Monday, April 20, 2009

At dinner...

I never had been an admirer of such glamorous dinner parties, where the rich and the famous dine together. In the name of style and fashion, money is squandered which may have been beneficial to some. Philanthropic thoughts!! As I walked up the stairs to the fancy mansion, am greeted by the butler. Does he even know me? I doubt. The lighting has been well done, the chandelier was exquisite, the waiters doing the rounds with the drinks where impeccably dressed. Everything was picture perfect. The monstrosity of extravagant show-off!! But, I can't find him. The guests cannot be avoided.

"Hello, how are you doing dear?"
"Very well, thank you!! I hope you are keeping well these days."
"Oh yes! but, old age has been catching up you know...."

I interrupt...

"Ah there he is! If you would excuse me please, I'll be right back."

I made my way across the hall. This was rude, but anything to get away from the old hag.

Dinner is served!! Let's see where is it that I get to sit. Charming company I have here, an oil magnate, a TV presenter, an aging socialite, a rich playboy with an important father and an actress. Ah, now I see him. He is sitting at the table on the my right. I just need a few moments with him. I engage in small talk with the presenter on my right and allow him to brag about his successful show on air regarding current affairs. The shrimp is magnificent. Though as always the caviar is what I love the most. Almost time for the dessert. The playboy has his eyes all over the actress, and she is fawning over the magnate. The socialite just looks at all of them. She has such a bored expression. I never noticed when the presenter stopped and the magnate started. He is rich, important but a bore!!

I look at him. Enjoying his dinner. Wiping the corner of his mouth with the dinner napkin. He seems to be enjoying his conversation. And his meal. A hearty meal calls for a smoke. His favourite... Dunhill. Good choice!! Guess I'll join him. He is alone on the roof. Ideal moment for the conversation.

"Quite a nice evening, isn't it?"
"Oh yes, it certainly is. Ideal for a night out in the wild. Care for a smoke?"
"No, thank you. I have mine."
"I insist!! It's Dunhill, one of the finest."
"Well, if you insist. Incidentally, Dunhill is what I smoke."

I waited till he lit his cigarette.

"So, you here alone?"
"Ah yes! My wife couldn't join me tonight. She was held up."
"You love her?"
He was surprised at the question but smiled and answered, "Of course, I do. Not all rich couple are on the brink. You aren't into journalism, are you?"
"Not really. I'm into music. Am a musician."

A few more drags. The conversation has to draw to a close now, its almost time.

"You did tell your wife, you loved her, today, didn't you?"
He was surprised, "Why do you ask?"
I smiled, "Goodbye."

His breath had started shortening. Time for me to leave.

"Why?" He was gasping for breath now.
"Never make a promise you can't keep." I could see he understood now.
"Who are you?"
"Told you", he breathed his last, "the musician."

Some people never realise when the inevitable stares them in the eye. As I leave by the front door, I hear a shout. Have they found him? I took of my wig and made the call.



kama said...

A passer-by, walking-by, who stopped by this piece, read it, loved it and now wonders: Is this a piece of fiction, or not?!

eshani said...

hmmmm... what should I say now, marvellous piece of writing with a stint of reality of your own existence. Nice piece of one's thought. Keep writing!

raj87 said...

Mast hai boss, never knew u had such a great way of telling

Sarmistha said...

an avantgrade style of your impeccable words..good flow..!!

ki said...

I liked the end. :D
Well written. :)

Sumit said...

thank you all for dropping by.

@Kama: am glad you loved it. it is very much a piece of fiction. no allegory to it.

Sumit said...


Good to see you here. No clue about my existence, but I still marvel at the likeness you drew to french novels.


Thank you!! :)
I hope you would keep coming around :)

Sumit said...


Avantgarde? Wouldn't know about that. But am glad you found it that impressive :)


The end is all I had in mind to start with. The rest of the story was woven around it. :)
Thank you for coming around n appreciating it.

droL said...

I just so love the stories here! Im glad I've dropped by.

I see that we have something in common" writing stories.

However, my way of writing is different, and the kind of issues I've wanted to stir is pointing the other way. But I hope you still visit my blog.

To go there, you may click here --> http://The Book of Salamat. Thanks a bunch!

Sumit said...


Thanks a lot for dropping by. And its is true, the way we write is different. just finished reading your story Eden of Angels. well written, I like the parallel narrative, both being in a timespan of their own. Would go through the rest at a more opportune moment.
Cheerio :)

Arnav 'Sunny' Sinha said...

Me likes :)
Write some more Sumi boy !

Sumit said...

yep!! you are on mate!!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I am short of words over this last line shock....
seriouslyt speaking i thought that was a love approach and you see i am wrong....

it feels good to prove readers wrong sometimes when they predict something...

You have a wonderful blog.... i mean stuff here that u wrote...

keep writing..visit mine sometime ..:)

Sumit said...

thank you for visiting Mahesh. And yes, I'm guilty of trying to impart that confusion. :) Glad you liked it.

Kartz said...

Ha ha, the beauty does lie when the reader is deceived.

That was a fine piece of narration. Enjoyed the flow.


Sumit said...

thanks you, for dropping by and appreciating it. :)

Sphinx said...

I really do like the way you write but you could have developed on the characters a bit more. That might have added a bit of depth to the story.
Again, I really do like the way you write.

Sumit said...

You are right. It could have been developed. tbh, I was on a time constraint here, taking a break in-between studies for impending exams (which r now on!!) :)