Monday, July 02, 2007

And then came the appreciation!!

Alright then, if you are wondering what this post is all about then I must answer shouldn't I??

Well, it's about saying thank you to David McMahon - a journalist, a photographer and an author too, who had taken time out from his busy schedul to analyse my blog. And he has some interesting points too. Just thought would share it!! Happy reading!! Here is the link : Star Tech.


Cuckoo said...

Aah, been there before you. ;)

And I agree with him 100%. Your blog does look more lively now.

Keep it up buddy !

Rashi said...

gud going Sam !!
giving me all the more reasons to visit more often :)

and thx for amazing comments on the posts...
it feels nice to be appreciated and criticised at the same time..
like that :)

Sam said...

@cuckoo: hey lady thnx.... now i wud really have to try adn keep it lively!! :)

@rashi: yes please.. do keep visiting!! oh as for the comments on ur posts.. well they deserved every bit of appreciation... and teh ones i missed out.. will receive them shortly!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sam,

You keep those salsa feet moving - and that lively brain working.

(Whisper - and don't forget to put an `e' in ``schedule'' on your post!)

Take care


DumBum - WYSIWYG said...

hey sam... i read david's review and i agree with him a 100% and i dnt think i cn put it bettr than him, so i shall stop rt here... keep up d gud wrk u do here...

Keshi said...

Nice one Sam...I read it too.


Sam said...

Hi David!!

Ah!! Am working on it.. don't worry!! :)
(whispering back: that 'e' was a typo error... and am very prone to that!! :P)


Sam said...

@keshi: right on!! i agree with you.. left me with a big smile!! :D
see am still grinning!! lol..

@mann: nah!! bad girl.. why did you stop?? please do write something!! :P

gunj said...

great review for an already great blog!

Sam said...

thanks gunj!! really appreciate that!!

Aashi Joshi said...

and then u did deserve it :)

Sam said...

thanx aashi!! :)