Monday, September 03, 2007

Moments in despair

Lonely nights wrapped in a shroud of darkness,
A sinking feeling making the dread rise,
Suffocated with despair felt in a strangeness,
Unknown sensations cloud the thoughts,
Wandering through a myriad of emotions,
Staring into the void full of doubts,
Shaken to the core unsure of the self,
Tears streaking being so helpless,
Frustrated at the sheer mockery,
Cheated by the one who was close,
Hurt by the emotions cherished the most,
Tossed aside by the dearest person,
Broken hearted and shaken to the core,
On those steps sat a lover found only in folk lore.

But then reality is stranger than fiction!!


Cuckoo said...

Well written. Many people are in this mood I guess.

Can I ask you why such a mood after a rejuvenating vacation ?

FireWhisky said...

i nvr did lk fairy tales...

`NEFTY said...

Awesome writing! :]

Keshi said...

Sam I'd hv expected a joyful poem after ur nice break..u ok?


Sam said...

@cuckoo: well... just some turbulence.. guess the storm has passed.. but then let there be "constant vigilance".. dats wat alastor moody wud have said!! :)

@firewhisky: but then even fairy tales do come true at times, don't they?

@nefty: thank you!! :) welcome around!!

@keshi: hey a joyous or story will come around.. soon enough.. working on it... got the idea yesterday!! :)
so hold on.. for a sweet date!! :)

Pri said...

had posted a comment yest...but now it dosent seem to be here :-/.dunno how???
neways nice poem again!seem we both of a similar intense thinkin chain these days:)

and its very true "reality IS definitely srranger than fiction"

Ashu said...

grt blog!!!!

cud i blogroll ya ?


Vandita said...

beautiful, though i dont really knw why uve written this ... i swear i cud have written this sometime...i mean felt exactly like the poem.

Rashi said...


B'ful...creativity and talent...blended...

u rock !

Keshi said...

ok...make is a salt of love related!

Glad to know ur Ok.

Sam said...

@pri: yeah... life is a roller coaster ride.. at times you tend to forget that.. and den you fall...

@ashu: hey sure.. why not go ahead!! :) u r welcome!!

@vands: i've wriiten for the very reason you read in dat poem... i won't say more!!

@rashi: at times the most intense of emotions beget the best of creativity... good to know you saw the latter!!

@keshi: nah.. no salt.. too much salt spoils the entire taste... no more salt... let's try to make it bitter!!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Simply beautiful :)

Sam said...

thnx raaji!!!

Vandita said...

hmmm u needn't say any more...
waise just wanted to make sure u read my recomment addressed to u here on my post

Sam said...

oh well.. i have!! thnx!!!

Madhavi said...

Looks like all the unspoken words
of my mind hve stirred up n feel is spoken up...n yes fairy tales help us to dream n indeed if v believe v cn mke them come true thn y nt dream n srsly this just said wt im feelng within myslf past few days..n sam i geninuly appreciate ur feelngs..:)
gud wrk as usual

Madhavi said...

n yesh reality is really harsh n stranger yet sweeter in its way coz in fictions 90% its just happy endings barring a few bt geninuely life is one hard fact !!!
Sam did i make sense :P do temme !!

Sam said...

@mads: yes girl.. you did!! perfect sense in the way you articulated your thoughts!!

Madhavi said...

Thxs so much Sam !!! :)

shooting star said...

nice!! the feelingsof despair beautifully etched out!!!