Friday, February 16, 2007

Friendaholic or Orkutaholic??

I dare say, a recent comment by a friend forced me to look up this matter: Friendaholic or Orkutaholic??

Well, quite a nice point to ponder over, given the number of hours I do spend on orkut, or as the popular terminology now says "Orkutting". Well, its like this in an average week, I spend over 30 hours on this social networking website. And I do interact with a whgole lot of my friends, certain communities where I find like minded people. But then, why so many hours?? Guess I am addicted to orkut. Couldn't help it..... Bordeom has its casualties!! So guess I can qualify to be an Orkutaholic!!

And now for the other part: Friendaholic.... Hmmm.......... Now that's an interesting point. You see, if I live up to my name, then obviously I would be one, but the point is am I one?? Let's analyze.
I manage to stay in contact with most of my f riends. On any given day I spend close to 3 hrs on the phone chatting up with my friends. They manage to catch me online too. All that I need to do is login and lie around quietly, they'll surely turn up!! Once the weekends start, I am rarely found at my humble abode. Always out on the streets with this crazy group of friends and end up travelling across Pune just like that. come to think of it, can't think of a day which I have spent without being in touch with a single friend.
Is that enough for me to qualify as a Friendaholic?? May be does!!

Enough, looking within.... Time for a break!!

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