Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Confused Sam Unravelled!!!

A couple of weeks a good blogger friend of mine asked me whether I'd like to be interviewed or not. Apprehensive at first, i finally decided to bit the bait and took it up. It did turn out o be a good experience. And weell.... over to Cuckoo!!

Cuckoo: Good Morning Mr. Confused, err.. Sam. Do you really think you are that confused or are you trying to confuse others by keeping this name for your blog ? What's the confusion ?One more thing I would like to bring to your notice is this adorable creature with me. Oh well, let me introduce my pet Tiger to you.. he always accompanies me and is ever hungry. You know what I mean. Also, you have to remain seated calmly without questioning my questions or no. of questions. There are going to be five main questions with some sub-questions. Treat them as parts a, b, c etc. Please be as detailed as possible, it'll give you some practice for your MBA whenever you plan to do it.

Sam: Hi Cuckoo, Hello Tiger!! It sure is a great pleasure to be interviewed by a lady as charming as you. Hmmm…. Now about the confused part: it’s more about what I used to think I am. Always had two opinions about the same thing and that left me in a tizzy about what to do? However, I am not really sure how I can get others to be confused by this name.

C: So, shall we start?

S: Sure…. We are here to get some answers to some interesting questions (hopefully!! :D)

C: Well, Mr. Sam, You have 4 blogs which are either owned by you or have contributions from you. Why do you think so many blogs are needed ? I understand they all have different purpose but then if that is the reason, you could have some more since you are a multi-facet personality. What do you say ? I can see your main blog is 70 posts old. Tell me what positive changes blogging has brought in you?

S: Please, call me Sam. That’ll be fine with me. To have you call me multi-faceted indeed makes me feel honoured. The need for the different blogs arose perhaps due a streak i9n me which loves to systematically arrange things in their rightful places, and perhaps a thought. If you observe closely, the blog “Thinking Youth” deals with social issues with major contribution from Aashi Joshi, who is quite enthusiastic about it. In fact, I would really love to see some action there, though am lost to how to bring that about. The issues discussed there are quite burning to stay the least and they can be anything.

Coming around to “Live from the Cubicle”, the idea here was to try and chronicle as much as possible about my life as a professional. And not just the daily mundane things, but things at work which do compel me to write. Unfortunately, it hasn’t received the due attention it deserves from me.

Between Us Friends”, a blogging show which has about 40 bloggers coming together to write on the same topic! What one gets to see is a bonhomie which might be hard to imagine, and myriad way in which the thoughts all merge there. The same topic different opinions, takes, experiences and yet a mature respect for what the other has to say. This is indeed one of the best things I have seen till date.

Thoughts of a Confused Mind”, my main blog, is the one where I am most at action. I lot about me has been chronicled through the articles, through fact and fiction, through every word that has been written there. It’s my thoughts, feelings, emotions… it’s the world through my eyes. And thus my most treasured blog but then I guess similar fact would be true for every blogger.

How blogging has changed me? Well, the answer to that question is not so clear. Frankly, I changed thus I started blogging like I do now, and then the blogs might’ve changed me. For better or for worse I don’t know. Anywyz, I would be doing a post on that soon. So stay tuned. I would definitely say at least this that now I am more comfortable opening up than before, and frankly least bothered about what the world thinks of me, for through blogging I came to know a lot things about me were perhaps on the right track. Never believed I was a good writer, but now it’s a different story. The credit for bringing about this change, making me take on blogs as a passion, the nudge in the right direction was given to me by
Gini. Thanks a lot baby, you gave me a great gift!!

C: Oh that was very good answer. You are behaving well unlike your other friends. But still I feel you should keep your face a little more cheerful. It looks like you have come here for a mourning ? Yeah, that's a little better now. Keep smiling like that. You look good in that pose. Well gentleman, do you believe in virtual friendship ? Aah I know you do. Can it always remain virtual or do you think you need to meet the person at least once in life to give more meaning to it ? Do you think if meeting does not happen then the friendship will erode with time ? Do you have any friend of school years whom you have lost touch with and would want to be with him/her now?

