Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taj Mahal!!

Please Vote for Taj Mahal with the given Link!! The path to follow:

1. Click on the below link “www…”
2. Click on the Taj Mahal Photo.
3. Click on “Vote Online” Link (Orange Color).
4. Click on “Register & Vote” Link (Orange Color).
5. Give your valid E-mail Address & Choose your list of 7 wonders (Check Boxes) which u think should be. (Don’t forget to click on the Taj Mahal).
6. Click on “Click to Submit” Link (Orange Color).

Now on your E-mail Address a mail will come from & in the mail one link will be given. Just Click it. Then enter only your name & date of birth & then Press Submit!! Now your Vote will be counted.

You have just voted your list of 7 Wonders including Taj Mahal.

You can vote number of times by giving you valid different E-mail addresses. Only the place where you put the Date of Birth, just put some different DOB every time you vote. Only E-mail ID shall be valid & 1 E-mail ID shall be used once so that u can Vote successfully as only after the mail comes your ID, Your Vote will be counted.

Please Note that 6th July 2007 is the last date to vote as New 7 Wonders of the World will be announced on 7th July 2007.

Selection of New Seven Wonders is in final stages and TAJ is behind every other in vote counts according to News Papers.

Your Vote is required to place TAJ on List of 7 wonders after 2200 years.

The official voting site

You can also SMS
SMS TAJ to 4567
*Note: Type "TAJ" space "NAME" space "AGE" space "M/F" space "CITY"


Shruti said...

Hi Dear, wow!!
what a co-incidence..yesteday only i posted in my blog for the voting of taj mahal..
Now, we 2 can spread the world and make Taj mahal one of the new 7 wonders of the world..

take care,,,

sam said...

yeah!! we can try.....
got this in a mail this mroning so thought of putting it up ASAP!!
and this indeed is sheer conincidence.... checked out yours too!! :)

Superunknown said...

Good post Sam, but i am afraid Indians are lacking in this awareness and more worrying aspect is, many of them are not even aware that Taj is for the contention for the wonders race.

Taj, apart, I liked your blog. Shud I blogroll ?

sam said...

sure!! u need not my permission for that.... :)

DumBum said...

hey... already voted... n so many times ki mat pooch... taj mahal lneed 2 b on tat list... 4 its sheer beauty and d history behind it

Aashi Joshi said...

did so ages bak :P thou nice way 2 publicise it

really wanna see the taj bak to the place whr it belongs :D

Vandita said...

already voted...:)
go taj!!!