Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just a sandwich!!

Well have been fiddling with an idea for sometime now, a fiction you see about something happening in a 30 minutes time span while waiting for the train or say flight. I haven't the faintest bit of idea as to why I'm fixated on it, but then I am. It's like a prompt that I ended up with on my own. Anywyz, apart from that well nothing much happening. Work is the usual, friends and family are doing great. And well... nothing else.

Frankly, right now I'm in a foul mood and partly sad. Let me tell you why. It's 3:00 pm, am yet to have breakfast. So thought of going around to the cafe and asking the vendor there for a sandwich and a glass of fresh juice. And that means 15 minutes of wait.. doing nothing!! After about 20 minutes I go around to him and enquire about the order. It seems someone else had come around paid for the same and walked away with what was supposed to be mine. And it was after I pointed it out that he set about to prepare a fresh batch. This pissed me off and I cancelled the order and walked off. (Didn't pay him a dime!!)
He got the stuff ready informed me about it. I flatly refused to have anything to do with it. He requested me a number of times and apologized for the goof up too. I remained adamant. Finally, he dumped in the entire stuff in the bin and walked off.

Now, here's when my pondering started. Was I right in standing my ground? Should I've forgiven him and accepted the goods? I mean, he really isn't in-charge of a posh resto or something. Just an average guy selling his wares (in this case food). So my actions did it hurt him in a way which might have a bearing on his earnings? (apart from losing my order!!) I mean, I'm still hungry and I really am not going to go back and ask him for another sandwich. So, in the end the purpose still lies incomplete. Was my anger in its rightful place? Did I overdo it?

I don't know. Can you help me??


Ps said...

Well--the question isnt whether its a posh restaurant or an average one.
I guess the guy felt offended to do what he did.
You were hungry and angry--a lethal combination.
If someone had apologised to me even once I'd have forgiven them and grabbed the sandwich.It's not worth sweating the small stuff.
But hey--at the end of the day you are the best judge.
No wonder your gmail status message was so rude!

backpakker said...

the anger is justified, but I think you must be still still need a sandwich right ?

Vandita said...

hmmm both parties right abt getting angry...but then u were irritated and hungry as well so in all likelihood u were gonna overreact...its kinda like when u woke up late, are already late and then u get stuck in a traffic jam.
so basically sandwich khaa lena tha sam, pet bhara hota toh gussa bhi thanda ho jaata :)
uske baad kuch khaya kahin aur se?

Phoenix said...

i think u overdid it. People are human n shd be allowed a little leeway a little mistake. It was his mistake to begin with, but the line between ego and self-respect is a very very thin one.

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Its okay sam..too much thoughts hovering in n around ur mind n even ur hungry n not gettin the food in time made ur irritated..anger on both sides is justified bt sometimes u just cant help..its ok,chill..n did u finally manage get somethng to bite on???

Pri said...

well i agree with ps that 'hungry+angry' is a lethal combination :D
and its kinda tough to control ur temper in situations like these...but then again, if i were you i would definitely have eaten some 'bhaav' (considering u were hungry too :p) but then eventually when he apologised , grabbed the sandwich and told him not to repeat sucha mistake again...

chill sam! bade bade logon ke saath aisi choti choti battein hoti rehti hain ;)

Satish Bolla said...

dude, i'm angry with u!!!!! "dignity of labour". u might've heard abt this phrase a thousand times but we all ignore this one. no matter how posh the restaurant might be, v should still control our anger. if am u, i'll definitely go back to him and say a sorry.

Sam said...

@ps: oh my gtalk status had nothing to do with it... i was way too busy.. adn have found ppl ignoring the busy status!!
as for the sorry.. unfortunately once i take a stand i don't back out.. and this was a repeat offence!!

@backpakker: oh i got my sandwich alrite.. stepped out and walked to CCD.. abt 5 min away!!

@vands: yaar.. bande ne pehle bhi kari thi... kabhi kuch bola nahi!!

Sam said...

@mads: yup i did!!!

@phoenix: agreed!! but then can't let him get away with this time and again.. this was the 3rd/4th time this was happening to me (dat is i noticed!!) and this has happened with others too!! its a repeat offence!!

@pri: dats the approach ideally i believe!! but then... i was too miffed!!! can't take in this sort of irresponsible behaviour!!

Satish Bolla said...

btw, i never meant to offend u. u jus asked whether u r right n i answered u r wrong

Sam said...

@satish: say sorry???? for what?? for misplacing my order the umpteenth time??? i guess u might be lenient enough to do that... not me!!
the goof up can happen once/twice... not on a regular basis!!
as for me... i cancelled the order and walked off!! end of matter... whatever he did after that was of his own free will... and i shall not take charge of it!!!

Say sorry!!!! He wud get an apology if he deserved it!! he doesn't!!! an irresponsible, lackadaisical fellow.... who keeps repeating his mistakes... doesn't!!

Angry!! hah.... dignity of labour!! hah.... demand only if you deserve!! he had it al this while til he lost it due to his own actions.... his mistake, his fault, his loss!!!

Sam said...

@satish: how the hell did u answer before i cud reply??? :o
u a magician or wot???

and i accept i was phoenix said.. i tripped over from self respect to the land of ego...
but then.. he was in now way pardonable as such!!

Satish Bolla said...

can understand u, buddy. but wht all we say is only after imagining ourselves in ur position. imagining is different than experiencing, right? i may think abt saying a sorry now but if i experience this stuff and feel it's intensity then i may agree with you. jamanaa badal raha hain na!!!!

Solitaire said...

I would have let gone. Ultimately, you stayed hungry. And that poor guy did lose some money.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

it so easy to think back and ponder on whats right and wrong, sam... you were in a bad temper which was obviously difficult to control. and im sure it was the same on his end too...

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