Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A little on the lighter side!!

Right, hi there
well i think my last few were a bit on the heavy side of life. so i think i would write today about something else. haven't yet figured out what, but let's see. the truth is i started out with certain thoughts and all that in my mind. however, i cant seem to figure out what. funny isn't it. honestly, i cant say much abt that. anywyz right now i was supposed to be working on some project that i was assigned at part of my ongoing training at the software compnay that i had joined recently. being a total non-computer guy, i had no idea what i was letting myself into. one day into the training, and i was like, what is this all about. they were teaching us 'C', something that we were taught in the first year of our engineering course. now it would have made some difference had the stuff at college taught us something. unfortunately for me, i was all at sea. anywyz right me and some frnds of mine are chilling out, on the net and plan to do so till the security guard throws us out, or something like that. really at this juncture of life all of us are really confused as to what to we really want to do. i mean fresh out of college, a new city, a different environment to work in, everything is new in and around us now. i wonder whether this would be good or bad for us. but till then we all have only one take on life - Enjoy till you can, simply chill out when you need to and don't make things to complicated for the mind to handle. till then, here's to "livin' la vida loca". Live it up as united breweries would say.

note: taken from my old blog, which i am unable to access anymore!! - dated: 03/10/2006

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