Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thank You Mom!!

Wrote this one many summers ago......


I never knew what brought me here,
Looks as if somebody had led me on….
The world was left far behind
With all it’s grace.
I was thinking did you bring me here,
Words fail me as I say “Thank You”.
To you mom, who gave me, what I wanted….
A world of my own….

As I walked down memory lane,
I see a toddler, his arms held high
To touch and feel the softness
And care, called mother.
The child had a smile
The grateful smile, that one embraces
When one sees an angel
Thank you mom, for telling me how to walk….

Care is what I learned from you,
Love is what I saw in you,
Grace is what you gave me,
Honesty is what you made me believe in.
As I stepped in teens,
Now I know how they are needed…
They make you feel wanted,
And they give you the joy of the world,
Thank you mom, for teaching me the truth of life….

So far so good
I made me way through all the times
‘Cause you were there
Ready to hold me when I stumble
Ready to pep me when I falter
It’s you, on whom I can rely
It’s you, whom I can respect.

Thank you, mother, you taught me
The truth of life…. to walk in life.
You taught me the finer skills….
I owe everything that’s fine in me…
To you.
Thank you mom, for whatever you did…
To me, for me… Thank you Mom!!

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anisha said...

show dis to ur mom..u will get d best compliment n d world!!!!!!!