Friday, August 03, 2007

A Little Liberty

All right now I wouldn't advise people out there to do anything like this, so please take care. And frankly I had a genuine reason for whatever I did. Now in case you are wondering what did I do, well this was last Friday. I turned up late at work... nearly two hours. Wanna know why?? here it goes.........

Well, since the Monday before last my roomate, Neal is suffering from swelling in both of his eyelids. So, after much procastination and pleading he decided that he should visit the doc. So, off I went with him to Jehangir Hospital near Pune Station, for a check up. Having visited opthalmologists for the past 15 yrs or more, I could make a guess about his problem, but then I am a techie right not a doctor!! So there we were at around 11 in the morning (please note the time!!) in the lobby of the OPD of Jehangir and enquiring for the doctor. The registration and visitation fees together would cost 400.00 INR only. Neal, started moving towards the cash counter or so I thought. Now the cash counter is right on the way to the OPD from the entrance so you can imagine why I mistook his movements to be so honourable. To my surprise (naturally, we were there for a check up, right??) he walked straight out and moved towards his bike. I caught up with him. Knowing him I should have expected this. So there we were standing in the parking lot wondering where to go so that he can get his eye checked. Off we went to an eye specialist near BJ Medical Grounds a 10 min bike ride from Jehangir. The check was done for free. For the doc had to do nothing just take a look and asked him to consult a GP as it was a skin infection..... ***** I rolled my eyes, my faith in the doctor shaken completely *****

Quite pleased with things, and especially when he got the same service for free instead of paying 400 bucks, Neal was in a mood to celebrate. It was a little past 11:30... not that I did mind, still 2 hrs to work. When thanks to a severe nature's call Neal had to park his bike at the Pyramid Mall near MG Rd. (now he scouted the area for a parking spot but didn't find any... finally had to park his bike at the mall basement!! wot a ....) I utilised the entire time scouting around the mall for some nice gift for a friend whom I'd be meeting in some time. Did find the right gift... but not the perfect one!! So, I dropped it... meanwhile Neal had joined me on the hunt too... and ended up choosing a stuffed turtle for himself!! lol.... It was 1:00 pm... Surprised??? Wait there's more!!

Oh!! I forgot, before hitting Pyramid we had gone to Fashion Street where Neal picked up a pair of goggles to convert them into glasses.... sucha fashion and price conscious guy!! :) So, now that we were through with Pyramid, off we went to check for the glasses. Some stores disappointed us, some told us it woudl all be done. It was during this sojourn that we went to GKB Opticals on MG Road. They took a look a Neal, and asked him to consult an eye specialist and get medications.... for according to them it was serious condition for him... anymore and it would result in surgery!! Poor guy.... back on doc hunt again!! And a lil bit of roaming about on the streets of MG Road. Both were late for work.... but who cared!! lol.....

Finally, after all the roaming about, feasting our eyes on a Yamaha and Suzuki Sports bike (I forgot the make!! but trust me the Yamaha one was a beauty!!!!!! MT01 is my bet... here's a pic which I got hold of!!)

We were in our office by 3:30 pm.... a full two hours late... and not word against us!! It felt good to spend a day just as if we were college kids..... but reality always kicks in else we'd have stayed on at MG!!! Sheesh!!!

P.S. : Neal finally had a full check up on Sunday is on medication and very much fine now!!


Vandita said...

lol yeh accha hai... how come no one said anything? good bosses both of u must have :)
and sahi hai i never thought guys also utilise time by shoppin for random stuff... none of my friends do that!! well maybe one or two but no they also purposely go to shop...aise window shoppin kabhi nahi karte nah karne dete hain:P

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Funny post... times like these make life worth it :) Enjoy!

@ vadita..

guys waste more time than girls can ever do... :)

Sumit said...

@vands: well.. trust me, we can do worse than dat!! :P

@raajii: hey thnx for you visit!! :)
but guys seriously don't waste time jlt.... girls waste it on such mundane things as choosing a dress the last minute!!!! why?? leaves me totally speechless...... and array of cosmetics... same stuff diff brands... "which brand should i try???" gosh!!!!

Nags said...

hahaha.. fun!!!