Monday, May 21, 2007

The BIG quirky me!!

While it's easy to write about things happening in one's own life, it's actually a bit difficult, no.... a mammoth task to write about self. (Wonder how people come up with Autobiographies????). Now, I have been "tagged" to write down a few quirks about myself. I tried thinking about it.......... Didn't work out. Tried jotting them down, in an effort what if sub consciously something gets penned......... All that happened was Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................ hehe........... honestly!!
So I decided to get a bit serious and do a lil bit of introspection............... And guess what? I came to a conclusion!!I am too quirky!! yeah.............. i am a full of eccentricities, contradictions. So much so that penning down a few is way too much of a task. But, I'll try............. (Mann, I hate you for this.... and whoever started this chain!! :)

So, here goes:

  1. I am very LAZY........... I would prefer shouting at the top of my voice to get things done, but rather not move an inch.
  2. An extreme hogger, ironically I'm quite picky about it too. So, I won't hog on just about anything. It has to be of my taste too. (I luv puri and aloo ki sabzi)
  3. I can survive an an entire day on just a burger, a few bottles of thums up and a couple of Lays (I'm crazy about it, the blue and green one!!)
  4. I'm simply head over heels with chocolate mousse. I end up pronouncing a restaurant as good or bad based on their chocolate mousse.
  5. While I can have a lot of hard drinks (some call me a bottomless barrel!!), I personally prefer a glass of good red wine to while the evening away.
  6. Totally fida over mountains, I dream of a home there, with sprawling meadows in front of my home. (Just a dream, ok!!)
  7. My ideal relaxing scenario has me sitting in a dark room, with some soft instrumental stuff in the background, a glass of the red wine, huge glass windows which open out to a nice wooden balcony, the steps from the balcony take you to a garden, cross the lawn and you have date/palm/coconut tress swaying in the breeze, the sea in a playful mood, and the moon casting its soft light on everything that rests in this picture. Are you with me???
  8. I have a huge fetish for wrist watches.
  9. I loooooooove coffee mugs.
  10. My favourite fruit juice is Mango, though I don't eat mango!!
  11. I always dream of being a great writer or sportsman. And neither I guess is possible................ :(
  12. For my my friends are of supreme importance.
  13. Despite the jovial outlook I'm essentially a very serious person.
  14. Although I'm quite flirtatious (ppl say so!!), I actually believe in commitment.... and I guess a romantic too.
  15. A born day-dreamer. i can dream hours away just like that.
  16. Although a right handed batsman in cricket, am more destructive as a leftie :P
  17. There was a time I believed Madonna was a football player, and Maradona a singer!! (Now, don't throw that stuff at me.......... i was just a kid!!)
  18. "Aa chalke tujhe main leke chalu " remains one of my favs....... and was the first song that i cud sing (again was a kid!!)
  19. Although a "rocker", i personally love to listen to soft music most of the time.
  20. I dunno why, but i always get this comment that my english is accented.
  21. People (especially girls) find my voice to be very good (am sorry won't write the rest of the adjectives here ;)), and I always feel extremely uneasy when told the same. And they then repeat the comment on purpose n number of times when i least expect it.
  22. I'm a fulltime chatterbox though not form the word go.
  23. Am a thorough introvert can't talk to strangers at all!!
  24. Did I tell you, that my first step while climbing is always the right one??
  25. Alrite, this to everyone knows................ I freak out on music!! I mean, like I'm totally into it.
  26. My dream was to be the lead singer of a damn good band! Yet to realise that one......
  27. I love to fiddle with my guitar, whom I've often introduced as My girl friend to the least suspecting people.
  28. I get bugged very easily.
  29. I am very short tempered, and tend to punch the wall when angry!!
  30. Strangely enough people consider me to be an iceberg.
  31. Very few know how to get me angry and then cool me down in a matter of seconds!!
  32. Despite being a bong, I don't like fish and rice.
  33. Simply dislike coconut in main meals like dal or fish or whatsoever (Had a tough time at Goa!! :()
  34. Now am getting bugged writing this down................ So cut it short................ get to know me and u'll know my "quirks".

Now this is very jumbled up, so do try and make sense of it. And no, I am not going to set it in order of any kind............. Likh diya yahi bohot hai!!Btw, if my friends wanna add something they can put it down in the comments section!!

Now, dat you are reading this line, you probably have an idea about what I am.


DumBum said...

hi sam!!! lolz... u dnt hate me... take tat back!!! rite nw [:D] [:P]

n yeah... this is lovely!!! great insite into the kind of person u r...

lets c... we hv nos. 1, half of 2 (i'm picky abt food), 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 (but i love cold coffee as opposed to coffee...), 10, half of 11 (great writer [:P]), 24, 25, 28, 31 in common...

and for some1 hu thot he couldnt do this, u have 31 points nailed sweetheart!!! [:P]

congos!!! tag completed successfully!!! tee hee

sam said...

hey thnx.......
btw, wot do u think abt #7??
and sweetie, der are 33 :|
itni mehnat ki abhi galat counting nahi chalegi!! :)

Vandita said...

hey sam
gr8 post, u managed verry well.
hmmm lemme see we have ... 4 (i love it too not head over heels though), 9,12,14 (am i die hard doubts there :P), 15,25.
6 things not bad!:)
waise #7 was simply amazing... i am definitely with u... actually theres this pic in my orkut album which reads "i wish i was here" sure u'll like it.
17 was too lol ... very cute ;))
21: ahem ahem [:>]...:P
23: now this is the one that had me go :O...really? i mean its strange but i somehow find that hard to believe.
anyways gr8 job there, got to know loads abt u :)

sam said...

ah well!! das is me....
can't help it!!
adn 21 is true all da way!! ;)

Neeraja said...

