Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Transport in London

The Tube, originally uploaded by ConfusedSam.

There are times I really wonder how life would have been for London without the ever present London Underground or the Tube. The strike a month paralysed the city for 2 days, with people commuting by bus and national rail. A journey of 45 minutes took 2 hours. Now, if one was smart one could cut down on the time by taking a seemingly longer route. It called for very smart and efficient planning. It was on the second day that I had to see my father off at Victoria on board the Gatwick bound train for his flight to India. The journey promised to be arduous and yet it was smooth in the end, with least/no hassles and us making it to Victoria in 75 min, nearly 30 minutes before our estimated time of arrival. And that made me appreciate the traffic system in London. something was always working. Always!!!


Keshi said...

I agree.

And yes something should always WORK :)


pseudo intellectual said...

and look at cal, where everything is thrown off-kilter by the nth bandh!

shooting star said...

well..i can tell you eaxctly it can will be like delhi pre-metro days!!!...take from morning to noon to get from south delhi to west or from north delhi to east..
not to mention all the sweat n grime in the buses in the summers n shivering to death in winters in the buses.....
i cant thank metro in delhi enough....our saddi dilli will be as connected as london is by the time metro phase 4 finishes!!!!