leke :P :P

P.S puleeeej dadu mujhe chocki chahiye...chockie hi lana mere liye :P

Teddy said...

Merry xmas mundiya. Pic wich tussi kaha ho ? Chashmish mundiya tussi hegga ?

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

Yay!This post is sooooo Santalicious.
Where are my presents?

BTW,aamar mama-r baari in BB block.

Lena said...

Great pics, seems like Christmas is really all around ;)

Pri said...

HO HO HO!!christmas is in the air! :D
u seem to be having a fabulous time...
rock on!!!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

merry christmas... n cool guitars

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh... good times :)
What comments were you talking about on my blog :-S?

Keshi said...

Thats just excellent! Nice happy pics :) LOL @Santa!

Hv a great holiday season Sam! See ya in 2008 :)


Sam said...


@mads: well... i hope u do sometime!! :)

@divya: sorry bachha.. chocki se daant kharaab ho jaayenge!!

@tussi: ekdum sahi.. the one in green t-shirt!!

Sam said...

@clouds: presents??? hmmm.. hafta put in a word for u to santa i guess :P

btw, amar mama'r bario BB block'e :D

@lena: thnx!! :)

@pri: oh yes!! i am having a nice time.. wot abt u??

Sam said...

@bubbles: hey thnx for the guitars!! :)

@raaji: right on!!
btw, i commented on the flight post of urs.. but cudn't c it the next day!! :(

@keshi: heya.. u gng on a hol?? cool!! have a nice time!! :)
an yeah c u in 2008!! :)
abt Santa.. i agree perfect choice don't u think??

Vandita said...

merrrrrrrrrry christmas sam :)
lovely pics!
oh and ya have a piece of plum cake from my side too :)
PS: exams over yay!

Sameera said...

Great to see you had a great time!Merry Christmas to you :)