Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stand by me...

Exams are on! Which means sleepless nights, sleepy afternoons, race against time to finish revision, aching hands (no longer used to writing :P). Anyway, not around to update anyone on the exams scenario. What has taken the cake amidst the bleak circumstances, is the London tube condition. The monumental plans for the London Underground which has every weekend caused a shortage of trains, and suspension of services on certain lines. Planned engineering works they say. Anyhow, with summer approaching the prospect of travelling by tube seems quite a daunting task. It can get really, really hot n humid down there. Transport for London is working to alleviate the situation but it seems to be quite a few years before they can show any results for their efforts.

With regards to the tube, what happened today morning left me with the short end of the stick. I generally takes about 40-45 minutes from my apartments to the uni, including a 20 min ride on the tube. Now, the sodding station I have access to is catered only by the Heathrow bound Piccadilly service. The other nearest ones are a good 20 minutes away by bus, which again is at a frequency of roughly 10 minutes. Anyhow, my destination, South Kensington is well served by three different lines, so, if one goes down there are ways to reach there.

As I was saying, things went terribly wrong this morning. First, I overslept and nearly caused a major catastrophe there, which thankfully was averted. Second, on arriving at the tube station at South Ealing, I came to know that Piccadilly (the blue line) was partly suspended between Hammersmith and Hyde Park Corner due to delay in engineering works, while the rest of the line experienced severe delays. (I strongly recommend consulting the tube map snippet below to understand the situation, source: Transport for London) South Kensington being right in the middle of the no-go zone now, it left me in a terrible soup. Having not foreseen such a terrible turn of events, I had left about 90 minutes prior to the start of exams. with an hour to go, situation was pretty bleak. Having weighed all options, me and a few of my classmates came to the conclusion that we were going to be late. The only way we could make it in time was to hail a cab, which mysteriously had dried up. Legging the 11 mile distance was certainly not an option. Forced to submit to the abysmal conditions, we got on the tube at South Ealing changed at Acton Town onto the District Line (the green one) which has a notorious reputation for being slow. Finally we made it!! 10 minutes late to the examination hall. The first 10 being reading time, we didn't really miss out on the writing time, but a harrowing experience nevertheless. Thankfully, the question paper left us smiling. :)

Lessons learnt: Shit happens!! Prepare for it if you can.

Meanwhile, a classmate of mine shared this song with me and honestly speaking I do love it.


Preeti Shenoy said...

Gosh--what a nightmare! Have travelled in the streets on London--esp the tube--so i could ses what u mean.
At least something went right.
Good luck.

Sumit said...

i was so hoping that someone wud actually understand the circs. am glad u turned up here :)
n now i need things to go right for 3 more mornings.. can't wait till friday :P

Keshi said...

**10 minutes late to the examination hall.

And u were not panicking? I'd hv died lol! cos Im someone who was always at the exam hall way b4 even the doors opened! yeah Im way too punctual :)

The song is too good! I loved it...brought back some memories too.


ki said...

Yes yes! Shit happens!!! Forgetting your wallet at home, bee stings... exam time comes and murphy's law sets off in full swing!

Chriz said...

stand by me rocks.. and thats bad time indeed ..

i once left my mobile fone and wallet at home .. missed an interview call..
part of life

Sumit said...

@keshi: am literally brain dead now. a perfect zombie. have slept no more than 6 hours in the past 3 days, and no more than 20 hours in the past week... still have to pull through 2 nights... and then i'll sleep :D

Sumit said...

@ki: oh yes!! the first thing i find to be true is the ways we figure out hwo to kill time productively without ever concentrating on the top priority one. :P

@chriz: whoa!! that was foul play by luck... serious bad luck!! could you make it up later?? or was it gone?

pseudo intellectual said...

thank goodness u did make it on time tho :D

Chriz said...

gone.. does luck knock twice?

Sumit said...

@pseudo: ah well... I went in 10 minutes, left 5 min early. :P

@chriz: tuf luck mate!! although der r times, wen luck does knock twice... :)

Phoenix said...

In hindsight, I bet it was a goood experience. The inconveniences of life somehow leave us with mroe to cherish than the oblivious comfort of other times.

Utopia said...

hahaha! shit happens indeed!

loony girl said...

love the song!! :)
and hugs. london nightmares shall trouble you no more!

am back to blogland with a new blog


in case you dun remember me, its me, solo

Sumit said...

@phoenix: that was not a good experience. it was a harrowing one :P

@utopia: indeed!! :D

@solo: good to c ya... n i knw only 2 babes called loony, so it had to be either of u :)
n wer d hell have u been woman??
btw, did u shut down blogus??

Aditya said...

oh lol sumit. It happens to me everyday ;) .. People always call me Mr.Jinxed and I dont want to believe that :P . By the way this is Aditya (Hoggy)

Sumit said...

Ah!! I know what you are talking of Adi. When I tell folks about such misadventures, the reply invariably is "That's because you are Sumit" :|