Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Just a thought!!

"Life is not a two way road,
People we meet, come and go.
Never spend your time pondering over the past,
You might just be doing away with happiness that could last. "
When i first saw that saying, i was a little confused, why i dunno. I mean, what could a person have been thinking when he/she wrote that. That was quite a few years back. Now, after having spent 22 yrs on planet earth, I think can feel what the writer must have been thinking.Fate is friend you can never trust on. In situations like that you are your only true friend. You may think that, life has something or rather someone wonderful in store fro and in this hope you keep meeting everyone with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. Every day, every moment that you may be breathing. But is it worth the trouble? I can't say. I still believe at the end of the tunnel there has to be light. Though I am yet to see any such light at the end of my own personal tunnels.The perrenial question that would arise in your mind is - what is the tunnel all about? Well from my own thoughts, the tunnel is our personal world of troubles. True you might have "someone" around to help you out. But, again the questions are - why are they present over there? why do they want to help you? Probably you would love them for what they are doing or have done. But, why? why? why? The biggest factor here is our expectations - personal and social. Our social setup doesn't allow us to think independently. It only allows you to think, expect, do, commit and everything that can possibly take place in the world according to their rules. But are the rules justified? Who knows, may be they are. May they aren't. But, who will question them?In my own experience I have seen people who rumble and grumble against the so called unjust practices of our society. Yet if you ask them to step out and speak up, Trust me they won't. Speaking about myself. I think I have finally started to at least pen them down (figuratitively). It is in this context that the above said lines come into importance . Observe them, probably you will feel it. The truth is, no matter who the person next to you is, what matters is the fact that you have to travel on the road least travelled - your life entirely on your own. You have to learn your own lessons. You have to learn to adapt and adjust yourself to the "rules of society" and live by it. Don't even think of breaking away. You will be subjected to eternal condemnation. If you are ready to live with that sort of a surrounding be my guest. I would personally prefer, rather than changing the rules, I would rather silently modify them and try and live life on my own terms. I have been trying that. I have had my share of failures and success. But then aren't "Failures are the pillars of success". Only it hurts if you are at the receiving end. So over to you all and your compromising decisions (if you are making one that is........)

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