S: Virtual Friendship!! I hate that term!! What is virtual about friendship?? The origin doesn’t define friendship, the quality and purpose does. However, going with the flow I do understand the true import of the phrase, though it’s a misnomer, IMO. I have formed many a bonds through the virtual world. Some have impacted me for a lifetime. The virtual world gave me my most treasured friend, Gini. An angel, you’d be lucky to come across, and to give it a meaning we needn’t meet!! We just needed to understand each other. Meeting up is just a natural consequence of the bond that one shared. When the level of attachment is great, mere voice contact or typed words don’t help. The physical presence is a must. You can never replace it. And if friendship is supposed to erode without meeting I one of my closest pals wouldn’t have been touch with till date. We parted in ’97 with his Dad getting transferred and then met during the winters of ’05. Between us nothing had changed. There are a few more examples, but then it would become a long answer, wouldn’t it?? As for a friend from school years whom I’d like to meet now, after having lost touch… well…. there are none. All those whom I cherish are with me a phone call away. But I guess there’ll always be some whom you have to let go. It’s hard but you have to. Sometimes, Life is not fair!!

C: NO NO.. don't move. I understand it's quite hot in there sitting on that boiling pot. It is a matter of a few minutes if you co-operate nicely. See, how you started smiling. Yeah, that's the way. Sam, you've written quite soulful poetries and you do have a feminist heart. Are they result of your experiences in life ? Can you please explain that to us ? Why always (well, most of the times) you write about pain, why not happiness?

S: It is true that my poems are a reflection of my experiences. But not entirely!! It is also bred by what I observe, for I do like observing people. There have been times when I have described someone else’s state of mind. Now, don’t ask me to identify them for that would be unfair to all. Enjoy the work of creation while the fingers can jot down what the heart wants to say, whisper or shout. And the reason why one finds a consistent note of pain and sadness in my work it’s probably because of what I have observed and experienced. If you observe closely, everybody says I’m fine. But then are they really fine?? I’ll bet you every penny I have that they are not. There is sadness inside them that they want to forget, hide, banish! Why?? IMO, that action kills us slowly but surely. It is the primary cause of stress induced illness today. Heart ailments, skin diseases, baldness etc., all these ailments are getting younger victims. And why?? Face it. Don’t just banish it, because it has to be banished, you can never do that. But you can live with it, deal with it and still live happily. So when you read my poems, the submerged sadness/pain in you rises to the surface, stuff you thought had gone from your life, they come back. And that’s when you learn to fight back, to control and realize it’ll stay but you can still learn to be happy!!

You say I’m feminist, yet trust me I loathe that term. No, I am not. I call a spade a spade. If something is unfair it is unfair. You have observed me writing in a manner which might want to describe a lady’s frame of mind or the atrocities committed against them. But, the opposite is also true. You do have men out there, who have been tormented by the fairer sex. They have faced ordeals plotted by some lady just to forward her own interests. They’ve been victim of mistakes committed by some lady. They say men are dogs yet when it comes to the matter of the heart, I see more heartbroken men. The ladies have moved on, but the men are still in a time warp where their lady love left them. On investigation, I found that guys to be innocent or under pardonable circumstances. Ma’am, I am not a feminist. I only uphold the unjustness of a situation and scream for justice, men or women, all to be treated on equal moral grounds, for the Devil’s workshop can be anybody’s mind. It doesn’t choose it’s victim by their chromosome combination.

C: No, you can not remove that T-shirt even if you are feeling hot and again telling you.. remain seated quietly. Don't try to show off your biceps/triceps to me. It won't work. My pet tiger is curiously looking at you and he has just had a bucketful of Vodka. He now wants to taste some non-veg. So, before he gets into some action tell us about your first crush. How old were you and what happened initially & subsequently? Are you still in touch ? And what kind of qualities are you looking for in your life partner?

S: My first crush was a girl called Rajshree Sisodia. I was about 8 years old. St. Peters School, Jaipur, class 3!! And well, nothing much happened. Just remember liking her a lot. About the same time another girl Richa Mathur around. Now at times I’m confused as to who came first, can’t really remember that. But then both were great pals of mine. Lost touch with them the year after as we moved to Kolkata. And my life partner, hmmm…. Check out this link: “I’ve finally found someone”!!

C: There, that wasn't so bad now, was it? And, it was quite fast also, we have already reached the fifth question and looks like I haven't asked any !!First tell us about your some of the hobbies like reading, writing, guitar, salsa etc. how much time & effort are you able to give them ? And I am not going to leave you like this unless you tell me why you opted to be interviewed? You were a bit shy but you wanted to go for it. Hai na ? We all need a good detailed answer with why not & why yes. Attempt all the four parts of this.
a) Was it sheer habit of getting interviewed ?
b) You had nothing to post about ?
c) You wanted to find more about yourself ?
d) You wanted to have my mail-id ?

Hey, come on, spill the beans now. See, all your friends are chuckling there.
Note:- If they harass you, send them to me to be interviewed.

S: Well, it surely was fast and I’m regretting that the interview is coming to a close now. But then, the show must go on.

