Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Flier......

Travelling around India in the past couple of years has exposed me to some behavioral patterns which I find amongst my co-passengers.

1. Never listen to the flight attendant when he/she is busy demonstrating the basic in-flight security measures like the seat belt and gas mask.

2. The uncles tend to ogle at the lady attendants a lot, while the youngsters plant the earphones of their i-pod firmly in their ears and proceed to a nap. Wonder what's up??

3. The no one seems to be hungry when on board the low-cost carriers... yet you'd find the very same hogging like there's no tomorrow if they aren't being sold during the flight!!!

God!! Haven't u realised?? The food that you get is always paid for by you.. either during ticketing or during flight!!

4. Oh!! the way people try to get off the flight!!! I mean, the moment the seat belt sign is off... people simply try and scramble off the flight.. as if there's a time bomb on board and its gonna blow up any minute now!!! What's the hurry??? You won't really get anywhere faster just because got off the plane earlier than the rest nor is there an early bird prize!! Woteva!!!

5. Call me bourgieous if you may, but then I find some really irritiating fellows as my co-passengers well about whose demeanor the less said the better!! Now, since the airport tax is shooting up, I hope to see an automatic filter coming on. The flip side is I'd be flying a little less now!! **sighs** Delhi is so bloody far!!! **grumbles**

6. The in-flight magazines and the cutlery that you get with your snack, is meant to be "in-flight" and not for a place in you bag/purse!!! When will they learn??

7. Playing loud music on your system is not cool. Dude, turn the music low or better still if its grunge rock, you might as well turn it off!!

8. Your phone is to be switched off or be in flight mode when the plane is in motion. What sort of a dunderhead whould try and start talking over the phone the moment the flight touches ground??? A typical businessman with no manners what-so-ever!! Oh.. and if you ask them to turn it off, trust me you might as well not look at his face for "if looks could kill" :D

9. Can you speak softly to the fellow next to you?? Someone here is trying to catch up on some sleep!!

Ok.... frankly, I was in a mood to rant and decided to go for this!! Dunno, whether I made much of a sense or not but then....

By the way, were you aware of a site called bugroff?? I'll bet no... take a look at the pic below.


Michelle said...

well noticed! lol...really interesting...i love doing tht sometimes just watching ppl and sometimes it surprises u how much they can crack you up!

the youngsters plant the earphones of their i-pod firmly in their ears and proceed to a nap. Wonder what's up??

btw i do tht :P

Anonymous said...


Nice one! If you did notice on airports this same kinda of young lads hopping around a good-looking gal with a ipod or a lappu in hand ;)

Do some airport waiting place analysis too!! that shud be a fun read too ;)

b/w bugroff??? what the f***k is that?! No site addr.. lemme google it ;)!

hugzz 'n' cheerzz!

Thas said...

haha well said Sam..nd wht abt the sleeping guy nxt to you nd making ur fly enjoyable with his melodious snore?? I was lucky enough to have one such guy nxt to me once..huh, had a g8t fly...agn if its an old guy nxt to u, dn u wuldnt be bored at all coz he will be keeping u all awake with his creepy stories starting frm his babyhood(bck in 1950, thre he starts);)

divya said...

lolz no.2 and no.6 :D they really do?? i was never on a flight :( :(

P.S oh my god sam...ur stupid word verification system gives me really tough ones to type in :D i faled twice this time :P

Vandita said...

1,3,6 is soooo true ... i don't understand either.
btw whats with bugroff??...never mind i'll chk it out.
and hey u put up the awards...they look cool :)

Keshi said...



Anonymous said...

where did u fly Sam ? Recently i flew from Kingfisher to Delhi and it was cool exp!!!!!

Sam said...

@michelle: oh trust me michelle, even I do dat at times :P
so, hows ur japanese class coming through??

@veens: good to see u here!!! well.. hmm.. airport lounges.. not a bad idea.. lemme cook that up!! :)

@thas: OMG!!! don't tell me you were subjected to that???? thankfully, i'm yet to face that torture!!! :)

Sam said...

