Friday, March 14, 2008

Bloggers Meet : Pune

This is coming a bit late in the day!! But then, better late than never!!

There's a blogger meet on 15th March, 2008 organised by Indiblogger along with Microsoft. So in case you are interested do register for the meet!! :)

Symbiosis Bhavan
Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning
1065B, Model Colony
Gokhale Cross Road,
Pune - 411016
Phone: 020-66211111
Landmark: Lane Opposite E-square, Near Atur Center, Near Om Super Market, Near University Road.
Be there if you can!!

15/03/2008 at 16:00
Pune Blogger Meet

More details about agenda here: Pune Bloggers Meet


Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

will be there... m escorting you there [:P]

Solitaire said...

Wow this is so interesting.
What actually happens in the blogger's meet?

Will you write another post about it?

:: Clouds :: said...

WOW!While I'm writing this you guys are actually meeting.

WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I wish there was one in Kolkata too. :(

Pri said...

heyy thats soo cool...hoping to hear about the bloggers meet...why dont u write a post on it? :)

and btw ur tagged!!

Anonymous said...

i missed it

Anonymous said...

i missed it

Satish Bolla said...

well, how was the meet? write abt it soon in ur blog. dying to hear abt it

Keshi said...

nice :)


ad libber said...

true, when is a kolkata one going to happen?

Solitaire said...

I just read about the meet in someone else's blog. Seems like it was a hit!

Sam said...

@mann: i knw... its was gr8 meeting you after a long time!!

@solitaire: i will.. as soon as i have enuf time on me!!

@clouds: you can have one... logonto indiblogger for details!!

@pri: i wil girl.. i will!!

Sam said...

@ashu: not problem.. you can have one at B'lore!!

@satish: sure.. need some time dats all!!

@keshi: i knw :)

@ad libber: i dunno of any such dates right now.. contact anwin at

@solitaire: oh yes it was!!!

backpakker said...

ive never been to one...let me know how it goes and thanks for dropping in at backpakker. Pls let me know what you want to know abt maravanthe...I was too lazy to write a travelogue :)

Sam said...

@backpakker: sure thing!!

Sam said...

@backpakker: sure thing!!

The 'Mad' Orchid said...

Hey Kolkata mein hona chahiye... somethng... :)

Anonymous said...

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phoenix said...

even i wanna go.. :(

ki sam da amay bhoy dekhano hocchilo na orkut ey....che chee bon kay bhoy dekhaccho?:P

Keshi said...

so how did it go? :)


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Just cue us in on the happenings there. I'm sure some of our Indian blogging friends will be there. Could you please write an article about it after your meeting? Thanks and God bless.

Sam said...

@mads: well start with Indiblogger. They'll help u out a lot!!

@webcam: sure thing!!

@phoenix: bhoy?? bon???? baje kotha rotashni amar baepare!! :P

@keshi: it went off well.. sorry for not updating.. have been too tied up!!

@mel: its done! do check it out!!

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