Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 ways to get late for work

Having observed my travel patterns to work over the past month or so, I have managed to come up with this list. Feel free to add if you wish.

  1. Wake up way past the usual hour.
  2. Wander about listlessly in a groggy state in your pjs
  3. Stroll instead of walk to the bus stop
  4. Miss the bus, then miss the tube and finally miss the train - all by a whisker
  5. Train services deciding to halt in the middle of nowhere, halfway through your journey for 30 minutes.
  6. Engineering works (this could lead you to skip an entire day's work)
  7. Tubes playing up with - signal failure, someone being sick, someone raising the alarm
  8. Realising you forgot your phone/railcard/wallet while at the bus stop and then going back to get them.
  9. Get caught in a downpour with no transport and a brolly to see you through - find a shelter to keep yourself dry.
  10. And finally set off for work, realise you have locked yourself out without the keys to the front gate and wait till one the neighbours does happen to step out and thus let you out. - oh the joy!! :P

Meanwhile a click from Salisbury. Thought would share it.

The cathedral spire, originally uploaded by ConfusedSam.


gckyufulgvfui; said...

i thought 2 and 4 were just me! yay!!! Ricercar.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hehe.... we all get those days. :-)

Vinni said...

been a while since I came here. :) awesomely cheeky ! loved it.

You had me the last point. So true!

Sumit said...

@g... : you are not alone :)

@raaji: i know. been having a few off late

@vinni: trust me you haven't missed much. been more or less out of action. that last happened the day I posted this - to which most of mates said "why does this happen with you??" :)

Rhydemz said...

Dats a lovely one. One must follow! Always!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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