@divya: yup!! they really do that...
btw, the word verifictaion system is a security measure that's all!!

@vands: i knw.. btw, found out abt bugroff???

@keshi: lolzzz... seriously.. there are some weird specimens on board every flight!!!

@ashu: well... lemme see... Kingfisher: Goa-Mumbai
Jet: Pune-Kolkata-Pune; Pune-Delhi; Mumbai-Kolkata
Sahara: Kolkata-Mumbai
Spicejet: Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai
Indigo: Delhi-Kolkata

Deccan, Jetlite not yet!!!

I hope i hevn't missed anyone!!! :)

But yeah, the flight experiences were good though!!!
except a wait of 2hrs at Delhi airport once...
and a halt of nearly 2 hrs at Mumbai airport enroute pune to kolkata!!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

nt bad sam!!! nw all we hv 2 do is paste a copy on this post on evry check-in counter for evry flite in evry airport we cn possibly go to in out lifetime... :P

n "delhi" is only as far as u think it 2 b...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Sam,
That's a good list of do's and dont's
on an airplane. You sure are very observant and meticulous about airplane manners. That's an interesting post. Thanks for the post. Have a wonderful and nice day always.

Sam said...

@mann: well its just abt 2 hrs away.. at teh max 24 hrs.. but the thing is i wish i cud go down there at my whims and fancy... dats wot drives me nuts!!!
oh btw, if u r passing this on... do make sure i get some royalty.. wudn't mind the extra dough u knw!! :P

@mel: thanx a lot!! :)

DreamCatcher said...

hhahaha! my thoughts exactly! Add uncles rushing to the aircraft loo to the

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

lol.....i guess u did cover the entire thng didnt U...:P well someone does an interestng job onboard..keenly obderving..:)Mr sumit dey well done n wel wel the awards sure look like added glows to already 'intellectually' studded bloggerpage ;) i just find so many reasons na to cll u intellectual winks n smiles...
Cheers buddy..

Pri said...

well thats a in-depth analysis must say...
i doze off thruout my flight with my ipod plugged in ofcourse...heehee
im more observant at the airport...thats more fun! :D
btw how come u dont travel by indian airlines...does it have anything to do with the airhostesses..hmmm...:p

Pri said...

ohh and was just HAD to hear of the type of site u that im off orkut...heehee

Sam said...

@dreamcatcher: yup... and too at a time when teh attendants are busy pushing teh trolleys through that narrow aisle!!

@mads: uff.. u and ur mr. intellectual!!!

@pri: the airport.. well.. dats for sometime else!!! :) rtust me , i got my observations for that too!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

U again strting uuf n purring..kya na achchai ka to zamana nahi raha....complimnt do aur ye result..hmmm kya Mr intellectual :P

ad libber said...

I am the ipod kind of people.
and who wants those in house magazines? They are usually about the future of aeroplane companies ad their share prices.
Avery in depth analysis.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lot of truth in your rant!

Aashi said...

nice read............ :P

although id luv one with complaints on the flight attendants too

five_silver_rings said...

Hahaha! Really liked this piece. I've written something along the same lines about my experiences in a DTC bus, but not bad an effort on your part :)

Renovatio said...

Man, I need to sign up on that site. It's bloody perfect.

Sam said...

@mads: alrite.. have it ur way then!! am not gonna shrug off such accolades u knw.. modesty can go only so far!!

@adlibber: ah well... abt the mags, well soemtimes they contain some really nice travel information.. i like dem to be honest!!

@sameera: hehe... cudn't help it u knw!!

Sam said...

@aashi: flight attendants???? errr... well ok.. will have to dig den...

@five_silver_rings: ah well... don't worry i might come up soon with one Mumbai-Pune MSRTC service during festivals!!

@reno: oh!! i tried that... and well.. no membership!! :((

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