Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just a passing thought!!

Many times it has happened that one is lying on the grass in the shade of a big tree, in a hot summer afternoon, gazing back into the by-lanes of the times gone by and start thinking of what he/she has followed… the choices that have been made…… What makes me think about this today is how many times they have been the true reflection of the individual’s own will….. Thoughts…. Desires….. How many times has there been a compromise of dreams??

Look back at your own life. Can you really say that all the decisions taken by you were actually influenced by your own dreams and desires, or there have been times, when the decisions have been taken under the influence of friends, family and well-wishers? You are convinced beyond conviction that the decision to be taken by under their influence is actually the best decision..,,. or better still you start believing that it’s your decision all the way, your dream and desire. Gosh!! Such a lot of brainwash!!

Sometimes I wonder is it really possible to break away from this syndrome? I mean, all that is being done here is that the other person is forcing you to accept his ideas on certain topics. Now, who is at fault you or the other fella?? My bet is you!! After all it’s you who can control the impounding of your brain by external forces. It’s who can keep a check as to whether your thoughts are being controlled or not!!

Arghh!! This is such a disgusting thing I feel like throwing up and really turning upon those who try to impose their ideas on others….. Now, am I guilty of the same?? May be even I’m guilty…… So where did I learn to do so?? Point to ponder over isn’t it??

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