Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another brick in the wall??

I was just listening to a particular song the other and that got me thinking. Like, we have all gone through our basic education, specialized in some form of work or the other… but at the end of the day are we really separate from each other?? Isn’t it as if we all are doing the same thing over and over again…. Everyone doing the same stuff…. Just different names attached to it? Then is there any reason for you to feel special?? Are you not just “another brick in the wall”??

Yeah, you may say that I’ve been listening to too much of Pink Floyd, but then isn’t it really true?? I’ll take for example my profession. Am a software programmer…… Now when I look around aren’t all the people doing the same thing…… we just have different names for it… but the task remains the same….. And then when we step out into the social scene, we are supposed do behave in a particular manner…. What we call social etiquettes……. And if one doesn’t confirm to these so called “etiquettes of the civilized world” we choose to treat that person with disdain. I mean, every sphere of your life, you are supposed to follow a certain set of rules always…….. There is really nothing that you can claim sets you apart from the crowd… the few who can do that actually become “famous”. And then you observe people from that stratum of the society and again you’ll observe a set pattern in their behavior… in the things that they do… even if their professions are worlds apart!!

Why is it such that you always have to follow these set of rules at all times?? Why can’t we just break away from the world and lead a life for a few moment that we can say we have according our own wish, desire, rules and principles??

Is it something so Utopian?? I dunno… I try!! What about you??

May be at the end of the day we all are truly just “Another brick in the wall”!!


Anonymous said...

my apt one!!

Black coffee drawn
a single seat table
mingled sounds
muted distractions -
lives flowing by
ebbs and crowds
going and going
all the "wheres" considered
but seldom the "whys".

Intermingled senses
both bitter and sweet
the tastes of roving eyes
passing without pause
- timeless dismissal
- unseeing approval
freeform gestaults...
a world of mimes
all the little boxes
trapping each within
invisible assumptions.

I am ME by the hundreds
echoes all around -
not you
unlike any you
I am ME alone
the chosen I
flavored and favored
living and alive
choosing and doing
as each I must...
in the end
we're simply roses.

Sumit said...

nice take on teh same issue!!