Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shall We Dance??

Ah!! Now quite a break I took. Had got myself down with a bad bout of flu. But then, now am up and about. The last weak left me completely drained and weak. Flu and work. I had to get out there and chill out. Was wondering how to go about it. That's when a friend calls us up over to his place for lunch on Saturday. Wonderful.... Braving the rain, four audacious lads go over to 5Th laddie's place for some sumptuous lunch... he's quite a decent cook. In fact, am the only whose culinary skills are limited only to the omelet. But then, that's different story altogether. Over there, we were greeted by the smell freshly cooked chicken and pomfret. Sounds good?? Now add to this one of the best port wine that one gets to taste. It was quite old... so made it all the more worth while!! Too bad there was just about 3 litres of it!! Needed more :P

The evening saw us at Pune Central, chilling out to some awesome guitar plays thanks to a guitar contest over there. God!! how I wished I could play like them!! :( Anywyz, it was on our way back, that a friend of mine suggests about a Salsa festival the next day at Lush, a popular hangout spot. Fair enough. What about our partner?? That too was arranged in no time. So, next day duly at 7:00 pm sharp, yours truly along with his friend were present at Lush to greet their partners. Unfortunately the ladies were a "bit late". So, the purpose there was to teach people Salsa. The class was on and we sorta barged in. Before long I realised I was making a fool of myself..... ah!! the shame!! I cut short my losses and retreated to the side lines.

And there I stood for nearly an hour when I realised that the music was changing tempo...... and soon enough it was the regular disc music playing.... so, one had gasolina and temperature mix being played out in full blast. Full marks to the DJ for keeping the crowd on toes!! I got dragged onto the floor. Not being a spoil sport, I joined and basically decided to follow others..... but that was not to be for long, as sanity decided to elope with my senses... and I started out my way.... which took the girls by surprise, for that was unexpected. And then the surprise of the evening happened.... Sam executed salsa steps with his partner...... though that left her visibly pleased..... and believe me I was myself surprised at the ease with which I did it!! I later received a mean punch on my arm.... for earlier claiming that I cannot dance. (Why don't they ever understand that I'm too shy to be dancing just like that!!). Had to call it a day for the girls had a curfew of 11:00 pm. Too bad!!

Had a nice time.... enough to make me look forward to another such session. And frankly I was left all charged and geared for another week at work!!

Guess, not much of a post, but my feet are still moving!! :)

For information on Salsa do check out at Wikipedia and this site for history.

Till then Adios
Enjoy your Salsa!! :)


Madhavi said...

Yeppie.mez first to comment :D.. i wanna dance n tht 2 salsa oooooooo my al tym fav wil u teach my sam pls pls.....sir....hehe :p rheally wanna tke lessons in salsa coz im i luv dancin...n alwz need a reason 2 b on my toes (bt al sme as u r can dance bt im toooooo shy in front of othrs :P)n gasolina n temperature (seanpaul) sure roxs luvly tracks upbeat....i wish i cud b thr...Glad 2 hear u had a grt time n envy u 2.. bt nevertheless my dance lessons is due sweets.....so beware :D
Way to go c m dancin already grt 'movin' post...:P
tkcr dear...

Sam said...

great to know u r so much into dancing!! but as for me giving classes.. don't think i am that good yet!!

Vandita said...

woah... salsa?? i remember we had also decided to take part in the salsa class in pilani... but apparently we cudn't convince ourselves to shell out the amount of money a one hour class cost per couple :(
anyways i really do have a thing for salsa, have always wanted to learn it... partner milega toh sochenge:P
and i do love grooving to the disc music too... dancing with frnds is always fun... good that u had such a great time :)
take care

DumBum - WYSIWYG said...

we hd salsa wrkshops 4 our liberal arts classes... and i loved it... drs something very liberating abt it... all the foot work and the swishing f skirts and the postures... it feels awesome!!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sam,

Is there no end to your talents? Will be posting my review of your blog before Monday.

Take care


Sam said...

@vands: u shud try it out... its awesome!!

@mann: whoa!! now dats something i didn't knw... so u do knw salsa!! dats cool!!

Sam said...

Hi David,

Thanks for your compliment, but am just trying to add dance to my skill set... i seriously cannot dance... now am trying to... thankfully the efforts are coming off fine!!


Keshi said...

OMG I love to dance..and Salsa is one of my favs.

if Im at a party, Im the first to hit the floor hehe.

So will u dance with me Sam? In masks n all ;-)


tia said...

oh i do wanna learn how to salsa! but no partner :( nobodys ready to come wit me :( hee hee...
Sigh i do love jamming..love jam sessions...sigh i wish i could play like the pros too...especially when you watch rehearsals its awesome stuff..

Sam said...

@keshi: why not?? lemme knw wen u r up for it!! :)

@tia: ah well!! dats soemthing i really can't help u out wid... and seriously!! i too wana like teh pros... wish i cud learn all dat oevrnight!! :P

confessing7girl said...

hiiiii thanks for visiting me!! ahhh i love salsa!! love it cant stop moving once it starts!! i see u were breaking some hearts there with ur moves!! and u play the guitar!!?
i see u got ur blog bug back and welcome back to the blogophere!! im pretty new at this i just start this march!! :D and im soo addicted to it and reading other peoples blogs !!!

Sam said...

ah!! dats the beauty of blogsville.... wonder, why i didn't build my relationship with it earlier... its so cool.... and i dare say i do share your thoughts on this.... :)
btw, me breaking hearts??? :P lolzzz....... i wudn't knw dat... have to ask teh supposed victims!! :D

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sam,

Can't dance? No worries - I can't either! Maybe you can enrol me at the salsa class.

By the way, I've done the review of your blog. I'll post it around midnight your time.

Cheers, good luck and stay in touch.


Neeraja said...

salsa!! wow..dancing really was one of my fav things to do at one point of time..now i doubt if i even enjoy dancing when nobody's watching :p

Sam said...

Hi David
Went through the review. It really was great. Thanks a lot...
As for the Salsa.. do come around.. we'll get a partner and start on it together. What say?

Sam said...

dat makes me sad... u should dance!! Say next time wen u r in pune.. how about going for one??

Neeraja said...


we!rdo Ad! said...

hey hey hey sammy !!
aahhmm !! yeah i heard abt your salsa thing later n really wonder how this shy kid really can make some saucy moves !! ;-)
but hey i think u r really working harder for it !

Sam said...

lolzzzz........... u knw abt it the day it happened dude!! anywyz, u knw me... i can surprise any damn bloke on earth!! :)