Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friend or Foe??

Have you ever felt after meeting someone, that this person is the perfect friend you were looking for. It's like without saying a single word, you know what the other is thinking about, what they might say, or feel. i know some people are mind readers, but what i am talking about is something two way, something you end up doing without even thinking. I always believed that such relationships whatever they may be called are not possible. But i was wrong. About a month ago, I met such a person. She was someone different, and believe it or not, things are just like i have been describing. We know out of instinct what the other might think, like, and god knows what not. And funnily we are always right about each other. It is actually a rare occasion when the judgement seems a little of the mark.
Yet in this beautiful friendship, something seems to be amiss. Funnily enough we often end up quarrelling. While for most of the part it is inconsequential and we have a good laugh out of it. Sometimes it gets serious. A little bit too serious. I wonder why is it so?
What underlying force is driving the wedge between us? What is it that is preventing things to be a bliss? Or is this the precursor to something? Now that is something to worry about. I mean, this can indicate towards too many things. Something extremely good, or something too dreadful to even think about. I shudder at the very thought of the later part. Why can't we foresee our future relationship status with someone? I wonder! It would be so convenient to know if someone is going to end up being your "friend or foe". But then - 'The show must go on'.

note: taken from my old blog, which i am unable to access anymore - dated 27/10/2005

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