Thursday, February 07, 2008

Smiling Drivers

How many times while driving have you felt like socking the driver ahead of you for say jumping lanes/signals, honking as if there's no tomorrow, zigzagging like crazy, braking all too frequently and stuff like that? Let me guess, every so often is it not?
Well.... I too am one such harassed driver. Now, this is what --XH-- wrote in one of his posts. It's about a group of smiling drivers. I really liked the concept. Go ahead and check it out!!


divya said...

wil sure be one when i start off to drive a vehicle :P

nice article by --xh--

ad libber said...

sounds like a chicken soup for the driver's soul venture :)
But a good proposition, nonetheless.

Pri said...

hmm nice!!
a good start to bring about public awareness over the less looked into but equally important issues :)

Mez said...

Here we just cant afford to break the rules. Guess india mein it applies more.