Sunday, June 10, 2007

Looking Back........ at my inspiration!!

After having done with 50 posts some of my friends suggested I should write something about blogging as such. well so here I am to write about it...... though I will put it as blogging and me. I started on blogging around November, 2005. Yeah, that's when I started. Posted a few, which you would find posted right the very beginning of this one (this is my second blog). And then took a hiatus. For nearly a year, I stayed away from blogging..... but then the bug returned. I was itching to write.... Started out with a new blog this time (the one u r reading!!), for I had forgotten the credentials for the previous one. Anyways, I started.. posted a few... and again hibernated!! Finally, it was around February that I got active, and since then I have been writing..... and writing a lot more than I had ever imagined I would ever.

Came to know quite a few people though blogging... interesting ones all of them. The blogs actually gave an insight into the thought process of different individuals which is by it's own right a very beautiful gain. Earned a few friends... influenced a few to start blogging and still looking forward to enlarge the tribe..... The attempts are on, I promise you..... but then........... Anyways, a question which I still seek and answer to, is what made me come back to the world of blogs... and that too with a vengeance??
I sought an answer to this from some of my closest friends, who have seen me write and think about something I want to write. And I have received some very smart reasons:
1. "You were always a writer, just needed a platform to write, that's all" .... yup!! that's right just as Saurav and Sachin always needed a Eden Gardens and a Wankhede to play cricket. As if my diary was not an incentive enough, which incidentally was always to me by my father to do some goo piece of writing or rather develop the habit of it. I on my part, conveniently used it as a source to whack somebody or use it up as a backup source of a rough notes collection or stuff to that effect.
2. "You have hit a zone buddy!! keep going while the steam lasts......." ....... oh you ********!!! instead of puling me up and bolstering confidence, all that you do is look into my eye and tell it's a temporary phase??? I shall write.......... The question remains, about what???
3. "You are in love with some girl, who loves literature!!" ............... The smartest of all suggestions. has all the flavors needed for a widespread scandal. While it is common knowledge that I have fallen for girls head over heels in the past (ouch!! the falls still hurt....) and love hop scotch with my feelings a lot.. tossing it around a little, and looking around for some chick who's gullible enough..... I found this idea quite plausible.... except am I so mad??? And when did this happen??
Now here is how my sister summed it up: "You see bro, this lady is definitely someone you know very well. I 'm not saying you know her for quite sometime now, but say at the max a few months, that would explain this drastic change. She knows you pretty well, and actually loves to read your works. You obviously have received a lot of praise from the fairer sex to bolster your ego. To say that.... " - now observe, here is where she manages to lay it on thick - "... you are bad or average is an understatement, you are good. And someone's crazy about you... so you keep writing!! Simple...." Ah......... my bloated ego.... my fluttering heart.. was I on seventh heaven???
Is someone really my inspiration?? Who can that fair lady be?? Darn!! Such a tough task!! I'd rather stay silent and let the sleeping dogs lie...... lest the tempest unfold with it's mighty fury and ruin whatever is beautiful around me now......... For the time being let me identify her as "The Lady within me". Till then let this supposedly "directionless" flow of thoughts continue and weave a magic on everyone who rest their eyes on it's physical existence, brought about yours truly!!
Happy reading
Confused Sam


DumBum said...

hey sam... tat ws relly well written... n m so glad u strtd bloggin... d wierd thig is i kinda lk d luv wala "theory" (4 lack f bettr wrds)... njoid reading it...

congos on ur blog n all ur posts... keep em coming... cz once a writer always a writer... :P

Madhavi said...

Hmmmmm......ummmmm....thinks hard n says...hey nt bad Sam :p me 2 agree wid mann on da note once a writer alwyz remain one, so incase u r tryng 2 run away frm d bloger niche no man dear u cnt :P n glad u discovered it urslf so juz keep writng :D so wl i promise :) coz i juz luv 2 read ur much intellectual :P bt rheally meaningful posts :D n the answer 2 ur qt what do u write abt..whtevr,nethng n evrythng & needless 2 say ur sis's suggstion ws like icing on d cake luvd her lines...let ur ego rest in peace n stop the flutters of ur heart n juz n find ur fair lady my man go on wtz u waitng 4 :P n nevertheless did Njoied readng as usual mr confused bt not so confused Sam....
Grt a word...:D

CATTIE said...

first congrats n 50 see when ii get close to

n 'THE LADY WITHIN U'..he he..nice funda..all i know is..u r an imaginator!!

Keshi said...

Congrats on the 5oth post Sam! :)


Aashi Joshi said...

JINXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....darn I always knew me n this dumb comp of mine had a chattis ka aakra I mean this was the second…SECOND time I tried commenting on this post of urs namesake and as I was wrapping it up BOOM..the lights went. Sheesh kababi :P so to be on the safer side I am typing on word at present. Lolzzzz…..hmm story over, now bak 2 the real thing.

Firstly …CONGRATZZZZZ NAMESAKE!!!!!!!!! : )

Great job done buddy!! And don’t you call this post a filler it’s just the apt way of celebrating your 50th post aint it. For one thing youv been into this since 2005 ……WOW now thts something and really you’ve done justice to your passion for writing and I hope you celebrate ur cent and faster.

Also thnx a ton namesake I am one of those youv managed to hook to blogging. Both for reading and writing things also for your perseverance of teaching a dimwit the nitty grittys of this darn thing :P. HATZZ OFF!!

