Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trapped...... sheesh!!

Before you even start thinking what this would eb about let me warn you before hand, it would be about... tchah!! forget it... read it and find it our yourself!!

Here goes.... I few weeks back, it turns out that to improve connectivity to certain vendor sites specific to our project account, the network guys decided to switch off the net connection. Fine.. fair enuf. Situation never really improved after that. Ergo, please do restore the net connection. may be they don't have a life on the net, but they are folks like me who do... Blogging.. read or write is similar to oxygen for me. The only time I can do without it is on weekends, that is more due tha fact that I cannot access net during those days, else trust me you'd have seen more posts from me. So there I was nestled in my chair and wondering when would I get something constructive to do. I mean, how long do you expect to be sitting idle doing nothing when your mind is racing with god knows how many ideas!!

This surely was the last straw. I mean, like they had blocked quite a few websites, and now this?? What do they want?? That people to stark mad, after 8 hours of coding everyday??? I feel so trapped. Totally!!!!


MeMyself_n_I said...

sounds awful. :-(

oomi said...

that was intrusting

shooting star said...

sounds bad...hopefully siutation will imporve on your side..

dintoons said...

"I mean, how long do you expect to be sitting idle doing nothing when your mind is racing with god knows how many ideas!!"

honestly,i think you should put down a few of those zillion n one ideas on paper through drawing ;o)
and believe you me, you'll never ever get bored again!! ;o)

Mansi said...

Yeah I had that in my precious company; it stinks!!! you know, they actually have ways to keep tab on how much time you are spending online surfing! hope that doesn't affect reviews:)

Sumit said...

@memyself_n_i: ah well things are better now!!

@oomi: hmmm....

@ss: well it's a tad bit better now!!

@dintoons: tried that... gosh!! don't even ask abt teh results!! :D

@mansi: nah!! it didn't affect mine.. ended up with one of teh best ratings ;)
and well.. things r smiling again... but with some restrictions!! :(