Hey hey hey...everyone's getting tagged..and dont u dare hate mann or even me (i know i started this chain..hehehe) bcoz we got to know u better with this post..and it made u think abt urself..u got to know urself bette too! shukriya karne ke alawa hate karta hai..huh!

Madhavi said...

Hmmmm..finally tujhe b keeda ne kaat hi diya na Tag ki...lolol..on more serious note..pinned dwn 33 n last confession on 34.:P whoppy tooo good re...khub bhalo bapok..hehe...acha..
4. it ws sho cute n similar 2 me expctng d resturtnt wali baat chodke
6. similar 2 my mountain fantasy :p
7..No words...stunningly amazing wish me cud go thr also...:) :D
10. luv nethng evrythng in mango
15..exctly wt innocntly sho shweet :p
19..sme pinch buddy
25....again sme pinch :)
Way 2 go..wel done...n d bst ws....d honest confession of gtng buggd...:p more serious note..gud job sir...!!!

sam said...

@neeraja: ah!! now i know whom to shout at..... well, lady i do knw things about myself, but am too lazy to pen them down :(
anywyz, agar keh rahi ho to "thnx" :P

@mann: chla re thnx to u too....... :P

@mads: trust me it was too bugging the whole effort took me at 15 min!! sheesh.....
and well..... thnx for a pat on teh back!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey... with you on the chocolate mousse. Always check the dessert menu before I go in the restaurant. I can go a day on a bag of chocolate peanuts.... hhhhhmmmmmm... choklat......


DumBum said...

sam... yaar jaldi mein type kiya tha :P isliye, galati ho gayi... counting to maine nursery mein seekhi thi... and i may b miserable at maths, bt counting is my strong point... i liked no. 7... i dnt relly knw abt the dark room tho... c i am scared f the dark [:(] n i wud like just 1 othr person wid me... nt mentioning ne names [:P] u alredy knw hu...

sam said...

hehe.... dats teh only thing I didn't mention. And dat question over there "Are you with me???" is for someone special ;) I hope she responds!!

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm Why I always thought that you are a bong ??

Good to see your inner self. Again I am comparing myself with you here.

First special mention. I loved no. 7. Every bit of it is my choice too. Oh yes I am with you ;) Ha Ha..

No. 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 24 are exactly me. Oh many more similarities. Not gonna write now.

Good post!

Pijush said...

Nice post. It’s good to know about you.
Who told you can’t be a good writer (referring 11)
Well you disappointed me by 32 (as I am typical bong, taught in Bengali also)
Point 1,2,6,13,15,23,24,28,29 match with me, so not totally different.

sam said...

hmmm....... gng by wot all comments i have received so far, i think i have one topic to ponder about.... more on dat later!!

@cuckoo: thnx, now i knw shud the lady not join whom to ask!! ;)

@pijush: thnx a lot (for teh writing part!!) and am sorry, but may be coz i've spent my life hopping across the country, so my food habits are a bit weird!! (as my mom says, more like a punju... dunno why!! :()

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Hey Sam,

Lovely to be given a small snapshot as to some of what you are.. though I am sure much more lurks beneath there, undisclosed!

sam said...

ah!! well...... dats true.... but den let soem things be revealed with time and not through tags!! :)

Anonymous said...

Gee, most of us stopped at seven. ha-ha!

8. I have a huge fetish for wrist watches. - ME TOO, BIG ones with thick wrist bands! and Sunglasses.

sam said...

same here for wristwatches!!
though i luv sunglasses, can't wear them coz of me regular glasses... am myopic!! :(

Aashi Joshi said...

lol hmm 17 commnts..err 18 sanz this now :P really nice post buddy i mean this way v kinda getta knw a few things abt u so i definatly thnk MANN and Neerja for this lol

hmm n now since everyone tried 2 find sum points similar to them., thinks id do the same too ;)


1. no doubts on tht :P
6. i alwys wished i could live lyk Heidi did :)
7. well almost thou minus the red wine
10. i luv mangoes otherwise too
11. minus a sportsman..too lazy for tht n yeh i knw i cnt bcum a gr8 writer :(
12. netym
13. 14. n 15. to the tee :D
20 & 21. err..its the guys "n" gals who say tht in mah case :P

22. n 23..thou i think i can jabber with strangers even thou i am an introvert

hmm i guess thts abt it wow thnx 4 this namesake kinda got me introspecting too...thou in mah case i njoyd it ;) lol....had the material in ready made format really hmm..

sam said...

wow!! dats a lot of insight!! alright namesake... now ur turn... 35 quirks abt yourself!!