Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A ride alone!!

A long ride it has been,
Travelling on lonely roads,
Sleeping on dusty floors,
Walking through scary forests,
Facing the dark nights,
Braving the gales,
The sun beating down over the head,
The storms throwing plans astray,
Shadows being cast by dark clouds,
The rains drenching the mind and body,
For good at times... but then...
Notoriety cannot be far behind.

Walked though ghostly towns,
The haunted soul seeping in me,
Filling the heart with unknown dread...
Rode through lonely corners,
Watching a single mother,
Laying out clothes to dry,
I smiled at the simple existence.
Braving the darkest of night,
In the deserts I saw the departed,
Lying without honour,
I prayed for their soul.
And then I saw a garden,
People celebrating life,
Children playing with glee,
I laughed along too...
I'm alive...

And then I moved on...
To find more such..
The ones who celebrate
Despite all odds..
And make us the wanderers
Stop and smile..
A welcome break..
A drop of salvation..
In this ride..
A ride alone!!


divya said...

:):) *smiles* awesome tha poem :P
yeh sab experiences the kya sachi me :O

Pri said...

mmmm nice!!
but i think the Rambling Romeo sounds much happier than the Pensive Poet...:D

Ashu said...

nice poem!!!!!!

Vandita said...

great poem buddy... where was the ride to?

Keshi said...

good stuff Sam!

I believe we all ride alone in this journey of life.


Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

loved it... reminded me f "ghost rider" [:P] jst kidding... nice read...

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Where were u off to dear,as usual bt beautiful play of words as usual Mr intellectual romeo ;)

Sam said...

@divya: thnx... as for experiences.. lolzzz... no just thoughts!!

@pri: it does lady.. but then i guess they both have to coexist to strike a balance.. else one might lose track of things a lil bit!!

@ashu: thnx ashu!!

Sam said...

@vands: hey.. thnx... as fo rur answer u have keshi answering it for u!! :)

@keshi: u do tend to read my thoughts in my works don't u?? sometimes i get this eerie feeling that u can see beyond the words... i like that!!

@mann: thnx.. but then i wud lyk a more critical review of the poem from u...

@mads: well.. am still here... and thnx :)

Keshi said...

u write in a way that makes me see beyond just words. U've got the power Sam, not me :)

I really loved this one from ya!


Sam said...

hey girl.. u really sweet.. that was a really nice thing to say!! I'm not sure whether u praise me too much or not.. but then I'm loving it!!! :D
adn i'm glad you loved it!!

Keshi said...

nah its just not's the truth Sam. Look at wut u hv written here...the verse is BRILLIANT! It provokes new emotions in me. So TY!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Sam,
That's a beautiful piece of poetry, so hauntingly beautiful. We all ride through life and gain different experiences, each one making us better and more sensitive to others. Thanks for the wonderful post. I really like it. God bless and have a most wonderful and pleasant day always.

Sam said...

@keshi: thanks a lot keshi... it really means a lot!!

@mel:hi mel... good to see around here!! And you are so right... thanks a lot for your wishes.. god bless you too!!

Aashi said...

like its said.......its about being alone not lonely........

btw namesake....ur poem reminds me of a poem by robert frost.its called .."Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

its ends sumthing lyk.... "and miles to go before I sleep * 2"

n as I always say.the simplicity with which u write catches my attention.keep gng mr...... n u still hvta beat ur pheonix poem.................. :P

Keshi said...

my pleasure!


Pri said...

@ sam
hmm wise words there buddy...well said! :)

DreamCatcher said...

...and every cowboy has a sad sad u wanna be a cowboy? not bad idea I say :)