So, my hobbies!! Now, what to I tell you about them? I sneak out time for everything and everyone. And at different times they offer me solace. But frankly, it is music and dance which can entrap me in any mood. But, if I write it has too under severe stress, the ones which actually receive adulation from many. The rest are normal stuff, the ones which may not have much of my heart in it.

And well, I agreed to the interview because I really wanted to find out how much grilling can you really be. To top it, I've never been interviewed, not yet a high profile character. In the end, I must say that you've just scratched the surface. And I never really thought of getting hold of your mail-id. Now that I have that, may be I’ll go for more. I hope you can take that in your stride!! What say lady? Wanna dance?? I promise to be good!! ;)


Do YOU want to be interviewed?

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and may offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Cuckoo said...

Well done Sam !! It was my pleasure to interview you. Also, I could know more about you.

The answers were quite descriptive, liked them though knew few of them.

Hmmm.. I just scratched the surface? Next time dekhna kya haal karti hu. :P

Keep smiling. :)

Sam said...

Okies lady!! You are on.... Btw, teh pleasure was all mine!! :)

Madhavi said...

Well done...
So u did manage to keep Cuckoo's dearie Tiger kool na..
Quite a gud experience n wrapup for the 1st time...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

thank you and you are tagged too :)
I shall be looking forward to learning more about you ;)

Sam said...

@mads: heya.. thnx.. no sweat at all!!

@raaji: tagged?? with wot those alphabets????

oomi said...

nice to know abiut you

`NEFTY said...


FireWhisky said...

its cool... and smthin diffrnt... we gt 2 c a new side f u...

shooting star said...

Interview me

Keshi said...

something fresh...

Cuckoo is a tough cookie and Im glad to see u survived her interview Sam :)


Ashu said...

Interview me!!! :)

Vandita said...

hey sam great answers to equally good questions...
good to know more abt u :)

Tohou Lidia said...

hehehe - that's an interesting concept! Are you a blogging celebrity worthy of being interviewed? :P Haha - but i too was wondering why so many blogs? So it was good to clear things up :P I also liked what you said about poetry - i'm just starting to get into it - and I love reading stuff from random people as well as John Donne :)

I like your blog - it's cool and black :)


zazafeefi said...

interview ME! :D

Sam said...

@oomi: hey it was a pleasure!! how abt u??

@nefty: thnx

@firewhisky: aw c'mon!! i thgt u knew abt this!!

Sam said...

@keshi: hey.. i knw.. i took soemtime to articulate my thoughts nice and proper to answer her questions.. though they were done in a matter of hours!! :)

@vands: the pleasure is all mine ma'am!! :)

Sam said...

I dunno if I am a celebrity or not.. i don't think i am.. but then who knws!! :P
but seriously, this concept is really interesting... did u follow the links I had highlighted?? you'd have known a lot more!!
and thnx for appreciating my blog!!
keep visiting

Sam said...

SS, Ashu and Zazafeefi: just gimme till the end of this week to prepare for your interview!! I'll get back to you on this asap!!

Keshi said...



Phoenix said...

nice one! good idea too

Celestine said...

interesting post. is this a current practice to interview each other? looks fun. :)

Sam said...

@keshi: thnx

@phoenix: thna again!!

@celestine: I'm not sure if it is.. a blogger frnd just droppen in a mail on this and thus here i am writing it out!!!

wacko said...

udi baba..bole toh ekdum dhaansu waala interview sam babu!

interview me!

Kalyan said...

Nice knowing about you and your blog in details...Well done!

twilight said...

I can see you enjoyed this :)

As for me, it made for an interesting read on an otherwise dull afternoon!

Tushar said...

Hey I dont mind being interviewed

and ya cuckoo and sam both re in my personal list of fav bloggers...
so i enjoyed reading this post

Keshi said...

where r ya Sam?


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

kewl lol ... cuckoo has been really patient i must say .. lol ur answers were terribly long ;p ;p

(just messing)

very smartly handled eh !!

anyway .. coming to the main point

Interview Me

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

n yeah just incase u need the email id

WWG said...

hi good blog:) good links
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)

Jaded said...

Oye....when is ur next post coming up????

Sam said...

heya ppl.... loadsa sorry for not posting for such a long time.. was troo tied up with work adn other stuff... to top it didn't have my net arnd.... hope to rectify things soon!!
till then cheerio!!

Keshi said...

Sam I know ur quite busy but dun u ever stop by BUF anymore? Even to say HI? I miss u all!

btw BUF is on the brink of falling apart...