Now to your reasons of blogging…I guess the most eye catching was the last bit….hmm gets you wondering doesn’t it lolzz well lets just see when you dig out this from your closet ;)

sam said...

ah!! i can't stop writing now..... been bitten by taht bug real hard now!! lol....

btw, i knew u guys wud luv dat theory.....


alrite madhavi, u got some answering to do.... intellectual?? meaningful?? U really mean dat?? gosh!! am overwhelmed!!
btw, u do keep blogging!!


hey thans for that compliment on the poem, but its no where near your imaginations!! nopes...s till far from it!!


Hey thanks!!! do visit regularly!! :)

sam said...


ah namesake! as always you praise me too much!! frankly, i started in 2005, but they were like abt 4 posts or so... nad edn a break of one year, and den too a slumber til feb, lyk i said afore.....

anywyz, at teh rate i am going by 2007 dec, i'll touch 100 maybe beyond i guess :P
now aint that funny??

btw, the thing you ant out of my closet.... ummm.... it will come out, should i have something concrete to write abt!! ;)

Madhavi said...

Helloooooo...madhavi kya laga rkha hai..mads udd kyuuuuuu gya haan.ya ofcoz man...u saw it rite ur posts r indeed intellectual n thot proviknly meaningful so chill :D
n yeah congoz on 50+ posts keep d flare goin on :p n yeah i promise mez wl keep bloggng 2 :p

me~~~~~~~ said...

ok... since u knew we'd luv d theory... do tell us if drs ne credence behind it... [:P] or r u d type whr ur in luv wid luv?

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sam,

Nice to see a photograph on the blog. Just gives it an extra dimension.

Gives us readers another insight into what makes you tick.

I'd like to see more pictures on your blog. And yes, I did enjoy the post too.

Congratulations and as I said in reply to your comment, I'll certainly review your blog.
Hi Bart-Man,

What a great idea. Why don't you write a post inviting people to have their blogs critiques by you?

Let me know and I'll link to the post.

As long as a mentor's advice is unbiased, that's all that matters. Honesty and integrity above all - and you have 'em both.



sam said...

well... no comments!! let teh truth takes it's own time to spread it's wings and fly into the open...for all to savour it's beauty.... till then let your imagination feast on the rumours!! :P

sam said...

Hi David,

i'll definitely try and include mroe pictures to go with my posts.... and am glad you liked the post!!


The Black King said...

Ahh... I know what you mean... I posted only twice in 2005, maybe 4 times in 2006... and now I'm trying to come back and write stuff. But tell us --- who is the lady? :)

Anonymous said...

50 posts, awesome man. Thats an achievement. Smehow I have missed reading your entire blog. Would take out time to read it.

Would appreciate if you put comments on my blog too, telling me the content how it is and the composition of the words etc etc.

I just crossed 50 posts too, but I could not really mark it.

Are you in Pune ? Me too.

sam said...

@the black king:
ummm.... dats the secret!! :)

@superunknown: thnx mate... wud defitnitely go thru ur blog... btw, am in Pune!!

Neeraja said...

Congrats on ur 50th :)

Btw..if the last theory is really behind this blog..then wud u stop writing if nobody commented? :p

Keep writing..

sam said...

hey thnx...
btw if that last theory wud have been true.... as long as she read my works, i wud keep on writing!!
but does she really exist??
dat is teh million dollar question!! :)

Vandita said...

hey congrats on ur 50th post sam :)
and secret secret haan? .... oh well whatever whether its bein in love with love or somebody being in love with ur penwork... i just like the fact that u write and pretty well at that.
A good read is always appreciated....
keep goin

sam said...

hey vands, thnx a lot!!
I promise, I shall keep writing!!

Jaded said...

That was some very important background on ur entry to blogging...but u've always been good at writing!
There are greater and better works which i'm sure not many have seen yet!
Congrats on your 50th they say...this is jst the beginning!


Cuckoo said...

First congrats on your 50th post !!

There's nothing to say much except "Keep going".

Btw, who's the lady ? ;)

Hey thanks for that link on my blog about that unique friendship. I just browsed thru, need more time to really read it. I need to pass it to someone (yeah, you guessed it right).. someone in similar situation. :)

sam said...

@jaded: u knw wot, i keep getting this feeling dat i knw u... and somehow i can't figure out how!! :(
anywyz, thnx for your confidence!! :)

@cuckoo: oh yes!! i'll keep going... doncha worry!! and teh lady.... ummm....... no comments :P
btw, may i knw who this someone is?? ;)

Animesh Ray said...

That was nice post indeed. And the thing about 'The Lady' was certainly very clever. Would like to see you complete another 50.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sam,

Will post my review of your blog this weekend.



sam said...

hey animesh

thnx for coming around and for your compliments. luks lyk someone has finally figured out the lady bit!! :D


sam said...

hi david,

am looking forward to it!!


GuNs said...

50 posts?
Wow, thats some achievement. I am so green with envy.

Oh by the way, the chick angle is kinda cool though I don't think a chick would ever fall for my kind of writing. Its either too simple or too wacked out depending on the post but hey, you're supposed to write what you feel... right?

Oh and if you are so clear about why you write this blog, why are you still "confused" Sam? You should now be "enlightened" Sam.


Sam said...

dude!! there r 3 reasons to why I write... so am still confused!! and the confusion is actually becuase of my thought process!!

anywyz, how is it going on at UK?? been hit with the weather??

ozlady said...

Hi Sam - thanks for visiting my blog- you seem to do quite well on yours for your 50 posts - you have many visitors and commenters, and it must be because you put quite a bit of yourself in your writing - if you've found the zone keep working it!!!

Sam said...

hi Ozlady!!
am glad you came around here. as for teh posts and readers... well guess am just lucky...
and thanks for the encouragement!!