Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ijaazat (Permission) -- An Incomplete Story!!

Yes, this is an incomplete story..... And till date I'm yet to figure out how to go ahead with this. SO all you people out there... I'm waiting for your suggestions!!
Agar tum ijazaat do to,
Phir tumhare sapno se tarashu,
Koi naya Taj Mahal;
Sile hotho se tumhare ,
Chura lu koi nayi gazal;
Nashile un nigaho se,
Chalka du phir madhoshi ka vo jaam;
Agar tum keh do to,
Phir se likhu pyaar ka,
Koi naya paigam;
Chand ko mei phir se bulao,
Aur savaru tumhe.
Agar tum hidayat do to,
Mei tumhe phirse vahi,
Geet sunau;
Mei phirse tumhe apna,
Pyaar jatau.
Agar tum ijazaat do to.

Hi there,
I wonder what made you read this far. Probably u found the text at the start of this page quite intriguing. Well I really can’t say much abt that coz I wrote that myself. But then this page and whatever is going to be written in the next few pages is going to be written by me. The setting of my story is a beautiful evening in the “City of Joy”. For the uninitiated I’m talking abt Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta. Our story revolves around two people who despite having once shared a deep love for each other have in the course of years forgotten how it really was to feel for, and pine for each others love. It reflects what a fast paced life, engrossed in a career can do to your relationships. It’s a story abt us, the new age individuals who have forgotten the meaning of being human. Well enough said abt the story. I can see u r getting impatient over there. Let’s read and find out how much do we identify ourselves with them? Where does that one evening take them? Is that evening going to come in our lives too? Read on…..
(to be continued....)


Shruti said...

Hi sam, will wait for the next part to come soon..
Take care..

sam said...

let people soak in this one!!

DumBum said...

hey sam... luvd d (dnt knw if...)poem (...is d rite wrd 4 it)... m a huge fan of dese things cz i hv a fren hu rites a lot f dem as well... n hw i wish i cud write somethin as beautiful as well... :) sigh... someday... someday...

n can hardly wait 4 d story 2 unflod...

sam said...

thank u!!
and yes.. it is a poem....
as for writing it... try string together some words, u'll get the flow!!

Neeraja said...

Waiting for the story...dont keep us hanging for long!