Saturday, January 12, 2008

Duur digonter paare (Far beyond the horizon!!)

Duur Digont'er Paare......
Chole jete chay je mon,
Duur digonto paar kono ek jaygay
Je jaygay roy mor aponjon,
Jekhane nei bedona, trishna,
Nei jekhane bishader rekha, dukhher megh,
Nei jekhane kono nishohayer chitkar,
Nei jekhane irsha, dwesh,
Jekhane nei karur nishthurota,
Achhe kebol pobitra, komol, sheetol shanti
Aar ek chhaya!!
Shei chhaya, je chhaya'r swapno dekhechhe oneke,
Kintu peyechhe koyeke,
Shei chhaya, jar ashroye notun bichar ney jonmo,
Shei chhaya, jar kol theke udoy hoy ek notun projonmo,
Ei chhaya aar shanti somayeto je jayga,
Shei jaygai mor lokhhyo jar proti agrohi aami!!
Duur digont'er pare he bondhu,
Shottyo bolo, achhe ki ei jaygay?
Naki ei keboli ek prohelika,
Jar jonyo jibon oneke korechhe britha,
Shotti achhe ki ei jayga,
Duur digonter paare!!!
This poem happens to be first attempt at trying out poems in Bengali. Written way back in January 2000, I consider this to be a very childish creation. I'll translate it in english for I'd like to know your views on this.

Far Beyond the Horizon.......
The mind wants to wander,
To place far beyond the horizon,
Where my dear ones who live,
Where there is no pain no thirst,
Where there is no sign of vengeance, or clouds of sorrow,
Where there's no cries of pain,
Nor the shrieks of the helpless,
Where there's no jealousy,
Nor is there hatred,
Where there's nothing but peace...
and a strange shadow!!
A shadow dreamt of by many,
But then few have found it.
A shadow which gives birth to new ideas,
Birth to a new generation, renaissance.
It's such a land of peace and such shadow,
That is my goal seek... that which I seek!!
Far beyond the horizon, dear friend,
tell me truly, is there such a land?
Or is it just a mirage,
For which lives a-many have been wasted!!
Is there really such a land,
Far beyond the horizon???


Pri said...

tried reading every word of the bengali version and that too aloud...heehee gave up midway though :(
loved the translation :)

btw me's been searching for this land far beyond the horison since ages no have not given up yet!:) please dont dissapoint me by telling me its just an illusion...:-/
maybe its a neverending search like the pursuit of happiness...but lets be optimistic eh?
the fun lies in the pursuit itsself...

Vandita said...

hehe i tried readin bengali too... didnt manage, i'll ask my bengali frnd to read it for me... loved the translation, what makes u think its a childish creation sam?...if this is childish then all my attempts at poetry are infantile.

Cuckoo said...

So beautifully written. I read only the Bengali version, didn't want to spoil it by the translated one.

"Shei chhaya, jar ashroye notun bichar ney jonmo,
Shei chhaya, jar kol theke udoy hoy ek notun projonmo" .. plain beautiful thought.

8 years back !! Long time. Do you still have writings from that period ? And you might me a child then but not the poem. :-)

Shruti said...

ahaa.. really.. does such a place exist? This one reminded me of the Viva song- jahan ho pyaar ka mausam..

^*^Clouds^*^ said...

Toh aamar bangla blogpost tar asar hoyechhe,nah? :P

It isn't childish,Da..
I like the bangla version more,though.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Sam,
Life is what we make of it. We can be distraught by external circumstances but we can always see the reality of our dreams in our own existence. Life can be harsh or tender depending on how we make of it. When we see only all the ugliness of this world, then it's ugly for us. But when we see the wonderful reality of God's purpose and design in our lives and goes along with it, we can see the beauty of God's ultimate design for us. We have to be attuned with God in everything that we do. Thanks for the wonderful and poignant poem. It's really beautiful and I like it. God bless and have a wonderful and peaceful day always.

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

im so glad i knw bengali (studied it in scool fr 4 yrs n still hvnt 4gttn ne f it, wd u belive???) cz tat jst minimizes d whole problm f "lost in translation"...

beautifully done 4 a 1st attempt...

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so beautiful!So you a poet since quite a long time eh,nice :)

Hope to see more poetry here from now on!

preetilata said...
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preetilata said...

"Ei nil simana chariye…
Se kon dur diganto pare..
Achin purer desh'e..
Boye jay ek naam na jana nodi...
Sei nodir dhare dhare
kochi ghasher pore..
Chayar khela-chora
Bokul gacher tole.
Sei chaya bodoi norom..
Mon ke kore nirmol
Ar jibon bhore tole komol ek aloy..
Sei aaloy haray bishad..
Sapno jagay chaya.
Kintu bole sobai more
E ek bhul-jorano maya.

Ami thik aajo jani na
Kono astitwo ki acche
Amar kalponar ei chayar
Ei dhoroni pore ?
Tobu roj sekhane ami
jai je heNte-heNte
Sei chayar khoNje-khoNje
Kauke na bole
Sei durr diganto pare
Amar ei
Moner janala dhore."

Tomar bangla kobita pore..ami eitai feel korlam.

Bhalo legeche tomar kobita ta.
Sorry english ta ekhon ami porchi na karon etodin pore kono blog'e bangla kobita pore jei anondo ta ei muhurte anubhab korchi setake kicukhon enjoy korte chai.
Pore kokhono ese english translation ta porbo.

Bhalo theko
:) :) :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

stupid me... :)
I thought it was hindi and started reading it... and half way through it i realized it was NOT hindi as i was not getting a word... and felt like and idiot :)
I am glad you provided a translation.. Nice poem :)

divya said...

There's no such land sam :( You are expecting too much from this poor world :D

Sam said...

@pri: hey pri... won't worry.. its a word for word translation.. well.. almost!! so u can go thru the show again.. and may be u'll understand more than u knew u cud!! :)
and yup.. one's got to be optimistic.. else the world wud be a gloomy place to live in!!

@vands: well... i consider it childish because if you go through the annals of poetry you'd find as per the "laws" certain characteristics are demanded of ina poetry... and that is missing in here!!! simple!! :)

Sam said...

@cuckoo: I was not a child then!!! was past seventeen when i wrote that... hmpf!!!
anywyz, i knew u wud be one who wud like it... knw ur flair for this kind of stuff!! thank you!!! :)

@shruti: ah!! isn't dat a beautiful song?? now let me take you back in time little to another song... "aa chal ke tujhe main leke chaloon" remember that one???

@clouds: bolte paro... bhabcchilam.. but was hesitant!!! tomar post ta pore was like wot teh heck.. likhe to di.. hindi likhte parlaam aar bangla parbo na??? bas.. hoye gelo!! :)

Sam said...

@mel: hi...
wish ur words were so true.. the end i mean.. life never peaceful... there wud always be soemthing close to ur heart to cause worries..leave you distraught.. amidst a world of doubt and god knows what...
but then u can always smile at the rest and allow others to cheer you up!!! and that i blv shud be done... u cannot lock urself up just because something is not going right....
if everything is going right and u r notf acing any problems then you are definitely on the wrong path!!!! i blv so.... so cheerio mate...
here's to a better tomorrow!! :)

@bubbles: thanx a lot girl... hehe... the translation wudn't have a been a trouble u knw!! :)

Sam said...

@sameera: well... there has been quite a few in the poast too... only they are scattered... but look through and you'd find them at regular intervals!! :)

@raaji: lolzzz.... i knw there is a lil bit of similarity between these two languages after all they are derived from the same one.. sanskrit!! :)
anywyz, am glad u liked it!! :)

@divya: i disagree... it has to exist!! the very that it exists drives people arnd the world... go ahead convince them that there is no better tomorrow and just watch how things fall apart!!! the existence is a mental one... a particular mental plane which wud finally bring u at peace with urself.. and consequentially with everything arnd u.. till then the search is on!!!

Sam said...

"Sorry english ta ekhon ami porchi na karon etodin pore kono blog'e bangla kobita pore jei anondo ta ei muhurte anubhab korchi setake kicukhon enjoy korte chai."
ei ekta line'e kella fote kore dile!!!aar tar upor oi sundor kobita ta...

Tobu roj sekhane ami
jai je heNte-heNte
Sei chayar khoNje-khoNje
Kauke na bole
Sei durr diganto pare
Amar ei
Moner janala dhore

ei koyekta line'e ekta strong mentality fute uthechhe... emon ekta jeta kina shohoje keu bhangte parbe na... jotoi dhuloe mishiye dao.. totoi abar fute ferobe... khub sundor!! :)

Aparna Kar said...

I'll borrow Tagore's lines:
Bahu din dhore, bahu krosh durey
Bahu byay kori, bahu desh ghurey
Dekhitey giyechi parbat mala, dekhite giyechi sindhu
Dekha hoy nai chokhhu melliya, ghor ho'te shudhu du pa feliya
Ekti dhhaner shish-er opor ekta shishir bindu'

Didn't read the translation but only the Bengali version. Maybe we all seek that piece of sky for ourselves. Maybe we are right beneath it and yet, we fail to notice.

Sam said...

@aparna: just the thought I was looking forward to see in response to this poem... well said aparna!! u must've heard of the kasturi mrig.. it searches the entire forest for the source of a fragrance, whereas she herself is the source!!! something to think abt isn't it??

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Wow... glad I know atleast a bit of bangla...n in 2000..n ur like publishing it 2008 bt say they itz never too bolbo bol to..bapok "Shotti achhe ki ei jayga,Duur digonter paare!!!" lovely....if only v cud realise that such a world would have exists rite in front of us it wud be heaven but v need to wrk on this..truly one day such a world shall be created :) my thots lets c hw far i wrk tho :P

phoenix said...

you truly are gifted!

tumi ato bhalo bangla lekho jantam na....khub shundor hoyechey...agey post koroni keno???? :)

Sam said...

thank you.. well.. i wasn't sure about this one.. and trust me my bangla is not really good... and frankly, i have absolutely no idea how come i wrote this one!!